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Sun Dec 05, 2021 7:10 pm
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Kyukaku was bad at many things, and among that long list of things would be her shinigami skills. Probably, somewhere deep down, Silent Type thought that she would show some crazy potential in at least one of her classes, but so far she's been pretty average across the board. Hopes of starting off strong have basically died that far into the year, but at this rate, she was on a fast course of ending up with the healing corps and they let almost anyone join those idiots. Her frustration at herself starts to bring out her ugly side. Being so critical of herself meant that others weren't going to be spared either. To her knowledge, nobody has ever been turned down the opportunity of joining the Gotei, though there was that one guy who got fired. That news even made it to the corners of her shack way out in the slums, but that was a given since it was a captain. Anyways, even the most useless of shinigami end up getting a job, and that was a prospect that, quite frankly, scared her. The rate she was going at wasn't enough, so something was going to have to change for her.

This change would just end up being more training. It was probably unhealthy for her to put this much effort and time into her studies, but if she didn't then she would hate the alternative. This was why, currently, Kyukaku was in the Zaraki district. Hakuda was the name of the game today, and where better to test it out than on some random ass thugs. There was the thought that crossed her mind which pointed out that she may get in trouble for doing this, but there was the other one that countered with the fact that Zaraki has been a violence utopia since its conception and there was no way this was going to get farther than the 70th or so. Kyukaku had to concede that one of the great things about this involved-yet-hands-off approach the new Gotei has taken made the outer districts even more of a cesspool for violence than before since every thug migrated outwards to avoid the police, to the point that it just became gang territory. Heading past the 70th was pretty much a death wish if you couldn't defend yourself.

So what're a few broken thugs? Nobody's gonna miss them and they'd make great punching bags.

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