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Drinks to Celebrate! Amon/Hanako Empty Drinks to Celebrate! Amon/Hanako

Tue Jan 04, 2022 11:11 pm
Any meaningful conversation was… dull, to say the least. It was a delicate topic right now and all he could do is try to veer away from it but it was quite obvious emotions were high. It was true that Captain Kobayashi, or rather, the late Jaeden Crow was truly dead. Slain in combat by the 7th Division's Elyss Kishimoto, now he could joke that the ol' Cap' got capped by a woman, but sexist remarks might go… a bit too harsh as of the moment. Enter Amon, at this moment, marching on over to the bar. The Jap's have got their whiskey made to perfection, and that's what he needed right now, shit it's been too long since Amon's had a good drink.

If Amon was correct about the bar this late at night, it was still open, maybe two hours before closing and slower than two snails fuckin'. In his words. Tonight he viewed it as a celebration, instead of mourning he and the now-temporary Captain Hanako Yamaha! Or was it Yamada? Whatever, that was an unimportant detail. Plus it took a shit ton of talking to Hanako to go drinking at night instead of doing some shenanigans during the day, they wouldn't want to ruin any reputation… Ah hell, Hanako was with Amon, there was crap for reputation with him! For the newer Shinigami actions, not names, did the talking.

"Oh, we're about a good minute from there now," Amon revived the conversation which had staled a few minutes ago, "So, I'm looking forward to some Ohishi. Don't get me wrong I like Sake but the former is just sweeter ya' know?"

Amon hadn't had a good drinking buddy in a long time… But it was the other way around. He was here for Hanako's sake, not his own, she'd lost a fellow comrade and dear friend while Amon only lost an employer he's ever met once. Wonder how that Kuchiki in the Second Division is doing? He could smell fresh food coming from within the bar as well… did it have food, or was it his imagination? Maybe it was anticipation, nervousness, or possibly just a ghost scent he's missed in the living days. A bar was not a place he'd take someone on a date to, at least an Applebee's, maybe Chewy's, Red Lobster, or if he was feeling a bit on the broke side take the lady to a drive-in or Waffle House.

But this wasn't a date, they weren't going as friends, to Amon at least it was to help a poor girl warm up and drink away some losses. Well a great loss at that. He sighed and said more or less to himself, "God I miss Applebee's."
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