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Tue Jan 25, 2022 1:51 pm
Can't Keep Me Down Forever [Vee/Mazda] XgwLDXr


Time was really difficult to keep track of within the bland walls of the hospital ward. The pain and drugs made her days bleed together, at times feeling like if she closed her eyes she would've blinked forward almost a week. Organ damage, a broken nose, concussion, and other bodily traumas left the rather spiritually unremarkable girl in poor shape, but better days were upon her in terms of physical recovery.

Her own feelings, on the other hand, were in conflict. That was the first time she had ever been in genuine peril, in her whole life, and she ended up eating dirt and being carried by someone far more skilled than her. She really could have died, and having all of the feelings of that rushing through her mind. To say she wasn't frustrated, especially to be stuck in bed for so long, would've been foolish.

How many hours did she push herself? How hard had she worked? How much did she yearn and dream and aspire to be a Quincy? For all she was concerned, she wanted to be a great one more than anyone else... And here she was, unable to make a dent on the enemy, unable to pull off any heightened state like Reida or that man, just... Unable.

How hard she worked, just to be crushed like that...

In the middle of the night, crutch tucked under her better arm, she'd slip outside to be somewhere aside from bed, with the sky open to her and a ledge overlooking the flowing sea. She sank to sit down on the edge, looking to the dark depths below her. Closing her eyes, she knew exactly who she wanted to speak to right now, clasping her hands together as if she were praying,

"...Mazda?" She'd call out, "I don't know if you're listening, but, I think I need you right now..?" Such uncertainty was in her voice, to call out for help like this, "I... Think, i'm having a hard time.."

END | praying hands

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