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Tue Jan 25, 2022 11:47 pm
極数裂金剛拳 (Kyokushuretsu Kongou Ken, Measureless Rending Vajra Fist)

日低下 (jitteika, Solar Deterioration)
The extension of one's palm, directly toward one's opponent. It is, at a glance, quite similar to the Tessho, but upon impact, your energy's flow is made still, and then all at once reversed entirely. All the while, your energy has extended outward, into the foe's own flow. The shock of these two rapid shifts, suddenly introduced to the body without warning or preparation, can be enough to kill those weaker than oneself rather easily.

Those who survive a strike by Jitsuteika will still find that their sense of attachment to their own soul feels out of sync, as if they cannot fully control it. This is untrue, and their actual faculties have not changed in the slightest. But such an absolute shift in perspective, even for a brief moment, is quite drastic.

百悶千断 (hyakumon sendan, Hundred Agonies - Thousand Breaks)
A technique which requires many rapid blows to the opponent to achieve, and it likely could not be feasibly used on a foe of genuinely equal capability to oneself unless they were thoroughly weakened. In striking each of their extremities and their joints, one reverses the flow of energy with each strike, until these interferences have occurred throughout their body. Every key point of spiritual flow has been obstructed or altered, and their body will rip itself to shreds over several agonizing minutes as their own energy attempts to right itself.

崩道 (Houtou, Crumbling Path)
A technique which utilizes the exceptional flow of energy found in the legs, the user condenses this flow such that it rotates entirely through the top of the foot for a brief moment. As this occurs, the user kicks with the back of the foot at a key joint on the foe--a shoulder, knee, etc. On impact, this rotation of energy will draw the opponent's energy into it at such speed that their body cannot adapt in time, leading to a severe shredding of the body in this location, often leaving only bone by the time of the technique's completion.

垉橋 (Houkyou, Collapsing Bridge)

一秒千句歌 (Ichibyou Senkuka - 1 Second, Thousand Stanza Song)

春霞 (harugasumi, spring haze)

精神梗塞 (seishinkousoku, Shutting Spirit Obstruction)
you just fuckin give them a heart attack bro

時風 (tokikaze, timely wind)

天の川 一度動 (amanogawa ichitodo, milky way shifting one degree)

貫通混 (piercing door jam, kantsuukon)
Meets the fist of an opponent with hardened fingers, disabling the nerves in their fingers and causing tremendous pain for a short while.

草枕 (kusamakura, grass pillow)

半月 隊商 (hangetsu taishou, half-moon caravan)

千早 (chihaya, ferocious violence)

船破鰷 (ship-breaking minnow, senbachou)

船破鯽 (ship-breaking perch, senbashoku)

精製狂靂 (purifying crazed lightning, shousei kyoureki)

雷貪錐 (covetous lightning drill, raitonsui)
Strikes the opponent's chest with a single quick knee, aiming to shatter the ribcage or simply force the air from their lungs.

噴蝍 (centipede fountain, funsoku)
Jabs the opponent in the midsection with two fingers, similarly to a Tsukiyubi. However, unlike the Tsukiyubi, which drives the opponent away at high speed, the Funsoku disperses all of the force such that the opponent is hardly moved at all, instead dispersing the energy for maximum physical impact.

鍮輪 (brass ring, sekirin)
Knocks on the opponent's forehead with curled fingers, similarly to knocking on a door. The force of this blow rattles through the skull, shaking the brain and causing potentially catastrophic damage.

無巻 (empty spiral, mugen)


奥義秘伝 (ougihiten, esoteric concealed traditions)

涼風 (suzukaze, cool breeze)
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