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Wed Jan 26, 2022 5:57 am
Yugiri's Hoho.

Shunpo (瞬歩, "Flash Steps"): The usual.

Shinpo (真歩, "True Steps"): Literally just shunpo but she gives it a different name.

Odaho "Gentle Steps"): No sound is made but a little slower than normal shunpo.

Kyōka ("Flower Mirror"): A senka-adjacent technique, it's not perfected.

Fuurinbungo [風鈴蚊噛, Wind Chime Mosquito Bite]: A quick maneuver which involves dashing past the target and delivering a small flick to their body as the user passes. The wind chime part of its name comes from the small bell-like sound and the gust of wind which follows the user as they move.

Hyaku-Dan ("One Hundred Steps"):

Bosanpo (墓参歩, Grave-visiting steps):

Kakashi (案山子, Scarecrow): Similar to Utsusemi however

Nowaki (野分, Typhoon): She does a spin, the step causes a typhoon to occur and draw everyone in closer and off their feet.

Usumomiji (薄紅葉, Leaves Turning Colour):

Kitakaze (北風, North Wind): A back step that pulls the target off their feet and careening towards her.

Minami (南風, South Wind): The follow-up to Kitakaze.

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