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Tue Feb 01, 2022 6:42 pm
This Devil Is Not Your Enemy [Kokuto/Weber] EzxrrNE


While he didn't possess the same incredible regeneration that many other demons did, Kokuto was managing the aftermath of the excursion to Anaconda relatively well. He wasn't really making too much noise, merely going about his day and gradually recovering. He probably shouldn't have been smoking, but, habits were tough to break, and so, Kokuto found himself out for a walk.

It felt nice to be out of the house. He'd have to visit the other people who were a part of the operation to see how they were doing, particularly Alastair. He knew that Al had gotten banged up real bad in his fight, and he hoped that the man was recovering well. The thought caused his fingers to tighten around the pack of cigarettes. He sighed, taking one out and lit a flame on the tip of his thumb, igniting the end of the stick as he sat down on a bench.

He mainly minded his own business as people passed, some small bits of idle chat being heard as they walked by him. heard a couple of people talk about someone in the Vandenreich who had returned. Well, if they had just returned, maybe Kokuto could pay him a visit and try to make another ally within the organization. Or, maybe this would be another person that he'd hopefully be able to convince that he wasn't a threat.

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