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Imelda Vanetti [4-2, Hazard Rank E] Empty Imelda Vanetti [4-2, Hazard Rank E]

Sun Feb 13, 2022 4:54 pm

imelda vanetti| the lioness


» Name: Imelda Antoinetta Vanetti

» Titles: None

» Race: High-Spec Human
» Age: 20
» Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Omnisexual
» Affiliation/Rank: Vanetti Family
» Occupation: Black Market Broker


» Lack of Restraint: Imelda is notorious for going over the top and having unwarranted reactions to situations. Most likely formed from the lack of a father figure in her life, Imelda had to be the tough one in the house lest someone come and take advantage of her mother. Turns out, no matter how intimidating that she was, nobody would take Imelda seriously until she started to become unpredictable and unhinged. Since then, this has sort of given her a bad reputation among the people, as most are now afraid to wrong her and end up dead in a ditch somewhere. Violence tends to be her go to, but yelling, screaming, and the occasional nothing, tends to happen as well.

In her own personal life, she has a hard time cutting herself off from the luxuries of the world, and is considered an addict of many things by many people. Sex, drugs, adrenaline, anything that she can reasonably get her hands on Imelda will abuse to the extreme.

» Calculated: Despite her very brash nature, Imelda is actually the kind of person who likes to approach a situation with an intended conclusion in mind, and because she lives her life by this she tends to dislike those she perceives to be reckless (which is ironic given her own unpredictability.) In her mind, Imelda visualizes steps towards what she wants to achieve and then figures out what she has to do to get there, thinking of them as a sort of multi-step process. While this is technically a positive trait, one of the biggest downsides is that she isn’t really flexible and has a hard time adjusting her plans to the new reality.

Again, those damn independent variables.

» Talkative: A recent trait that she's picked up from her father and his side of the family, but Imelda speaks her mind and says whatever comes to her mind as it comes to her mind. She's not afraid of her words or their effect on people, and quite honestly doesn't care, but does think that everyone should know. This tends to be even more upfront and noticeable when she's in a comfortable environment, with her business partners often knowing what she feels just because she lets them know almost immediately. On the downside, her rants and ramblings happen in real-time.


Imelda was born in a world of violence, greed, and ambition.

She was the second daughter to Luca Vanetti and Pak Hanuel. To most people, these were just names, but in the Sicily region of Italy, everyone knew of Luca Vanetti. Consigliere in Cosa Nostra before its sudden crash and burn under the demon regime, Luca was a name to be respected and feared lest you wanted to wind up dead in a ditch. So with that being said, when Luca decided to marry a prostitute out of Korea, it turned a few heads. But the head turns weren't something that Imelda had to deal with being the second child. No, she got to deal with everything else.

At the age of 8, Imelda watched her family fall apart at the seams. Being too young to understand the drug addiction, lack of love, lack of attention, and general distancing of her parents the young Imelda had no choice but to associate her father as the bad guy and her mother as the good one. Because by this point, her father was almost always out of the house doing something else besides being with his family. When the two split, Imelda went back to Korea with her mother and Isabella stayed with Luca.

From that point on, Imelda was raised by the streets. Mainly for the fact that a drug strung prostitute wouldn't exactly be the best at parenting. Rarely home, rarely sober, rarely functional enough to speak. To get away from it all Imelda would hang out with her friends, sleepover at the occasional boyfriend's house, barely seeing her mother. And it was during this time of her life that Imelda started to really figure out who she was through the experiences she had.

For example, how to lead.

See, Imelda wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch. Having a knack for sales and math, if she would actually apply herself then it's highly likely that she could have graduated with higher than a 2.3 GPA. But she didn't, and this actually put her back two grades while she was in South Korea. So, naturally being the oldest out of the bunch, people would tend to flock to her and often dump their problems onto her. Early on she became dependable, and early on she knew how to deal with the trouble that came with being the face of a group.

This trouble only grew exponentially as she started to become ingrained in the Yangachi culture of Korea. Skipping middle school, breaking laws, and getting into fights. There was the one where she took a metal pipe to the arm to protect one of her friends and broke her arm, but because he mother was so absent she just went castless for a couple of days. Or the other time that she had to fight against a bunch of older kids over some dumb reason, but came out victorious in a 10 to 1. The stories could go on and on, and Imelda most likely would if given the chance, but to boil it down she fought a lot of battles and won a lot of them too. Not without a beating though.

And she loved it. Looking back, Imelda would call this period the best time of her life.

However, nothing gold can stay. Imelda found this out recently returned home after a long vacation from her mother, riding off the high of the best time of her life. Having become an adult, and subsequently her own person, Imelda was away from her mother for most of the time. Upon a whim, when returning to meet Pak, Imelda found her dead on the floor. Overdose. It hurt, she grieved, and then faced the reality that the only family she had was across the seas.

So back to Italy she went.


» Isabella Vanetti: Imelda’s older estranged sister. While they used to be close when they were children, the splitting up of their parents subsequently split the pair to two different parts of the world. Despite this, the connection and bond they built with the little time they had together have stayed pretty solid ever since. With the occasional text or letter exchange, the two stayed in contact. To Imelda, Isabella is her best friend. She would do nothing short of die for her sister because without Isabella she has no one.

natural prowess

» Resistant and Retardant: Having gone a majority of her life experimenting with her power, over the years Imelda has become resilient to the effects of both high heat and low cold. Not to say that she's immune either of them, as she is still susceptible to burning and freezing to death like any other human, but in the case of fire she would burn slower and can tolerate it for longer and in the case of the cold she more comfortable at lower degrees than the average person. So basically, in a combat sense, those types of attacks aren't as effective against her and it gives Imelda some liberty with using her own body.

In a social setting, Imelda has a hard time telling whether a room is hot or cold. This has turned her into the kind of person where her thermostat is always at a wonky number because she doesn't really care where it is at. Also, for some odd reason, she doesn't get chills or goosebumps anymore. Instead its the feeling of a brick running down her back or becoming itchy, respectively.

» Spatially Aware: As a ruffian, Imelda's ideal and most common battlefield was one in larger fights consisting of 40 to 50 people on average. That being said, it used to be difficult to figure out who was friendly and who wasn't, and by the time she did she was already getting sucker punched. Though as the years went on this started to become less and less of an issue until today, where it really isn't one at all. Being able to keep track of those she's arrived with, where they are in the immediate vicinity and who would most likely be throwing an attack at her has become second nature to Imelda. Honestly, to the average person it's borderline scary, with there having been rumors of the Vanetti's "Sixth Sense".

unique prowess

» Just Right: While there could be a long-winded explanation about the scientific and psuedo-scientific ways about this ability, in short, it's just Thermal Manipulation. Through concentration. Imelda can alter the heat (or lack thereof) of any object or place in the vicinity around her. The thing to keep in mind about this ability of hers is that she is not immune to the effects of her attacks, and if not keeping them in check she could be taken over and destroyed by them. Generally speaking, making this colder is much harder than making things hotter due to there being an absolute zero versus there being no easily understood cap to heat.

For the sake of not having to give a specific metric of temperature, Imelda's control over the elements is limitless, however, tier and skill rather dictate the severity of what she can do. For example, she can technically melt steel beams at any level, but a higher power control and tier means more steel beams and faster melting.

That being said, at her current level it would take her an infinite amount of time to reach the level of the sun and absolute zero. In a few seconds (or a singular post), she can produce a red flame or bring the temperature down to 0° Farenheit.

» Too Hot: The hot portion of her ability. Makes things rise in temperature, often past the melting point.

» Combust: Simple, straight, and to the point. Imelda lights any object that she can hold in her hand on fire by raising it's temperature. If it cannot burn for some weird reason, then it will keep getting hotter and hotter.

» Boiling Point: Imelda places her hand on an object and raises the temperature of it rapidly. By pretty much surpassing her normal limits by double, but limiting it by only being able to do it for a short amount of time and is confined to a singular object.

Using this on a regular person with is enough to nearly kill them, but finding someone of that low of level tends difficult if they're of any importance. (AKA It has the possibility to instantly kill NPCs assuming they don't have a skill sheet or Untrained Durability.)

Otherwise, it just deals leaves burns on the point of contact.

» Too Cold : The cold portion of her ability. Grants her the ability to drastically reduce the temperature of objects and the world around her.

» Freeze: Polar opposite of combust. Brings down the temperature of an object she can completely hold to freezing temperatures. Most of the time it just makes the object colder though more durable, but in some cases it has the opposite effect and causes the item to shatter in her hands.

» Mistify: The act of lowering the temperature of the air and water vapor around her. Mistify is incredibly versatile as it has simple applications that can scale. At it's lowest level of effort, it just creates a haze in a multi-block-wide radius. At it's medium level of effort, the haze becomes a thick fog in a block-wide radius. At it's highest output, it lets Imelda create human-sized chunks of ice from any point in 50m radius.


None, at the moment.

miscellaneous information

> Imelda is 5'10".


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

High Spec Human Skills
  • Power Control: Adept
  • Physical Augmentation: Beginner
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
  • Mediumship: Adept

Coding done by S_E

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Imelda Vanetti [4-2, Hazard Rank E] Empty Re: Imelda Vanetti [4-2, Hazard Rank E]

Sat Feb 19, 2022 1:34 am
Buying basic character slot, thanks

Imelda Vanetti [4-2, Hazard Rank E] Sumera-character-list
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Imelda Vanetti [4-2, Hazard Rank E] Empty Re: Imelda Vanetti [4-2, Hazard Rank E]

Fri Feb 25, 2022 7:19 am

Hazard Ranks
Power: D
Influence: E
Resources: E

Comments/Notes: Sus 2

Tier: 4-2
Hazard Rating: E

Application Approved
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