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Isabella Vanetti [5-5, Hazard Rank E] Empty Isabella Vanetti [5-5, Hazard Rank E]

Wed Feb 16, 2022 7:10 pm

Isabella Vanetti


» Name: Isabella Vanetti
» Titles: Principessa di Vanetti
» Age: 22
» Birthdate: March 23
» Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Pansexual
» Affiliation/Rank: Vanetti Family

» Height: 5'3 ft / 160 cm
» Weight: 101lbs / 46kg


Commanding: Both a presumption and a demand, Isabella grew up with authority yielded to her--not necessarily of her own merits. It's become something of an expectation that when she wants something and she says it, she gets it. People listen to her, as is her birthright. Sometimes this comes off as a sort of charismatic confidence, but if it wasn't for her local authority, this is the kind of thing that could get her into trouble.

Persistent: She may be spoiled, but for the things Isabella wants, if she's not given what she wants, she'll just take it. Call it pride, but being told "no" is like some divine affront. Whatever it takes, the girl will be stubborn about it. She'll find a way.

Hedonistic: Aristotle said it himself--human nature is to pursue pleasure. Well, maybe not that exactly, but the happiness and fulfillment that all mankind pines for, as far as Bella's concerned, is pleasure. Both short and long lived. That's what fuels her immediate interests and long-term goals, and she has no problems taking it all in: sex, drugs, love, parties, violence, any manner of entertainment and excitement.

Educated: Her father's affluence afforded Isabella a strong academic background, and despite her habits, one of Isabella's greater interests is learning. Enraptured by what she learned in school, even beyond she continues to take in all the things she learns, if only just to be a subject to talk about. Science, philosophy, politics, it's like a drug, and few things are as thrilling.


seoul to sicily

Luca Vanetti and Park Haneul were two young lovebirds destined to fall apart. Crime was about connections, and the Cosa Nuovo was full of it. The Vanetti family, which started as a soldier family of the greater Cosa Nostra of Sicily, were on duty in securing shipment deals on an international scale. Luca, a Consigliere tasked with mediating the trade with a manufacturer in K-World Korea, returned home returned home with a prostitute, ring on finger.

Isabella was born without seeing much of her father. Though her mother stopped her own work, instead focused on raising her, Luca was swamped with making sure business ran smoothly, grinding his way to establishing himself as a Consigliere. and that got to her. The looks her mother received in the family added to the early stressors. In his absence, Haneul turned to drugs to fill her time and abate the pressure. She was familiar with substance abuse, and it was a consistent effort on Luca's part to help her on the way towards recovery in Korea. Without him, there was no stopgap.

It wasn't until Isabella was 10, her sister 8, that the issues of drug use and what came with it arrived at a breaking point. Haneul got into some trouble, and Luca had to buy her out. As the final straw, he wanted to take the two girls with him back to Italy and away from their negligent, addiction-addled mother. In turn, she threatened suicide. The compromise they reached, much to Luca's dismay, was to take Isabella and leave Imelda with Haneul.

lavish and lascivious

Isabella's life changed dramatically. A few short years after the split of their nuclear family, Italy, and the whole of Europe, changed in management. Shadow Fall's presence was an immense dampener on the activities of the Cosa Nostra, and there was by far insufficient resistance that could be put up. It felt like overnight that the business went underground, and the Vanetti Group's prestige went under.

Still, the Vanetti family had a sizeable portion of wealth built up that would last them the following years. With only one daughter in his custody, even under Shadow Fall rule he made sure she lived the life of a princess, with the affection he could not give to Haneul or Marie. She group up large and in charge, any wish granted.

Without a doubt she became spoiled, and the contrast with her previous years had her take every advantage of the fact. Her behavior became troubling, almost as much as her mother. She got into every vice available to her, much to Luca's chagrin. The only thing which offered reprieve was her surprising dedication to schoolwork, and the genuine interest she had in it. That, and Isabella learned to handle her hedonistic ventures in school, out of her father's watch where she started her own hierarchy by merit of the mob's backing.

plummet of prestige

This sense of power and attention felt nice, but it brought back memories of what the Vanetti family was like before Shadow Fall. Isabella remembered their prestige, the presence of the Cosa Nostra altogether. The luxuries she had from her father, and the authority she held in school seemed feeble in comparison. It was insufficient.

Things only got worse when the war started. Italy, being one of the border nations between Vastime and Shadow Fall, was at the forefront of the conflict. Isabella's lifestyle was unsustainable. Days of being moved around and evacuated, hiding away, the sleepless nights. It was a culture shock in its own right.

The end of the war saw the end of the Shadow Fall occupation. Efforts commenced to repair what was left of Italy, left disarrayed. Still, the fortunes the family amassed had little value now. At most, during the rebuilding, they could afford to set up a small shop on a busy street. At the least, it was valuable real estate.

Then again, without Shadow Fall overhead, the denizens of the Sicilian underworld saw opportunity, and Isabella was one of them.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Isabella Vanetti [5-5, Hazard Rank E] 8Bvy1N8


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Isabella Vanetti [5-5, Hazard Rank E] Empty Re: Isabella Vanetti [5-5, Hazard Rank E]

Sun Feb 20, 2022 9:18 am

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