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Fri Sep 30, 2022 10:39 pm


A single kiss nullified any sense of unease rumbling within her soul. The bold nature of the act, the warmth of his touch as he held her in place, the distinct flavor of his lips as he pressed his mouth against her own - all were akin to amorous weapons that shattered any notion of opposition. Freyja was no longer dancing with the enchanting flame - she was now burning within its embers.

Any fear she held towards maintaining propriety was consumed within the whirlwind of his charge. They had engaged in two rounds of combat, but this proved to be an engagement of a far greater scale, a battle decided in that defining moment she chose to keep him held within her arms.

Azure eyes peered into emerald hues as he pulled away to allow them a spell of air. The determination in his eyes, coupled with the certainty of his words, had all but assured her that this indulgence was mutual. Freyja leaned in shyly to return the favor, pressing her lips against his own, soft palms resting against his chest.

His determination instilled a sense of bravery within her spirit as well, though that shade of red still burned brightly against her porcelain features. This was an unfamiliar realm, after all. Even so, it was worth the expedition. Drawing her head away, she leaned against his chest, to hide that persisting crimson color on her face.

"F-forgive me. I truly wish I could offer a response equal in determination to your own. If you will... consider that kiss as proof of my answer, Al'in."


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