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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sat Apr 02, 2022 12:07 am

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri 2MyDVKp


» Name: Kurotsuchi, Mayuri
» Alias: ---
» Age: 693
» Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Self

» Association: Gotei United

» Appearance: Skeletal, scarred, and sinister - no inch of Mayuri has been left un considered, be it 's purpose cosmetic or evolutionary. His skin is impossibly pale, scars living in crowded neighborhoods across his entire body, notably avoiding the face. Neatly arranged and cut fingernails line spider-like fingers, his right-hand's middle finger possessing an extended nail the length of the finger itself. Dark blue air exists exclusively atop his head, generally kept short, if not bald.

The definition of his innards peak and valley around the joints, and more disturbingly, taught against flesh imbedded with mechanical tools. Where once were ears are ringed metal implants, used as a modular base for head ornaments and various other attachments. His spine appears raised underneath skin, yet he is not gaunt, maintaining a fairly healthy bodyweight. Of course, this assumes any of it is visible.

Outside of his immediate form when restored via his zankpakuto, his skin is bleached - a ghastly white. Unsurprisingly, his personal modifications allow him to mottle his skin black akin to face paint, and shift the designs as he so chooses. Similarly adjustable is his headwear, generally not opting to leave his head bare - although this is strictly a wardrobe choice. The variety in headdress range from small hats to ornate extravagancies, evolving with his own personal style.

Few things remain consistent with his appearance over time, generally being by theme or color than arrangement. With a particular fondness for white, black, and gold, he has been known to accent with various other dappling of color on occasion. A more permanent mainstay of this has been his teeth and irises, both having maintained a golden glow for the past several hundred years. A rather odd choice between appearances, Mayuri often surgically removes his own upper lip, leaving the top row of his teeth bare.

His clothing, otherwise, is the exception that proves the rule. Following the uniform guidelines of a captain of the Gotei, he wears the standard black shihakushō and white haori respective of the position. On its back, the kanji for 'Thistle' is inscribed, acting as his insignia. Usually, the only modification he has made to the outfit is a large purple collar, although he has been known to be rather extravagant during holiday events. His zankpakuto is worn in a rather unorthodox fashion, strapped directly in front of his crotch with the handle facing forwards.

And yet, the oddities do not end. While composed, or under stress, Mayuri is still a relatively human facsimile. His eyes hold focus, face composited correctly, downright normal underneath the colors. Beyond this brevity of a façade, Mayuri's face stretches with each expression. A tongue extending impossibly long, eyes splitting into opposite directions, the stretch of his mouth with an impossibly wide grin. This dimorphism is often greatly enhanced by hallucinogens, yawing and ripping his dimensions with the stark contrast of color.

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri 0brbYc3 Kurotsuchi, Mayuri HNgh3It Kurotsuchi, Mayuri G7XaaPD


THE 'PERSON' of Mayuri is a blight to his own reality. Compassion, empathy, love, and adoration - gone. Surgically excised emotions, discarded without fanfare. The man's pursuits have carved pieces of himself, ones deemed unsatisfactory, off by the multitude. Not a singular, emotional exorcism, but a long scientific one. 'Evolutionary', as he might describe it. Similarly, no limit has been found to the extremes of this principal. Self mutilation paired mental with physical, his shifts in mentality have left his body a ship of Theseus. Of the many achievements where he has allowed the sense of pride, this recreation of 'self' is the most coveted.

Beneath it's surface level appearance of overtly narcissistic pride, Mayuri's id is ambition. To seek to discard any filters or barriers to this ambition its own example, or, a tribute to arrogance. Regardless, 'progress' has become his singular goal, developing over the years into a uniquely specific and yet all-encompassing hunger for knowledge. Self-claimed 'enemy to perfection' as he is, Mayuri has become a perfectionist - in that nothing is ever good enough. Tweaks and adjustments are always necessary; iteration replacing perfection. The consuming belief of evolution.

It could even be described as an obsession, although the word has more practical application in his regard. To become obsessive is to create, and although not objects of his obsession are equal, they are devoured with the same ferocity. Notable with smaller 'hobbies', such as the continued publication of Medicine for the Brain despite his seeming departure from the Gotei. Not one to consider things such as duty, honor, or decency, he has no internal concern for how these are perceived. His credibility as a scientist being the only thing he particularly hounds over, known for poisoning his critics over minor complaints.

Approaching his more outward facets, he becomes somewhat bizarre. Direct, confrontational, disrespectful, eccentric; his view of others has deteriorated beyond all measure, seeing the general populace as insects. Those of particular ability are regarded as test subjects, an object to be lusted after the acquisition of, and disposed of when boredom sets in. An even smaller selection, countable on his hands, are viewed with a remarkably begrudging acknowledgement. None he could consider 'friend', at best a 'rival'. A belief that he is superior and should benefit for it, greed beget from pride.

Nonetheless, his composure is not absolute. While it does take an extraordinary amount of cornering for it to happen, whatever mask of a person there is falls away. A being of pure pride and malice when backed into a desperate situation, his methods change from sadistic to terror inducing, resorting to whatever means possible to get out of the situation at hand. His composure still appears threatening when in tact, a latent killing intent laced with the multiplicity of his speech.

This comes across similarly to his own appearance - ever changing, but with constants one can observe change after change. A sadist, if not by nature, by creation; and egotistical. The delivery of these acts often approaches the idea of absurd, or overengineered into nonsense. Despite having a nigh-infinite toolbox of options at his disposal, Mayuri prefers to prep before encounters of any kind, opting to using new and experimental inventions when able rather than tried and true options at his disposal. In such circumstances, his desire to gloat and overact overcomes the desire for victory, already assured of his plan succeeding.

To no surprise, this arrogance and god complex have mangled any value of life for Mayuri. No idea is too cruel or inhumane, safety precautions are a luxury provided only to the most coveted subjects. A perverse joy embodies these acts, short-lived as it may be. Mayuri, at the end of the day, is a scientist before anything else. Anything that might come before it shelved or taken out back and shot, all in the favor of progress. Of a tomorrow not with Mayuri in it, but a tomorrow created for, created by, Mayuri.

Anything less would be a disappointment.


» THE BEGINNING is inconsequential. A child was born, he grew, and he died. A soul significant as any other. A weak body, and a strong mind. Nothing of particular import follows his early years, a weak foundation he would later rebuild.

Eventually, this soul would find himself enrolled in Shin'o academy. Progressing two steps where others would one, he excelled in study, with a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge lauded by his instructors. By the time he'd receive an Asauchi, he already understood the basics of how to modify and curate the soul, much to the despair of a growing population of missing students. The actions of which would lead to his early graduation, becoming capable of achieving his shikai with next to no combat experience. It was no surprise, then, when he joined the 12th Division.

As with so many things, this was a rise to grace, the shadow of an eventual fall staining the horizon a pitch black. An unprecedented wave of talent, the Twelfth then consisted of many who would later carve themselves into the annals of history; infamous as many of them are. From exiled Shinigami to now member of Squad Zero, to the lowliest of scum locked away in the Maggot's Nest. A place the man would find himself soon, although he'd later comment -

"To climb from hell is the right of the divine."

It would come to light on a day like any other. The bright sky, panicked screams as a scalpel tore into flesh. Unfortunately for Mayuri, he had picked a target with too much value, the son of a member of Central. Arrested, he awaited trial for months, more and more bodies becoming discovered. With disgust and prejudice, Mayuri was stripped of his rank, title, and zankpakutô, the first prisoner of the Maggot's Nest to be placed in an isolated cell. On 2,357 counts of homicide, 5,113 counts of mutilation, 4,719 burglaries, and 7,329 counts of strange and unusual torture, he would be sentenced immediately.

The time in Maggot's Nest would, by most, be considered lost. A waste of one's life and effort, serviceable for only the dregs of society. Fortunately, the society that found him had done so late - the parts of him that would refuse to cooperate in such a situation were long gone, dumped into a waste bin. Instead, what would drive most men to an idle madness drove him to a fury of inspiration. Still claiming that, to this day, he is still working on finishing the ideas he had come to while isolated. Soon however, he'd come to find himself not the only one who loathed the idea of a wasted mind. It is still currently accounted for that Kurotsuchi Mayuri is pending 3,004 years of sentencing.

An unexpected savior, although referred to much less politely, came in the form of Urahara Kisuke. A newly promoted captain for the Twelfth, they had worked on projects together prior to Mayuri's imprisonment. And, much to the other man's credit, he understood Mayuri's ability and talent, unlike the Gotei that surrounded them. Purely by Mayuri's own merit would be find himself freed, to join as the vice-commander of the new Shinigami Research and Development Institute. Or so he'd convince himself.

The first project he'd begin was his most ambitious. A lifetime spanning trek into understanding the construction and reproduction of a soul, the engineering and creation of fully autonomous life. The discovery of a new artificial cell, capable of nurturing a soul: the konpaku cell. While the use of gigai and gikon was prominent, they lacked the qualities for life. Shortened lifespans, the lack of true conscience that required outside input. The growth of an entirely artificial, yet sentient soul. The birth of the Nemu Project.

For much of his life following, the Nemu Project guided a ridiculous amount of his other works within the S.R.D.I. From the first mitosis of a failed sample of DNA, to the repeated failures of tissue growth and self-regulation: he would develop the Hojiku-Zai, a rejuvenating drug known for it's side effect of severe pain, and Nikubakudan, biological bombs utilizing abnormal cell growth patterns. By this time, the third failed Nemu had come to pass, but he would not falter.

His duties as a Shinigami continued in some similar measure, having regained his rank and zankpakutô with his freedom. Having incidentally risen to Third Seat, he still regarded himself higher than his own vice-captain, holding a far higher value to his position as second-in-command of the S.R.D.I. While some disputes would be commonplace, they never escalated beyond mild violence, although claims have been stated otherwise. Any surgery during this period was not malicious, he claims:

"Every test needs a subject. The twelfth are mine."

The fourth Nemuri was a breakthrough. Where the previous had been clumps of cells, not even worthy of being called 'alive', the fourth was able to form a functioning brain. This Nemuri's life signs only stabilized for fifteen minutes before dying, yet the information was laudable. A mythos-rivalling burst of ingenuity and creation would be sparked by the technology used to reach this state, allowing for the production of artificial organs and other, more stable, artificial creatures.

By the time such breakthroughs occurred, years flew by. His past 'savior' would be found as a wanted criminal. The irony involved brought him much vindication, and combined with the inspiration of his current progress with the Nemuri project he was able to rise further. The fifth Nemuri, a fetus wholly formed, perishing after several hours. With this growth in technology, Mayuri had broken his own limits, modifying and awakening his Zankpakutô: his Bankai.

In an unsurprisingly petty powerplay, Mayuri would use this newfound release to push for his own captain candidacy, brute forcing the cooperation of his squad as the now defacto Leader of the S.R.D.I. This process was also eased by the sudden disappearance of the former vice-captain, leaving the man uncontested for the position. It would feel, almost overnight, that Mayuri had gotten everything he wanted. Such feelings rarely last.

Number six was the most frustrating Nemuri candidate. By this point, the theoretical limit and boundaries involving the konpaku cells he employed were all but known: "An artificial soul's cells will fail within two years." While he had been able to create an environment for it to grow and function, the aging limit of the cells was far from acceptable. It would not be long before the sixth Nemuri died, two days prior to her second birthday.

Throughout the late 20th century, Mayuri began a systematic "experimentation spree", targeting and capturing whatever Quincy he, or the Gotei, could capture. Some would call it a fluke, others an example of brilliance, that the results would result in his magnum opus. The realization of the Nemuri project, a living dream. Nemuri Number Seven.


Something in the lab with the Quincy came out on the other side. A key to unlock the lifespan of konpaku cells. Years would pass as the subject grew, each one further proof of his success. In the backdrop, a faint intrigue regarding an unusual Hollow came and went, the continuing growth of his research leaving nothing in the way of regrets. The Twelfth Division had, by now, developed a unique reputation due to Mayuri; a sacrifice for the protection of the Seireitei.

Some years following, the plans of a fellow captain by the name of Sosuke Aizen would fall into place, causing an invasion on soul society. Unknowingly having benefitted from the majority of Aizen's actions, Mayuri would face some minor consequence when met in combat by the Quincy Uryuu, resorting to his liquid form after taking a terrifying blow from the man's leitz stil. The introduction of a prized subject for experimentation lingers in memory, although her name has long been forgotten.

As Aizen's insurrection carried through, Mayuri would be responsible for mitigating a large amount of damage the ensuing war could inflict to the world surrounding them. The construction of a fake Karakura town, a particularly ambitious project, followed by acting as damage control within Hueco Mundo. A spat of fieldwork involving the disposal of an Espada. Following that, a sudden turn of fortune! Raiding the now deceased Espada's laboratory, he'd acquire multiple corpses of various Privaron Espada, and one of a true Espada, amongst other technology the arrancar had developed. This acquisition would occupy him for some time, to the point where he'd disappear from the grand attack and subsequent defeat of Aizen, choosing to stay locked away in his laboratory.

"I see no use in myself as a frontline soldier, and neither should you. Goodbye."

The following few years were interesting, to say the least - the spiritual awakening of the human world, and the actions of Ender - yet Mayuri would slink into the background, working quietly. To help facilitate the advancement, he would begin the work on merchandising previous experiments. In some small part by his own vice, the "Charismatic Mayuri-Chan Personal Home Doctor and Assistant" would be pushed out into the Seireitei's market in late 2010. The product was universally reviled by critics and consumers alike, citing it as 'inhumane' and 'sadistic'. The losses would be compensated with a surge in traffic to his personal clinic, several citing the Doll as a reminder of his cheap prices and fast service*. (*not an actual quote)

As the effects of the Spirit Ripple Effect (SRE) came into play, Mayuri would shift to the forefront, in no small part responsible for detecting and researching new races. Alongside this, he began researching any potential side effects of the SRE. Eventually, worry would be hidden away in a restless era of peace, Mayuri utilizing the opportunity to test new research previously acquired after Aizen's defeat. Finding the origin of a long-dead artificial hollow, the Gamukira project was formed to transcend its faulty schematics.

The principal was simple: Hollows, by nature, get stronger the more they consume other Hollows. By layering multiple Shinigami souls, one could create a Hollow limited purely by the quality of your materials. The substitution of Shinigami in place of Hollow required a large amount of refactoring, built on the backbones of
the ongoing Nemuri project. The creation of such a soul was brittle at first, trying to fit a hollow shaped peg in a shinigami shaped hole, finding purchase only when forced to. It would take some years of development, eventually succeeding after the leave of his own supervision.

By the early twenty second century, he had turned back to the 'Reanimation Project' as he had now dubbed it. Seeking to utilize the many corpses of Arrancar, newly discovered species, and Shinigami that the seireitei had gathered within the past hundred years. The creation of an 'Undead Squad' would be used within the upcoming World War, resulting in a singular battle with 100% casualty rate as the bodies were rigged to explode by an unknown saboteur. A setback in many ways for the research, it would be quite some time before he could acquire decently unique subjects.

"What a waste."

Any aftermath of World War Three would do little in affecting Mayuri's activities. Making another attempt at commerce into the new developments of the Seireitei and the Human World, he would begin to amass a sizeable fortune that was reinvested into his instruments and materials immediately. The reaching goal for the man now simpler compared to before. Death, be an indecipherable puzzle as it might be, could wait. The idea of Shikokai waited on the horizon, the extent and shape of which he would build with his own hands.

Another century passed, and the research stalled. The expansion and configuration of his Bankai had proven trivial in comparison, only capable of sustaining flickers of a potential true release in highly controlled environments. With his current projects all come to roadblocks, he began to scavenge, turning for whatever resources remained amongst what he had stripped bare. It would take another hundred years before he found anything worthwhile, March 10th 2394 being his first recorded instance of a stable Shikokai inside of a controlled environment. The resulting damage would put him out of commission for several weeks, leading him to drop the project in a rare moment of caution.

Following the events that would lead to yet another World War, Mayuri would enact a failsafe he had been preparing for some time. Having rigged the entirety of the Seireitei with numerous surveillance bugs, bacteria, and innumerable other inventions, he dispersed an experimental drug throughout every single Shinigami he had ever come in contact with. Practically undetectable, the drug was based off a former invention of his, the Post-Cognition Drug. The effect was simple - those inseminated by the drug, upon viewing Mayuri, his laboratory, or Nemu, would forget they had seen them, effectively allowing him to disappear in plain sight.

Unfortunately, the drug had a lifespan: Three years. Immune to any pharmaceutical treatment, it supplied affected cells with a unique marker that, over time, granted them a layer of protection against the effects of the drug. While not an immediate change, it would start to flicker into existence again - Mayuri and his laboratory reappearing out of thin air. The time spent hidden was not wasted, Mayuri having spent large swathes of times to acquire fallen shinigami's corpses and Zankpakuto, dissapearing dozens of casualties from the war. Preparing.

"Fools always ask 'Why'? They should be asking 'when'."

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Fri Apr 29, 2022 5:02 pm


» Antidotes: Located inside the left of his chest, a small cavity containing a small arrangement of single-dose needles is hidden. Ranging anywhere from five to twenty unique antidotes depending on the quantity of his currently field tested drugs, he has a cure for anything he can inflict. The only true mainstay among them is an antidote for his bankai's poison, having five individual dosages at all times. Otherwise, he carries some form of countermeasure for any of his drugs that are being field tested, and can easily acquire previous stashed countermeasures for the others. Some of these antidotes are not perfect, and can have some - rather annoying - side effects, but nothing truly debilitating. The worst one might expect from an antidote would be diarrhea , or moderate nausea.

» Hojiku-Zai: lit. 'Flesh-Mending Drug', hojiku-zai is an exceedingly powerful regenerative medicine. One of the earliest results of the Nemuri project, it has long become one of Mayuri's most used tools. The effect is simple - by injecting the medicine into a harmed area, it will regenerate any and all missing tissue. This is relatively local, capable of restoring entire limbs with a single dose. Starting at the injection point, the serum attaches to dead and dying cells, hijacking their ability of mitosis and forcibly multiplying. In seconds, the flesh of the affected area will begin to bulge and bubble, before forming into a perfectly healthy version of itself. However, the drug has a singular, unfortunate side effect. Immense, crippling pain. The restoration of the body is comparable in magnitude to the wound healed, scaling exponentially. For example: restoring a limb would, under most circumstances, be enough pain to make one vomit and pass out.

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri 8VftWX1

» Chōjin'yaku:* lit. 'Superhuman Drug', this chemical acts on the subject's perception. Created in the pursuit of making one 'Superhuman', so that they might perceive the future before it occurred. In turn, their reflexes and perception of time is greatly expanded. In fact, expanded beyond the ability for one to comprehend. A second becomes a hundred years for them, the processing of information making the entire world seem to stand still. Words become indecipherable as speech slows, raising an arm to block blows takes millennia, and although the drug only lasts for a short period - roughly three (3) posts - it feels like a lifetime for the subject. In theory, the drug could be used for its intended purpose if heavily diluted, by around two-hundred and fifty thousand parts.

» Shinkei Gyōko Zai:* lit. 'Nerve-Freezing Agent', this drug is fairly literal in interpretation. On injection, the drug targets the subject's nerve endings, killing the nerves as it travels through the nervous system. The subject's skin, in turn, seems to seize, bloodflow and muscle spasms causing it to heavily bruise. From hues of brown and black to dark purples tinged with yellow, the body crumples as their heart, lungs, and muscles fail them. This can be prevented by somehow excising the nervous system while the drug is circulating, or by removing its initial point of contact before it can spread. The process is not exactly quick, although it can be sped up with incredibly large dosages. From injection to death generally takes a few minutes, and it is exceedingly painful.

» Postcognition Drug:* A drug that 'allows the user to experience the past'. Fantastical in execution, it forms a connection with the subject's hippocampus at the time of injection. This locks their current sensations in place, creating something of a save state. Upon the reaching of a goal - attempting to kill Mayuri - this save state is called upon, and the subject is returned to it. Linked to the user's memory, this can take multiple attempts at the man's life for it to become noticed. Of course, if one simply does not attempt to kill Mayuri, the drug will have no effect, and painlessly pass from their system in time. If they do in succession, by the tenth time, their hippocampus will become overloaded, having had to overwrite the same sense of memory multiple times. For ten seconds, the subject becomes completely paralyzed, leaving them vulnerable, but free of the drugs effects otherwise.

» Kankaku Kongō-yaku:** lit. 'Sensory Mixing Drug', designed to 'experience the now'. A sister drug to his earlier creations, Kankaku targets the subject's parietal lobe, amplifying and redirecting their five focal senses. Sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing - all amplified, much in the way a blind man's hearing grows in response to his lack of sight, one can now see with their nose; hear with their mouth; taste with their eyes; touch with their ears, and smell with their hands. As one might expect, this is incredibly disorienting, but it does actively enhance ones sensory ability. Things that were previously unknown become ready fact, but the relevancy of such information is questionable. One might become aware of a particular ache they had never felt before, the uncleanliness of a bathroom, the sweat on someone's skin - it all comes to life, with no choice of what to deny access to with sensory input. The effect of this drug only lasts for a few minutes - roughly three (3) posts.

» Koritsushugisha no Kusuri:** lit. 'Isolationist Drug', the concept of nonexistence, something so difficult to experience. Yet here, it is given some form. A drug that, when administered, targets the subjects thalamus - aiming to completely shut it off. Depending on the rate the drug can circulate - varying from the subject's heart rate, range of activity, and distance administered from the brain - one's ability to process senses and emotions will sequentially fail. Starting at the point of injection, one will feel a numbing sensation, emotional handling failing first, input senses failing second. Sight always fails the last of these, although there is no guarantee as to which order they might fail in otherwise. For a full dosage to take effect, it can take a few minutes - three (3) to seven (7) posts - and lasts for nearly an hour. Lasting side effects include body aches, and recurring migraines.

» Various Drugs: Less capable or fantastical drugs are easily accessible, ranging from truth serums to antibiotics. The general quality of these is high, requiring little space to carry when supplied.

» Body Modifications: A result of his mad dash for information, self evolution, and sheer willpower. Mayuri has modified himself into something beyond that of a shinigami, having infected himself with homemade biological weapons and physical armament, at times integrating new technology to his existing arsenal. These augments are still tools at the end of the day, meaning they can be damaged or removed by ne'er do wells. The processes and likelihood to achieve such a feat are questionable, if however possible.
    Surveillance Bacteria: A highly skilled immunologist, Mayuri has developed a unique bacteria capable of recording and broadcasting a livestream of data around them. This is processed similar to a video feed, transmitting off a signal boosting off nearby reiryoku. It also produces other miscellaneous feeds of data, such as air quality, reishi density, temperature, sound - a cornucopia of information. Spikes in readings are directly broadcasted to Mayuri, connecting to a receptor installed at the base of his brainstem. Otherwise, the data is processed through a large collection of organic memory banks within his laboratory, storing up to five-hundred years of various data before running out of space.

    This has a fairly noticeable lag, taking several minutes for even basic information to be encrypted, sent, decrypted, and sorted. Anyone who comes within a few feet of Mayuri becomes infected with the bacteria, although any form of antibiotics or medical treatment should kill it. The bacteria is designed to not be noticed, having no ill side effects to being infected. It isn't particularly infectious once it does travel, becoming inert whenever not housed within Mayuri's own immune system. The bacteria's lifespan is roughly a year before it is flushed out by residual antibodies, granting him a deceitful insight on more than enough.

    Built-In Weaponry: The man's body carries a small variety of concealed weapons, if for no reason than to entertain. In his left ear attachment, the compact blade of a kusarigama and impossibly dense weight are packed tightly. The housing can open with a twist, connected not by a chain, but by an enhanced length of tendons and muscle, allowing it a small range of autonomy. The extended nail on his right hand is heavily reinforced, allowing it to be used as a makeshift dagger - or more commonly, letter opener - when necessary. Otherwise, he tends to not integrate many backup munition.

    False Skin: Over the years, Mayuri has replaced the upper twelve layers of his skin with various reactive alternatives, allowing him to willfully shift the colors and patterning of his skin for camouflage and aesthetic. His clothing has also been modified to mimic this, allowing him to act as a chameleon against any still object. This takes the patterning of scales as it shifts, and requires several seconds for his entire body to shift color.

    Reinforced Organs: Mayuri has long taken the precaution to remove his original organs; replacing them with artificial versions. More durable, more powerful, his internal organs are capable of taking a beating unlike any other. It also comes with some mild enhancements to his physicality, although his other modifications hinder any ability to truly take advantage of it. Some notable traits include poison filters installed throughout the respiratory system, and highly concentrated stomach acid; the former allowing the ignorance of airborne pollutants, the latter allowing him to ingest anything of danger without ill consequence.

    Miscellaneous Augments: A host of smaller, not particularly noteworthy, modifications have taken root as well. Small effects such as increased range of motion, 20/20 vision, and basic qualities of life. A host of various small organic utilities, including the recording of his left eye's sight through a wireless transmitter. A similar receiver is housed in his right ear module, allowing for easy communication at the press of a buton. Stronger skeletal structure, higher blood oxygen levels to allow him to hold his breath - nothing particularly fascinating on its own, but a merit to his overall skill nonetheless.

» Detonation Switch: A simple button press switch, designed in the model of a gikon dispenser. The head is that of Gringo, the panda modeled dispenser. By pressing the button, a signal transmits to a variety of compatible equipment; generally that of explosives. The button only responds to Mayuri's thumb, acting as a form of safety. The range of the signals it produces are fairly limited, spanning a hundred meters at most, although it can be further disturbed with structures and reiryoku.
    Anti-Arrancar Mine:* Self explanatory, this is an explosive device prepared for combat with arrancar. Developed during Sosuke Aizen's coup, the technology involved is rather dated, relying on a front facing sensor to recognize the target. Once faced towards an arrancar, a bombardment of chemical explosions scattering hundreds of thousands of reishi needles, made to counter the ability of hierro. The effect produced is closer to a quincy's ability to dissolve hollows entirely, notably slowing any remaining healing ability an arrancar may possess. It can also be triggered manually, although its effects will be heavily reduced against non-hollow races.

    Nikubakudan: lit. 'Flesh Bombs' are organic ordinance, implanted in many unknowing members of the former twelfth division and current sixth division. The production and installation of the explosives requires a laboratory setting, as they are fairly unstable outside of their fleshy housings. Once implanted, the explosive has no traces or ill-effects, only taking effects once the detonation switch is pressed. When activated, a unique peptide floods the subject's system, causing a suicide switch to be triggered throughout their body. In moments, their skin will break down as it inflates, bones and muscle sparking into a massive detonation as the subject is reduced to scraps. If they're lucky, they end up a stain on the floor.

    Kurotsuchi, Mayuri G2TCNre

    Shock Therapy: While not standard issue for many of his test subjects, particularly dangerous and hard to manipulate subjects have a specific modification: a diode implanted into their prefrontal cortex, responding to the signal emitted by this switch. When triggered, it activates the subject's pain center in its entirety. Every single part of their body that can sense pain will, causing those will low enough focus and will to black out. Otherwise, they will be racked with excruciating pain as long as the detonation button is held down and they are within its range.

» Reishi-Lock Sphere:* Small, white spheres carried in quantities ranging from five to ten, the surface of the sphere consists of hundreds of reishi sensors. Capable of balancing on the latent reishi in the air, these spheres will detect any spike in reishi formation occuring within a foot's vicinity, and halt it's function for a set period of three to twelve seconds, set via a dial on the back of the sphere. Once triggered, a blue light on the sphere illuminates, flickering out whenever its time limit is completed, then allowing the reishi to resume its activity. Each sphere has an individual cooldown, requiring a few minutes - roughly four (4) posts - to be used again, utilizing whatever its previous setting was unless otherwise changed. Each sphere can only be used twice per thread before collapsing onto the ground, causing the sensors to become damaged.

» Hirenyaku Shoes: Having extensive research on the quincy and their abilities, Mayuri has created a pair of shoes capable of mimicking this skill. By pressing a button on the back of his heel, they come to life; forming the quincy spell 'hirenyaku' underneath his feet. The output of these shoes is modular, allowing it to function at high levels of performance for shorter periods of time and vice versa. Providing a few side-grades to his own mobility, notably allowing him to stay airborne for an extended period. At their lowest output, then can last for several minutes - roughly ten (10) posts - performing at max capacity for roughly a third of that time, or three (3) posts.

(*Generally not kept on person.)
(**Currently being field tested. Carrying multiple doses.)


» Terrifying Spiritual Pressure: The ebb and flow of Mayuri's reiryoku is unpredictable, stained with his sadism. Pouring out in waves when unbound, its pink shade embodies his killing intent. While high level opponents may recognize this, lower the bar enough and he becomes a lion in the grass. No sweat, no fear, but tension - the shadow of death looming over, clouds of poison over the horizon. However, he is fairly capable at restricting it, knowing better than to frighten passerby. When it benefits him, anyway. His level of pressure is one of the highest echelon, born of malice and science in equal parts.

» Researcher with Killing Intent: To delve into the taboo is foreign for many researchers. Something about oaths and morals, dribble from a slack jawed idiot. To evolve, to progress, death is a tool to guide one's hand. A scalpel used to inflict pain is capable of so much more. Without limit to his own curiosity, Mayuri has developed a rather diverse and unique skillset. Where others might possess the knowledge of his own works, he alone possesses the wit to make it work. A giant walking on the shoulders of others, Mayuri will acquire information at any means necessary, and has come out the other side with more than he could have dreamed.

He has several qualities to his ability as a researcher, his ability to read not alone in repertoire. His strengths seem to rise even higher if he can fulfill his own sadist fantasies, turning him into a true mad scientist.
    Genius Intellect: The infinite ability to process data. "Capable of solving any problem within twenty-four hours" as described by his peers, it is a blessing, it is a curse - it is what defines Mayuri, and the most important factor of his strength. To learn is to live, to live is to learn; no field of scientific explore has been unrecognized, or misunderstood. A thirst for knowledge unbridled by the limitations of lower processing ability, a mathematician as much as a physicist - as a doctor, as a physician, as a shinigami, the catalogue is ever growing.

    Gigai/Gikon Expert: The fruit of lifetimes worth of effort, one of the culminations of his dreams - true artificial life. The creation of artificial souls and their bodies has long become Mayuri's domain to be ruled. The quality of his creations bypasses the boundaries of what was once thought possible, capable of creating full fledged Shinigami from scratch. The only true cost to his method is time - the aging process happening in roughly real time for any of his created specimen. He also has vast knowledge of general gigai construction, and can tell most marks of who made them, or whatever modifications they possess, at a glance.

    Necromancy: Mayuri has long ventured beyond the creation of life, or the augmentation of life, and into the realm of restoring life. Originally proven nearly four-hundred years ago, the restructure and resurrection of Espada he found in Szayel's laboratory a thesis statement. Largely, reanimating the dead is incredibly difficult, requiring several days of surgery in a highly specific environment. This is not shared by all specimens, as the length required extends further the less familiar Mayuri's research is with the original race. The exception to this rule being zankpakuto, their revival still outside of his grasp. Further research into species can be done to help expedite the process, but the time required is exponential - three to thirty times longer - with each degree of separation, following this chart:

    Hollow → Arrancar → Shinigami → Quincy → Human → Vizard → Demon → Iramasha --x Zankpakuto

    Obviously, the further distanced from his own realm of knowledge the more flaws become reality. Similarly, the time required can be shortened at the cost of the creation's own stability, but one does not tamper with life so easily. This level of stability borders on incompetence, more likely to fall apart or exist in a vegetative state than ever "live", let alone function. In times of high demand, he has been known to jury rig the corpses of recently deceased Shinigami, allowing them to persist with rods supporting missing structural components. The overall longevity of those 'revived' is still largely in question, as all previous specimen have died from combat use.

    Surgical Masterclass: The stretch of sinew, the crack of bone, a symphony of life against the backdrop of agony, screams perpetual in the air. If only for a moment, as Mayuri's hands are capable of an impossibly fast surgeon's touch. Even one handed, he can perform intensive surgeries in a blink, and that's on himself. This leaves no risk to his precision, capable of performing any basic surgery without breaking a sweat or a second. As procedures become more fantastical, or dangerous, he slows down significantly - arguably still the fastest surgeon in the seireitei; if not the world.

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri I1tXiVQ

» Zankpakuto Modification: Of Mayuri's expertise, few skills come close to the grandeur or applicability of altering zankpakuto. A critical part of his career and success as a captain of the Gotei, his own Bankai being a result of it - only to be further transformed as time has passed. The list of possibilities feels infinite at times, capable of completely modifying a zankpakuto spirit's appearance, gender; the greatest feat, however, is nothing cosmetic. While a shikai or bankai's appearance could be modified as well, looks are only the start of it: to modify their abilities, and to grow them unnaturally. A cruel rebirth.

Over the years, countless shinigami have had their zankpakuto torn apart and put back together by Mayuri, each resulting in its own unique boost in power. While not always conventional, the changes to one's zankpakuto can bring them closer to their spirit, as well as harm the relationship in turn. Modification is not always a guaranteed success with zankpakuto, their weilder's input affecting the process greatly. When otherwise unhindered, he can "help" others achieve their own potential, depending on the price. Modifications to zankpakuto still require approval, and require extensive interaction to be acquired by other player characters.

» Hoho Master: 'Shockingly quick' would be an easy way to describe Mayuri, if not for the others facets of his self. Rather than prioritize his other martial skill, the man has chosen to focus on his ability to move. Through the application of reiatsu he has mastered the ability of hoho, and thusly shunpo. Not as capable as some particular examples, he is more than able to move with incredible speed. His shunpo is exceedingly quiet to boot, often allowing him to gloat in strange and unique ways to unsuspecting targets. He largely lacks in any fanciful 'technique' involved with hoho, having become extraordinarily proficient with a plain shunpo.

» Kidō Utilitarian: Wordless. While not the best kidō practitioner, he is the quietest. The realm of his kidō is that of function, generally allowing for small blasts or primitive barriers of reiatsu with the flick of a wrist. His constructs have little flair or unique traits, and the destructive power of his Hadō is similar. Capable of blasting through most average materials, it is not particularly capable of inflicting damage to tougher targets. Generally delivered from the palm or eyes, what they might lack in complexity they make up with ease of use.

» Living Panacea: A man not known for his lack of preparedness, Mayuri actively works to ingrain a resistance to every drug that he manufactures. This isn't a blanket immunity, but regular dosages of his drugs will be rendered somewhat ineffective. If he should receive further dosing, the drug can take a far more serious effect, up to an including its intended styling of pain and frustration. This level of immunity is programmed into the drugs more than himself, utilizing his own blood similarly to his bankai. This allows similar benefits to those cloned from himself, such as Nemu.

» Immense Endurance: Through another combination of his own mind and stringent modification, Mayuri is tough. Not only can his body take an incredible amount of punishment, but his tolerance for pain is nearing impossible. Capable of standing after having entire chunks of his body removed, as long as he can maintain the slightest vital sign he can feasibly survive. This is aided by his other talents, his chemical healing agents and surgical prowess allowing to stretch the concept of durability to its limits. Highly reiatsu-consuming attacks are notably effective, assuming they can hit.

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Sat May 07, 2022 2:14 am


» Zanpakutô Name: Ashiogi Jizô

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: A literal golden child, Ashiogi Jizô takes the stunted appearance of small, androgynous thing with gold skin. Pure white eyes crest beneath a small wisp of blue hair, bulging black veins reaching out from its eye sockets. An infants skull, it has no other notable facial features, constantly being clad in a dark green cloak with red kerchief. From the spirits back, a pair of moth-like wings emerge, brown with red and black eye patterns. Small arrangements of purple, red, and green adorn the wings, a singular halo-like protrusion spanning between them. A rusted and neglected crib mobile, flecked with blood.

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri Lj2qZEw

» Inner World: Ashiogi does not possess a traditional inner world, instead communicating by jinzen whenever in direct contact with Mayuri's hands. When placed into a scientific environment, the remains of a surgically transformed inner world can be accessed - showing a totally white space. In the space, a single operation table lays bare, a light overhead with loose wires spindling from its center.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: A traditional katana by no means, Mayuri wears his zankpakutô directly in front of his crotch, the hilt pointing forward. And what a hilt it is! The guard of it is replaced by a spindle of golden branch like protrusions giving way to a red ribbon bound on gold. Whenever particularly damaged, this spindle is removed to reveal a crooked brace, bandaged, but of the same shade of gold. Of average length, the blade itself bears nothing unique, although its sheath is odd. Showing stitches down the center, a red cloth-like fabric holds the blade - free to flap in the wind when empty.

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri MBgoxYm

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: A progenitor in this field, Mayuri holds the record for the first awakening of a Zankpakutô outside of its Shikai state - to realize his sealed Zankpakutôs powers. Of course, like many of his life accomplishments, this was through experimentation, bloodshed, and surgery. Simply put, by stabbing himself with the sealed blade of his Zankpakutô, Mayuri can transform his body into liquid, rendering him invulnerable from damage at the cost of being able to fight in any capacity. Generally, his body will reform some twenty-four hours later, giving him a fair amount of time to regroup and plan for whatever situation has arisen.

The extent to which this has been modified from its base function is unknown, even to Mayuri. Whether this speaks to the amount of times its been modified, or his own indifference to the matter, changes depending on his mood. The effect is fairly instantaneous, and restores his body without any lasting injuries from prior to his liquification. The reforming of his body is an exhausting process, leaving him with severely depleted reiryoku and reiatsu for a similar time period of twenty-four hours afterwards. Cannot be actively modified within combat.

Auto-Defense Sensor: Not a direct result of his zankpakutô's ability, the branch-like protrusions on its hilt act as an array of motion sensors. Should anything come within a two foot radius of Mayuri, within a 60 degree scope above his waist, the sword will retaliate. This allows the sword to automatically block any equivalent Zanjutsu user, although it struggles to keep up with significantly faster opponents. This can only occur if the blade itself it drawn and being wielded by Mayuri, and will cease to function should the sensors be destroyed.


Kurotsuchi, Mayuri Sy6CnTa

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Rip, Ashiogi Jizō."

» Shikai Release Action: The blade is drawn, causing the to zankpakutô shimmer, bursting with pink reiatsu into a malformed golden trident brandishing an infant's face.

» Shikai Appearance: Golden. The blade and guard of the Zankpakutô shine brilliantly, a sleeping child's face emblazoned in the metal. Small arms cross underneath the face, before giving way to the weapon's hilt. The previous branching spindle branches has bloomed, now petal-like extrusions that disappear into the weapon's red-and-gold bound grip. The blade itself has multiplied and warped, forming a pair of curved blades on the side of the infant's head, a third longer blade protruding from the center.

» Shikai Abilities: Ashiogi Jizô is a living-type zankpakutô, the infant's face on the blade sentient. Similarly, the blade secretes a paralytic agent, not unlike a spider's venom. This cuts off the brain's ability to send signals to the victim's limbs while leaving their senses fully intact. It also, conveniently, leaves them able to talk and see what comes after. The infant also produces a faint amount of poison naturally, carrying the same paralytic agent as its blade. It should also be noted that this paralyzing agent has no effect on Mayuri, or those of his blood. Cannot be actively modified in combat.

Terror Magnitude: By forcing his thumb into the infants face of his zankpakutô, Mayuri causes the shikai to scream. This scream is imbued with reiatsu, and more importantly, a diluted concentration of his shikai's paralytic agent. By hearing the scream for an extended period of time, those not of Mayuri's blood will be paralyzed for a short period of time. The longer the scream is held, the more damage is done to the zankpakutô, and in turn the paralytic increases in potency. Unlike the general shikai's ability, this is fully paralytic, comparable to sleep paralysis. Holding the thumb for more than four seconds will prevent the use of bankai and the shikai's remaining abilities for a post. Named in successive magnitudes equal to the seconds held. (ex. 'Terror Magnitude 1', 'Magnitude 2')


Kurotsuchi, Mayuri UmuO3AZ

» Bankai Name: Konjiki Ashiogi Jizô

» Bankai Release Phrase: "Bankai."

» Bankai Release Action: None. It comes when called.

» Bankai Appearance: Similar in appearance to the Zankpakutô spirit, Konjiki Ashiogi Jizô is massive in comparison. Two stories tall, it still bears the red cloak and halo, two bells dangling from either side. The veins encircling its eyes have spread further, tinged in color by poison. Unlike the Zankpakutô spirit, Konjiki does not possess wings, instead being closer to a caterpillar, replacing its entire lower half. Notably, Mayuri and the Zankpakutô's reiatsu changes color from pink to red during bankai.

» Bankai Abilities: Konjiki Ashiogi Jizô is a living-type zankpakutô. Now a massive version of the infant depicted on the shikai, it possesses generally enhanced physical traits, from surprising speed to incredible strength - particularly in its bite. The poison generated by it now changes drastically, becoming a destructive force of nature. In this state, it will follow Mayuri's verbal and spiritual commands with impunity.

Blood-Derived Poison: Konjiki exhales large clouds of poison 200 meters around itself, capable of breaking down any organic matter it infects into nothingness. This poison does not need to be inhaled, and will permeate through fabrics and most non-reiatsu based defenses. The poison is derived from Mayuri's own blood, rendering him and anyone of his blood immune to it's effects. As an extension, he can alter the composition of the poison on the fly, making sure no one can form an antidote or develop and immunity to it. This process is extremely painful, although that too can be modified.

Blade Conjuration: In addition to its lethal strength and poison, Konjiki can form a massive array of blades from its chest. This is mostly associated with a full frontal charge, skewering any enemies to be eaten at the bankai's leisure.

Self-Destruct Mechanism: In the unlikely event that Mayuri's Bankai is taken control of by a party other than himself, Konjiki will inflate and grossly deform itself before self destructing. This reforms the zankpakutô in its sealed form, and renders Mayuri without use of his shikai or bankai until he repairs it. This destruct mechanism is not incendiary, leaving nothing in the way of debris, whatever stray pieces of the bankai dissolving into reiatsu.

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri YxJwVHa

» Modified Bankai Name: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō: Matai Fukuin Shōtai

» Release Phrase: "Ban-kai."

» Modified Bankai Release: Grabbing the hilt of his sealed zankpakutô, Mayuri snaps the several branch-like protrusions with his grip. After a moment has passed, he raises the blade upwards as the new, transformed Ashiogi Jizou floods out of the blade, a tidal wave of purple flesh.

» Modified Bankai Abilties: A demonic womb - Ashiogi Jizô has been transformed into a massive deformed purple version of itself. Misshapen growths pock its skull, fingers of varying length and width with its back forming into a massive wall of flesh to support its weight. Notably pregnant, the stomach of the bankai is distressed, the kanji for it's name emblazoned on the stretched skin. Massive lanterns hang from it's head, horns where there was a halo.In this form, the Bankai can produce modified versions of itself, using the information given to it by Mayuri. These vary massively, limited almost entirely by Mayuri's own ability as a scientist.

They are, however, limited in scope - it cannot create something larger than itself, and each has a general baseline physicality euqal to the unmodified bankai. Only a single modified Ashiogi can be created with each release of this modified bankai, and requires an inordinately large quantity of reiatsu. The upper limit of these is created with larger investments of information. Should a situation arise in which Mayuri can observe and gather data beforehand, this becomes trivial, allowing for a modified release to have counteractive effects before he even arrives. These modified bankai all have a singular, shared weakness: Mayuri's tendency to overengineer. Where a simple solution might work, where would the fun be?


» Shikokai Release Phrase:

» Shikokai Release Action:

» Shikokai Appearance:

» Shikokai Abilities:

I. Skill Sheet

[Copied from previous Canon App.]

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master
  • Focus: Advanced

I. Role Play Sample

The following is an excerpt from the Seireitei Communication's article series, Effective Medicine for the Brain. Dated 12th August, 2418.

Following from last week's discussion of restoring deadened nerves, I spent quite some time reconfiguring methods involving the gating process I went over. At first, I was worried about the resiliency of the tissue when repeatedly treated in the same way, but found a fairly simple workaround using a submersible solution. The applications are noted under 'philanthropic' and 'recuperation'.

Normally I would find such details erroneous, as avid readers may know. However, I find this particular case interesting, the delay between artificial nerves is accelerated by the new form of treatment. It leads to considerations of the body's ability to conduct impulses, although the structure involved leads to needing further planning.

Diverting from my curios, we have the Monthly Health Census report from July, spiking a high rise in reishi poisoning cases in the eastern rukongai. Potentially linked to a new fad involving 'sprite', an artificial stimulant made by dissolving several nefarious ingredients. While I cannot say if this is true or not yet, I ask that any bodies found under this condition be delivered to the third division as soon as possible.

It should be said with care to not overexpose one's self to odd chemicals or substances. If one is curious about acceptable chemicals and dosages, there is a list of ongoing medical trials attached that requires fifteen new subjects by week's end. As diligent readers as you are, I know this may be daunting to consider, but remember that we pay for all funeral expenses if anything should occur.

For next week, please remember to take your vitamin supplements and watch out: flu season is upon us. I expect this year to be particularly vicious. Write you soon.

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