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Mon Apr 18, 2022 8:40 am


Hook line and sinker. Yuel wore a face of victory once the hand was shaken. She finally went back to her seat once Hayden let go, and went on to explain as asked of her.

"Before coming here, I was out investigating this thing going on with a volcano. In the north of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, there's a biiiiig volcano," Yuel widened her arms to really drive home just how big this volcano was. "There's some seismic activity going on. The patterns its exhibiting is unusual, and the localisation of these tremors are just as unnatural. It would be a whooole lot easier to get help in taking a look at what was happening over there. I already have an idea, but I can't be certain without better equipment and a second, third, fourth opinion and so on. I don't imagine it'll be any different, but science requires its due diligence. Even I'm not infallible."

It was pretty egotistical of her to say, but Yuel was very serious about getting her work checked.

"I don't think you have to worry about K-World interfering. I'm still new to the current state of affairs on Earth, but even I know that things are going on over there that aren't good for engaging in sustainable wartime. I get what you mean, though. That said, will you be acting as a guardian over these wastelands like you currently do over France? How much does that guardianship extend to? As much as I support the idea of a monarchy for Vastime, and you heading it, I will have some issues if I think your power is extending into tyranny."


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Sun Apr 24, 2022 11:09 am


"Indonesia?" Hayden would hum lightly at this as if thinking it over. To his memory that was a place as ravaged as the places he had in mind for reconstruction. "I'm not good on the specifics but isn't Indonesia as ravaged as Australia, or the Wastelands proper. I don't particularly have an issue but getting the needed resources for a safe expedition might take longer depending." He'd inform her clearly keen on the idea but more so thinking about the practical drain on resources depending on how damaged the surrounding areas was. Not to mention transporting supplies and the burden that came with those logistics.

When Yuel questioned him on the nature of his control over the wastelands, provided they even got to that point, he regarded it as a fair question. After all he wasn't in the market of expansion and tyrannical control.

"I think by merit of us initiating this Guardianship will be needed for quite some time. But eventually the goal is to create self-sufficient nations similar to France. We wouldn't plan to hold any control over their institutions, perhaps favorable treaties and mutual alliances to recoup the cost. But nothing tyrannical I assure you, naturally Lux Orior will have to be involved in some capacity so that will certainly temper any diehards within the Vastime political institutions."

It was clear Hayden was aiming for an even-handed approach, with obvious intentions of gaining some benefits out of this but that was more of a practical reality as his people would need something out of this long affair.


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