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Sat Jun 04, 2022 2:14 am
Imelda had to send a letter to her two associates as she was currently... busy. It wasn't hard to get it to them; Saisei practically lived in the same city as Imelda and V was always on call...somewhere. Anyways, hopefully they knew by now not to ask questions and to just do what she asked, but there was always the possibility. Regardless, if and when they opened the letter it would read this:


It's me, you know who. I'm going to be giving you some instructions through this so whenever you've got it all, burn this. Side note, I imagine actually getting this to you will be more of a pain in the ass than anything considering I can't just use the postal service. They'd read this. Anywho, I have a task for the two of you, my most trusted companions outside of my dozen family members. A while ago I made a promise to a trade princess to look into the abduction of her people in return for using her port privately. Essentially being a golden goose for us, of course I took up the deal. Now, I would have done it myself but I've been preoccupied in Korea with some unfinished business. That's where both of you beautiful children come in.

Through some asking and some threatening we've come to find out that it's a scientific group off the island of Sardinia. Recently acquired by the DG, they were originally a front company for the Sardana. And you know what they say: old habits die hard. I don't care what you do, the Sardana are pieces of shit.

Take care of the problem. I don't want this to come back to us, ever. Capisce?


Now, with that letter out of the way, the place in question was an ominous 3 story building, brutalist and painted white, it was a bright contradiction to everything artistic. What happened from this point on was up to what V and Saisei decided, but no matter what they chose, there was a receptionist at the front ready to receive.

OOC Note: I'll make this pretty later.

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