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Fri Sep 30, 2022 6:46 pm
Ainn Eltabhán [FINISHED] KVadfCr


Basic Information

○ Name: Ainn Eltabhán
○ Age: 1000+
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Arrancar
○ Affiliation: Gairdín Geallta - Founder
○ Alignment: Chaotic Good

○ Aspect of Death: Indulgence
○ Hollow Hole: Stomach
○ Hollow Type: Vasto Lorde

○ Marital Status: Single
○ Desiring: Like-minded individual of the female gender

○ Height: 6'8
○ Weight: 82lbs
○ Hair Colour: White
○ Eye Colour: Purple/Blue

Ainn Eltabhán [FINISHED] EGAW0Mq

Arrancar Traits
○ Mask remnants are firm flower-like forms on either side of his head around his ears

Psychological Analysis

Ainn appears to be quite warm and attentive of others, contrasting greatly against the typical, less immediately appealing arrancar. He gives a youthful impression, often behaving rather eagerly and curious of others, seeming to be lacking malice or manipulation in his desires, coming across as naive or too welcoming at times which may cause others to underestimate him.

However, he’s much more clever than he lets on, using his comfortable exterior to get others to show their true intent and perhaps slip things they otherwise wouldn’t if they were more on guard. He has intense interest in other spiritual entities, notably other Arrancar, going about with a much more progressive mindset than others who fall into his position, often willing to push fast past extremes if it means his vision and goals will be actualized.


A hulking Gillian walked amongst the sands, hunched and strange. It had lost any interest in eating, and had a singular goal in mind - To find a place to rest. It’s mind was deeply fixated on this idea with little prompting, to an almost obsessive point. The beast’s journey ended at cliff’s edge, it’s body slowly erupting in white, six petaled flowers as it’s flesh crumbled and became one with the sands.

These flowers, the only visible remnant of the hollow, cast messages upon puffs of pollen, beckoning others to the small patch of plantlife, promises of their hunger being fulfilled, their suffering silenced. At first only a single hollow would come to partake of the flowers, eating the field, enraptured in intoxicated joy for several days before finally collapsing upon the patch, in turn giving themselves to the very plants they indulged in.

This would continue for several years, more and more hollows coming, consuming, enjoying, and perishing to become one with the field. A small black sapling would sprout, consciousness budding within the field, awareness looking upon those who answered the call of the flowers. The more the tree grew, the more the hollow’s mind expanded and developed, looking upon the poor souls below with a sense of confusing and sadness.

This couldn’t be their only respite, to come, consume, and fade into pleasure… There had to be more…


The bark of the blackened tree would crack, the hollows relishing below pausing as their place of respite would suddenly wither as the tree groaned and cracked, before a being beyond their understanding would erupt, perched gracefully upon a branch, black and white feathers giving way to a humanoid figure with a flat, white face, looking upon the horde with soft eyes.

Little did the gathering of beasts know, they witnessed the emerging of a Vasto Lorde. He would descend from the branches to the level of the beasts who stared back, one of them foolishly lurching forward to touch him, only for it’s hand to be torn apart by the pressure of his spirit, rolling back with an agonized roar. He would quickly correct his energy, coming to the beast’s side, calmly slicing off and offering his flesh to the beast to cease it’s pain.

Thus was the emergence of Ainn.

He would travel the desert, learning as much of the world that he could, his followers never too far behind. He allowed their presence, generously allowing them to feed off of him to satisfy their hunger, though would notice that several were rendered useless and vulnerable with too much, collapsing on the sand and trapped, to be feasted upon by it’s companions. He couldn’t believe that such a state was the end for them, he simply couldn’t - were they to be these hungry, suffering, stupid beasts for eternity? That couldn’t be true…

He heard rumors of the Shinigami, how they cleansed Hollows and sent them to another plane.. Would this be their reprieve? To be cleansed? To be sent to somewhere that hunger and suffering did not exist?

Such a place could only be Heaven…

Ainn grew obsessed with the desire to see this Heaven, to see where the souls Shinigami reaped were sent to, studying the abilities of others and testing himself until he was able to split himself, and open a small gateway into this Heaven through a Descorrer. Creating three small drones, he would send them into the the gateway, and be able to see what he was looking for…

…The place he saw, was not “Heaven”. Suffering still existed. People were merely souls left to forget themselves and live aimlessly. The balance of pain and pleasure still existed in that world, much like the living world, though he only saw being sent to such a place as a terrible end. The only respite the people could have there was if they became Shinigami…

As his final drone was discovered and killed, Ainn remained stunned with his discoveries. They weren’t sent to a better place, if such a place even existed. Why did the hollows have only to suffer, if suffering still existed across all lands? Why were they not allowed the pleasures of life along with the pain?

..There had to be more. This could not be the end.

And almost in response, flowers emerged from the edges and eyes of his mask, shattering his mask and giving way to a new form, that of a far more human one.

He had his answer - hollow-kind could continue to develop. They were not at a dead end. There WAS more.

He spend his years developing his abilities and skills, studying others across Hueco Mundo, until he noticed the formation of a curious sight - Other arrancar, under the governance of a Shinigami. He’d watch this group from afar with his drones, learning all he could about them, though knowing it would be too dangerous for him or his group to approach.

With the knowledge he’d accrued, he would form a hidden safe haven within deep caverns in which to aid his followers in realizing their own selves to break their own masks, finding the occasional success in getting them to regain their humanity, no matter how much he dirtied his hands to achieve it.

Though, one day one of his drones would have caught an explosive battle between a boy and an Espada, in which a form he had not even conceived of was shown - Segunda Etapa. This only told him that hollows were indeed capable of further evolution, even as Arrancar, his studies for the next several decades shifting to learn how to achieve such a form, in hopes such knowledge would aid in his journey.


Gairdín Geallta

A temple-like structure built in a deep cavern found by Ainn and his followers. This is a resting place, full of flowering plants that emit a similar scent that Ainn emits, effectively warding off majority of Hollows as a natural repellant. Natural Arrancar and Adjuchas alike live down here in relative peace, either kept intoxicated or otherwise keeping to rules and customs formed amidst the creation of the community, being relatively self sustaining and peaceful. Most don't leave due to their weakness, but the few Arrancar formed here act as additional guard and protectors, driven by feelings of loyalty and debt.


High Reiryoku
From his unusual conception as a Vasto Lorde, Ainn had amassed thousands of compliant souls, emerging as a being with a clearly distinct existence to the hollows who were privy to his conception. He’s treated this as a jumping point for his ambitions and vision, given reign to augment himself and perform feats those at any lesser power would struggle to perform at the extent he succeeds in.

Fulfilling Flesh
A unique quality of his that heavily promotes his cause, Ainn’s flesh and blood is significantly more fulfilling for a Hollow to consume than the norm. It takes very little to stave off hunger at about 3x the rate, leaving less intelligent hollows in a far more docile, intoxicated state, while hollows at a level like Adjuchas are more resistant to the intoxicating effects unless they overindulge. Though the mere scent of Ainn is mesmerizing to the hungry ghosts, it also possesses an element of warning, many hollows turning away if they don’t have any yearning for the sort of comfort that lies in accepting such an offering. Hollows who consume too much tend to enter a state where they become entirely useless, stuck in feelings of pleasure to the point of ceasing function. Because of this, Ainn tends to only feed Hollows his blood.

With consumption of freshly shed flesh, Ainn can temporarily grant another with his high restorative rate, able to bring one back from even the brink of death, though it only lasts a few seconds and by no means does much for restoring energy, rather acting as emergency fuel for the body to repair itself than something that can continue any action.

Witnessing the truth of what Soul Society, the place he envisioned to be “heaven” was, struck the arrancar with a maddening drive. One in that saw the unfairness of reality in that “heaven” did not exist, and may as well have simply been another, significantly less fair life than the one lived, but at the very least those souls were allowed the pleasures of life along with the pain, yet hollows appeared expected, rather, doomed to live with their noses in the sand despite experiencing comparably worse suffering with nothing to balance it. He sees this imbalance as an inherent wrong and desires to correct it, hollow by hollow, developing himself if it means that hollows can see to their ultimate pleasures, no matter how horrid the pathway to those heights are.

Spell Weaver
Ainn has presented a noticeable aptitude in spellmaking, forming creative methods for general use or getting around combat situations. His studying of Shinigami and the Quincy have only deepened his understanding. Combined with his naturally high energy levels, Ainn has a sizable body of abilities as well as being able to quickly and effectively use them on the fly.

High Tolerance For Pain
Even from his birth as a hollow, Ainn has possessed a disturbingly high amount of tolerance for pain. It isn’t so much as he doesnt feel it - he definitely gets the normal alarm bells one would get if they are injured - but rather that he still maintains complete calm and collection while even in such a state, even considering the feeling more pleasurable than painful to a degree. With his mentality on top of his regenerative capabilities, Ainn simply is unconcerned of being harmed or in peril if it would not necessarily inconvenience him.

Hollow Bones
Ainn's physiology is rather fragile, possessing hollow bones that while allow him to move quickly are quite fragile to impacts. Though his regenerative factor and Hierro are capable of filling the hole left by his natural durability, he is significantly easier to physically damage than most at his level.


Bláthanna De Neamh Ná Ifreann (Flowers of Heaven and Hell)
As Ainn has maintained a deep connection with his roots as a hollow, he has learned to manipulate the intoxicating effects of his flesh to rouse different effects in another or himself, able to cast sparkling seed-like forms that embed themselves onto anything they touch, manifesting flower-like energy structures that impart various eff. The effects of these flowers vary, being able to act as a boon, a neutralizing effect for altered emotional states, or an added detriment to his foes.

(Note: All buff/debuff effects last 4 posts with a 1 post cooldown between effects in a combat thread. Cannot stack. Seeds can be pushed away before they make contact with high exertions of reiatsu. The cap for buffs is Elite and the cap for debuffs is Beginner. Master or Grandmaster levels are unable to be boosted or dropped due to their already unfathomable nature.)


Ain possesses an incredibly robust healing factor, any loss of limbs very noticeably and rapidly budding to reform with little interruption to the rest of his self. Even with his low natural defenses, his restoration rate is incredible enough to more than make up for it. Though, his skill in restoring and reshaping his body goes past damage management and into reshaping his form to better suit a given situation.

Tréad [Flock]
If Ainn finds himself in a dangerous situation, such as being grabbed or pinned against something, he is able to separate his body into a flock of smaller owls temporarily to free himself or avoid danger. He can only split himself up once before reforming again. Being in this form is inherently dangerous to overdo, however, as if any of the owls are damaged or killed, it will reflect on his own form.

Sliocht [Offspring]
By plucking a piece of his hair, Ainn can form a tiny owl-like hollow that is entirely under his control and can act as his eyes and mouth. It is unable to do anything combative, only capable of observing. Ainn can see through the eyes of up to three owl drones, any others will have to return to him in order for him to have the visual data they gathered.

Síoraí Sliocht [Eternal Offspring]
By concentrating a significant amount of his self into a piece of hair, Ainn can create what would amount to a baby hollow, appearing as a small owlet with a mask similar to his former self. Unlike his other creations, these are capable of forming various levels of independence and power, though are unable to evolve past their hollow state. The only form of growth they have is literal, starting out small and pathetic and gradually growing into larger, stronger forms over several years, able to be grown for specific purposes like food or protection, though many of them perish early on in their fragile years. Though Ainn cannot make these endlessly with no cost; if he overdoes it, he will have to resort to binge eating souls in order to make up for the lapse.

Currently Living Specimens



Fillte Nialais (Folding Zero)
Developed from his many years observing kido users, Ainn has trained himself to be able to mix two different ceros into a single attack, strengthening both and adding more unpredictability and destructive potential to his attacks. However his Cero attacks lose stability for a single post, leaving him unable to do this technique consecutively.

Súil (Gaze)
His pupils rapidly widen and contract while looking at an opponent, rapidly firing a Cero broken up into a barrage of white bird-like structures with black outlinings, breaking up the destructive power into a more varied spread. The trajectory of the Cero can easily be manipulated simply by moving his gaze, and the barrage can be stopped or started whenever he pleases, even having the control to only use one eye without losing potency. The individual birds will not change targets once fired.

Muid Súil (We Gaze)
Both eyes flash white, a ball of white and black energy abruptly swirls in front of his face, immediately firing a zig-zagging Cero that bounces off any solid objects, forming a solid laser trail that if touched will severely damage those who make contact, the bouncing trails of energy waning not too long after being fired. Best used in closed spaces with optimal coverage in order to maximize damage and give little room for his opponent to effectively move in a space.

Scáth (Shadow)
An unusually formed Cero, forming from Ainn’s shadow rather than any particular body part, the only evidence of it’s formation being the glow of white orbs appearing like opening eyes along his shadow. The Cero then blasts upwards first, appearing like a tree-like structure, before radically shifting in form to that of a massive black bird crackling with white electricity, homing in on a specific target to crash into, delivering a blow comparable to that of a Gran Rey Cero.

Ith Scáth (Devouring Shadow)
Ainn’s shadow rapidly forms root-like structures along the ground within a 20 meter radius, white orbs appearing along them as the attack charges. Rather than firing a directional attack, the Cero erupts from the ground, delivering a devastating attack comparable to that of a Gran Rey Cero to anyone who lies in it’s range.

Brúite Sliocht (Brute Offspring)
Several hairs split from Ainn, forming into three small owl hollows that immediately start charging their own smaller Ceros, able to fire three independently moving shots within Ainn’s control. The owls are only capable of firing three shots per entity, immediately perishing and being reabsorbed upon loosing the final shot. Ainn cannot replace any owls that get reabsorbed until all three have perished and a post has passed after the final one’s perishing.

Deireadh (End)
His own version of a Cero Oscuras, Ainn’s mouth becomes completely black and brims with energy, before opening wide to loose a giant, bird-shaped Cero, capable of causing colossal amounts of indiscriminate damage with it’s increased width.


Sciatháin [Wings]
A pair of wing-like structures forms on Ainn’s back upon activation, in addition to his aptitude in Sonido, he is granted the ability to fly, and not so much unlike the animal he resembles, possesses silence in such flight and his movements as well, entirely quieting any sound his body may create to others, as well as the signature buzz of the Sonido.

The wings aren’t especially tough, and can be shattered if directly damaged.

Cosa [Legs]
Ainn falls onto his fours, his arms and legs appearing far more jagged and shadowy, as well as sprouting an additional set of arms. Sacrificing any subtly and the usage of his hands, Ainn can move with increased bursts of speed compared to his normal Sonido, in addition to being able to maintain such momentum while scaling any surface. It’s far more appropriately used in long distance or climbing efforts than combat.

Foirm [Form]
With the use of his Sonido, Ainn can leave afterimages in order to confuse his opponents, positioned as he was with each image’s creation, before appearing more ghostly and translucent to add visual noise.


Cleití [Feathers]
When an attack that Ainn is capable of sensing comes his way, he instinctively reacts by throwing up his Hierro, which comes in the form of downy black and white feathers. These feathers can absorb up to 75% of the attack’s damage, the force applied to him used in the next step of this technique.

Iarann Cleití [Iron Feathers]
Ainn’s Hierro, upon receiving damage, will reflect the damage back at the opponent in the form of spiked projectile feathers. They only send back 75% of the damage received.

Clóca [Cloak]
A lighter version of Cleití that Ainn typically uses to hide his features, his feathers form a wing-like cloak that can cover his entire body and hide his face. Any attacks that hit the cloak have about 50% of their damage absorbed, though this will cause the cloak to shatter immediately after.


Sileadh Peitil (Flowing Petals)
A communication technique, petal-like structures shed from Ainn’s body, scattering into the wind and capable of travelling long distances. Any who touch the petals receive a message embedded in them. Communication is always pre-recorded and one way.

Léigh (Read)
With a tap of his heel, his shadow stretches out in a shape akin to tree roots, immediately racing to meet the shadows of any designated targets. With this ability Ainn can quickly discern the exact spiritual levels of a sizable group to determine how much of a threat they are.


Magadh Bás (Mocking Death)
His Zanpakuto glows and transforms, resembling a dual-sided scythe. This gives his weapon far more reach (3 meters) and maneuverability, able to easily perform mid-ranged blade techniques.

Snoíodóir Spéir (Sky Carver)
The blade of his Zanpakuto glows as he swings his sword horizontally, launching a wide sweeping shot of energy resembling a Cero. It’s sharp and can cut through many basic spiritual and physical defenses (Adept and below)

Snoíodóir Domhanda (World Carver)
The blade of his Zanpakuto glows as he swings his sword vertically, launching a blast of energy resembling a Cero that cuts through the earth. It’s sharp and can easily cut through many basic spiritual and physical defenses (Adept and below)

Scoilt (Split)
Thrusting the Zanpakuto into the ground, Ainn blasts the ground with a torrent of energy, tearing up his surroundings within a 20 meter radius.


Name: Aingeal

Release Phrase: Ascend, Aingeal; Draws blood with his Zanpakuto

Appearance: Ain’s hair grows in length, sprouting two sets of white, downy wings with black tipped feathers. He forms a feathery cloak, his hands and feet appearing black and taloned. The fragments of his hollow mask on either side of his head grow in length and form a partial helmet-like structure that reaches to the corners of his mouth, pointed down at the edges towards the middle to resemble a beak. He has a long white tail that stops at a pointed metallic structure that spews poisonous incense made from his blood and energy.


Imirce [Migration]
A spark of white and black energy forms in either of Ainn's palms, before smashing them together to form a long, thin, white spear. He can throw this spear a great distance with extreme accuracy, the impact damage increasing in strength by 20% every 200 meters, the furthest it can fly being about 4 kilometers.

Dubh Sciatháin [Black Wings]
Though his base Sonido ability in this form becomes constant, Ainn is able to increase it by twofold in a flash of speed, his wings flickering black for barely a second before the ability activates, moving rapidly in a desired direction.

Báisteach [Rain]
Ainn ceases movement for a second, stretching his wings out fully to fire a rain of feathers downward in a 30 meter cone. Though his movements are severely limited as long as his wings are outstretched, he can slowly move in a straight line in any direction.

Dorchadas [Darkness]
Ainn’s eyes turn completely black, before shooting a black cero blast below him, rupturing the ground to form crystalline tree-like structures along a 20 meter radius, littering the ground with sharp hazards.

Gais [Gash]
Ainn’s prehensile tail whips about a 5 meter radius with great accuracy, able to stab or slash things with his sword-like tail end.

Clear [Haze]
Ainn swings his tail about, the incense burner-like portion of it generating a light pink smog that reaches 10 meters at most, those within the 5 meter range who breathe it subject to an altered state of mind. Those with Advanced Willpower are able to resist the effects to a degree, Elite and above capable of shaking it off entirely.

Bí Fós [Be Still]
Those stabbed by Ainn’s bladed tail also receive a dose of a concentrated poison, acting as a numbing agent that makes one’s body increasingly heavy and useless to the point of immobility. If no sort of expellant is performed, one’s body will be rendered numb and unable to be controlled (for 2 posts in a combat situation).

*Scales off Durability (Physical; Priority) or Willpower (Mental; Secondary)

Beginner - 3 posts
Adept - 4 posts
Advanced - 5 posts
Elite - 6 posts

*Master and Grandmaster can expel it either way no matter what.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Hollow Nucleus: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Elite
  • Sonido: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

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Ainn Eltabhán [FINISHED] Empty Re: Ainn Eltabhán [FINISHED]

Wed Oct 05, 2022 4:59 pm
In general, this character is pretty all over the place thematically. It's not really clear what his primary focus is in terms of combat or theme, since he seems to have a pretty radical degree of mastery over all the Arrancar abilities, and seems to have powers that vary wildly in their theming. I'd suggest looking through and trimming some things to make him more coherent.

Bláthanna De Neamh Ná Ifreann
The chief balancing metric for this ability is entirely tied to resisting it with your energy, but given the apparent degree of power this character seems to be coming in with, that feels like it's not really sufficient. Additionally, the buffing skills are relatively strong as is, but it's actually the "neutral" ones that strike me as the most potentially problematic, as they can more or less totally neutralize a buff or debuff regardless of severity.

Síoraí Sliocht
It's pretty intense to be able to simply generate new life based entirely on one's ability to regenerate, especially given he's only at advanced. This is borderline Master-level, or at least something that would more feasibly be expected of a character whose powerset entirely revolves around it.

Currently Living Specimens
These having skills at Advanced is a bit extreme, even for his ostensible level of competence.

Generally speaking, this is a lot of development for someone with Advanced Cero.

Scáth/Ith Scáth
These are both likely an Elite level technique, given it's a pretty significant manipulation of the Gran Rey Cero.

Someone at his skill level is not going to be utilizing Cero Oscuras, let alone utilizing a personalized version of it or using it outside of Resurreccion.

So does this just completely silence his Sonido, which would kind of just bypass the need for higher level Sonido?

Honestly this is fine balance-wise but I feel like pointing out that it really sticks out as a thematic outlier.

The only apparent metric for this is "did he sense it" with no real further explanation of how often he can do this. 75% flat reduction is also pretty strong given hierro is more broadly defined by tier and reflects that in use.

Iarann Cleití
I don't really know how else to say this other than that this is way too strong. He just sort of throws out counterattacks that would probably be doing a lot of damage.

Why does he have this on top of Cleití? They feel like they'd realistically just be the same ability.

Sileadh Peitil
This ability doesn't really seem to have anything to do with Pesquisa, given it's a sonar-like spiritual sense.

This seems really strong and to not really have any particular counterplay.

Snoíodóir Spéir/Domhanda
Since they're pretty much the same ability but differently oriented, the ability to flatly cut through adept-level defenses is pretty wild for a sealed ability.

This is a pretty insane ability given that's a 400% increase at max range.

What exactly is an "altered state of mind"? How long does this smog last? Can it be dispersed?

Bí Fós
I don't actually know what this chart is supposed to be indicating. I had assumed the expellant would just be to remove it from the body, so why would it go up as skill increased?

In general, while it seems like your intention was to have this character be primarily focused on Regeneration, and the skills broadly reflect that, he's sort of written in such a way that Cero and Hollow Nucleus both seem more central to him than Regeneration does.

Additionally, I don't really see an immediate reason for his Martial Skill to be Advanced, his history seems to indicate he tends to simply flex being very strong rather than necessarily having a grasp of the flow of combat.[/adm]
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