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Giselle's Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Giselle Gewelle
» Titles: Sternritter
» Age: 1850
» Gender: Female-presenting

» Affiliation/Rank: Vandenreich

» Physical Appearance Description:

Giselle Gewelle is a woman of average height standing at a rather demure 5’8”. She has dark red eyes and long eyelashes, often taking it upon herself to apply eyeliner and making little Egyptian-style wings to the sides of her eyes, though this varies depending on the occasion. Her hair is long and black, extending several inches down past her mid back and down into her lower black. Her hair is smooth, glossy, and thick with her style generally involving styling two locks of hair into thin antennae off the top of her head, though as of late her hair has gotten a bit more wild than how she usually kept it perfectly straight and doll-like.

Giselle is on the thin side, but still has noticeable curves, having abandoned her slim doll-like frame in order to allow herself to fill herself out, though as a result she is aggressively less androgynous. Her skin is slightly pale and it isn’t surprising that one might not consider her an outdoorsy kind of girl. All the same, her skin is soft, flawless and without a single scar despite how long she has been alive.

Giselle can often be seen with a sort of bright, smiling joyous glow about her. She often draws a lot of attention to herself between her bright mannerism and quirky looks. She has grown to wear more open outfits as of late and even her uniform tends not to be as conservative as she once wore it.

[Spirit Class 9 | Hazard C] Giselle Gewelle PROFILE_a3fa4cb9b11b2fbef423e782c8907cf6

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

In general Giselle is a bright and almost giddy woman. Seeming to take very few things seriously she is often smiling even when nervous or caught off guard, maintaining a visage of calm enjoyment regardless of her situation. Often enough, she acts like a bit of a smartass, making it a point to insult and even outright bully her allies though she has a tendency to bully those she likes more often than others.

Contrary to her fighting style, Giselle does not consider herself to be a sadist and more often than not considers herself a pacifist. Outside of supporting her allies, she rarely makes an attempt to initiate combat and will allow others to injure her, mainly to allow her to activate her ability. Because of how her ability works, she considers herself a non-aggressor as those who take the initiative to attack her have earned the fate they seal. This however was tested considerably during World War 3 and 4, causing her to have to deviate from this dogma as she found that her leaning into this fighting style caused a stunt in her growth, causing these tendencies to dull slightly.

While she is entirely capable of operating as a loner, Giselle actually thrives the most when she operates in groups and even as she came to see herself as completely separate from other Humans, she found herself missing those days when she worked alongside her peers.

III. Character History

» History

Giselle was born as a Quincy, one of the very few that inherited their powers through bloodline. Originally, Giselle had been stillborn, a child who was too weak to exist on it’s own. Her parents were distraught and thus, she was taken to the Miracle Child, the child they called god: Yhwach. When her pitiful corpse was brought to him, her parents begging, she was brought back to life by Yhwach’s abnormal qualities.

Almost immediately, she was pampered and beloved. Adored by her parents that had lost her and gained their child once again. However, as Giselle began to grow up, the strangeness and fear began to settle in. With seemingly no fear of pain, Giselle would often act recklessly, and seemed to be incredibly accident prone. Hurting herself in her reckless childlike acts, but never once did these injuries persist. Her parents were overjoyed, believing that their child was given a blessing from god. But others felt differently. Fear and disgust began to fester and ultimately, Giselle’s parents were forced to move to a new village and hide her abilities.

Giselle found herself perplexed, unaware of why it was that the use of her powers always seemed to draw such fears. She herself reveled in them, often intentionally injuring herself so that she could carefully shape and mold herself back together in new ways, altering her own appearance along the way. She even began to learn how she could manipulate flesh and blood of others, looking around the surrounding wilderness for corpses. She found that by introducing her blood to these corpses, she could control them. And this was the final straw. When the Village leader’s son discovered her collection of enthralled animals, he was thrown into a panic.

Before long, the Village was on a hunt, and Giselle’s family was on the run. But they could not run forever, and before she knew it, they had been run down and killed. Her parents lay dying. On the spot, she instinctively used her blood. Before the village’s very eyes, she brought her Parents back, and they tore through the village, as Giselle’s fury overcame her.

And when it was finally over, she felt…empty. Her Parents had been turned into zombies…. and though they seemed to still be themselves something was…. off. For hours she tried to fix them, but it wasn’t the same. Even though they smiled, and held her, and told her that they loved her, they still weren’t themselves and for the first time in her life, she cursed her powers, drowning in misery and finding herself wishing that her parents had simply died. She led her parents to a well in the deepest parts of the wilderness and told them to stay there. Unable to defy her, they simply smiled and sat quietly as Giselle turned her back on them, leaving them behind as she set off on her own.

It wasn’t long before the wandering Zombie’s abilities came to draw the attention of Ywach once he began to gather his army to attack the Soul Society. A crusade against the soul reapers, who many considered to be cruel and uncaring for their plights. With nothing else to live for, she simply found herself joining the Ranks to find purpose. But when she did, she swore to herself that she wouldn’t allow herself to be victimized again, and as she joined the ranks as a Soldat and began to rapidly rise thanks to her immortality, or rather her ability to keep herself undead, she was soon added to the ranks of the Sternritter. And those fellow Soldat that fought beside her did not look upon her with fear and confusion, but with ENVY and amazement. Battles were won and prisoners could be taken even of the dead.

And yet, as she reveled in her new popularity, she could still see the traces of fear and stigmata. The unwillingness of some to let her use her blood to heal them. The way that many avoided touching her even despite playing nice. It was in this way that Giselle slowly began to realize that she was not human to them. She wasn’t quincy. She was a monster so far as they were concerned.

And so, little by little, she began to see those around her as less and less like people. They were not fellows or peers, or even the same species. She considered herself above them. And yet….she couldn’t help but seek their approval. She began to work in earnest at looking cute and presentable. She worked hard at trying to sharpen her wit and make something that people could adore.

But alas, when at long last the war began, it was not the blaze of Glory that she had imagined. Even as she rose her comrades up from the dead, the Shinigami never relented. And ultimately, when Radioactive and the Kenpachi were deployed, she found herself powerless. Every battle she was involved in, even as she managed to survive their horrible slaughter, those by her side were more of ten than not, the zombies whose bodies she could salvage, though even with her ability it was difficult to do so unless she caught them while they were still alive. And she found herself having to save her blood to keep herself alive, and one by one even her zombies began to fall as she wasn’t able to muster the resources to maintain them. Until at long last, she thought she had breathed her last. After a desperate fight, she was cut down by the Kenpachi, and seemingly her body went still for the last time.

Months passed and Giselle’s corpse simply mingled with the others. Her mind searched for a corpse to reform within, but the process itself took...longer than usual. All of the corpses she'd had with her in battle were gone, and so she found herself reforming not among her fellow vandenreich, but crawling out of the remnants of her zombified father, still stuck down that infernal well she'd left so long ago. Emerging from that well after having to claw her way out of it, as the structure itself had been outright buried over the years, it took her several more years to find her way back to civilization. And once she finally did: She was alone.

She found herself wandering the world, until finally she found what little remnants remained of her Race. With the attack from Ender, and World War Three, she laid witness to the world being tumultuously handed around and ransacked. Hollows, Demons, all manner of creature were set loose, and in the shadows she slowly did her work. Snatching up corpses, and the occasional combatant that decided to target her were doomed to become Zombies. Zombies that she would run into the ground. She couldn’t afford to keep too many zombies around, to keep under the radar for years. Waiting for an opportunity.

And ultimately….she did find one. A poor one….but an opportunity all the same. With the conclusion of World War Four, as she watched the Gotei drive Demons from lands they had held for so long, she was surprised to see the Quincy taking a stage for the first time in ages. In America, liberating it from Shadowfall rule. Almost instantly she realized that the Vandenreich she’d been brought up in was ….radically changed. For one the open conquest, and no less to call it liberation? Yhwach had always been somewhat romantic with how he phrased things, but it was very clearly a benevolent move by the Vandenreich. How much HAD changed?

But it was just about the only shot she had. Even as she went from place to place on her own, it was …..dull…meaningless. She had her moments of levity, of mania, of lording over those poor souls she’d snared, of even giving herself a semblance of the past by trying to replace the others. And yet…. annoyingly….it wasn’t the same. A notion that resonated…uncomfortably with those oldest of memories. Of her parents. Something she would not abide.

And so she made her way to America and hunted down the Vandenreich and found herself before Cyrus himself! But she wasn’t so stupid as to think that it was ANYTHING short of precaution, not recognition of any positive reputation. Despite her fervent hopes, Cyrus knew very well who she was, and of course the reputation she’d had. But she was patient. Working with Yhwach had taught her one thing: People were so very permissive so long as you found their comfort zones. And so Giselle leveled with the man. He knew her reputation and she knew that the Vandenreich wasn’t what she remembered. She asked him who she was allowed to use her powers on, and he obliged. No innocents. No allies. Nobody who didn’t earn or deserve the fate. Nobody she wasn’t pointed at, or was defending herself or her allies from.

She should have been annoyed. But in truth, she almost enjoyed the challenge ahead of her. Unlike simply ravaging her way through the countryside, this was a structure. It was a system she could work her way into. And in some ways she saw that very same megalomania that she’d seen in Yhwach all those years ago. Cyrus was not the kind of man, from where she stood, like any Quincy, he would find his goals were likely much more paved in blood than he probably would prefer. And that would only exacerbate as time went on.

If nothing else: Giselle was patient.

And that patience paid off far more than she could have expected. Not only was Giselle able to fluidly integrate into the Vandenreich as a respected member. But she even began to thrive. Finding some semblance of human attachment in Candice Catnipp. Finding pride in her daughter Liltotto joining the vandenreich alongside her.

For all intents and purposes, Giselle was finally feeling some direction and purpose in her life. Even that shred of the Emperor that had carried her this far seemed slowly to be opening up to her. To help her realize the depths of her strength.

But everything changed with Ichigo Kurosaki attacked.

In an incident that would come to define the rest of her life, Giselle Gewelle was among the first to fight the Hero turned Arrancar Ichigo Kurosaki in his attack on the city of lights. Despite her valiant efforts and the heroic efforts of Solomon, Kokuto, and others. She suffered severe damage and horrible hollow poisoning.

She was a goner. Even with all of her powers of immortality, she was undone by a simple corruption of spirit. Eating away at her from the inside. And yet, she was saved by one last grace from a man long-dead.

Bedridden and slowly fading in a hospital bed, he came to her one last time to say goodbye, and took her Quincy powers along with him. That final piece of Yhwacht’s soul that was left in all the worlds finally separated himself from her, and faded into nothing. Saving her from a slow, painful death from hollow poisoning.

Of course, without the powers of the Quincy, or The Zombie, her body barely survive the process, and as a result of the loss of her powers, Giselle was not unscathed, but nonetheless emerged from the experience Alive at the very least.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Medical Specialist - Thanks to her unique ability to study anatomy and the body over her many years as well as experimentation with healing and restoring it, Giselle has considerable knowledge of how the body works as well as how to mend as little as possible while still maintaining the target’s ability to function, even when that target is herself. As a result, she has surgical knowledge of the human body and it’s functions. However, in terms of pathology and actual illnesses she is utterly helpless as her ability precludes the necessity or even the ability to study such illnesses as they are generally overpowered or purged. The only exception to this is hollow Reiryoku.

Weapons Specialist: Throughout her career as a member of the Vandenreich, Giselle excelled in the utilization of a variety of weapon forms generated by Reishi as well as direct close quarters combat as a means of using her old Zombie powers. Though she has lost her powers as a quincy and the ability to simply generate weapons on a whim, she is no less dangerous when using any weapon she manages to get her hands on. With a melee weapon in particular, Giselle can still wield such implements with surprising proficiency and grace afforded by hundreds of years of experience.

I. Other Supernatural Abilities

» Powers:

Dormant Hollow Reiryoku:
Residual Hollow energy from her fight with Ichigo Kurosaki. No longer endangering her life thanks to the loss of her Quincy powers. All the same, traces of this energy lie deep in her soul. Waiting.

» Pure Abilities:

None Currently.

VIII. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

High-Spec Human Sheet
  • Power Control: Adept
  • Physical Augmentation: Untrained
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
  • Mediumship: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

IX. Roleplay Sample

» Roleplay Sample:


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