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Thu Oct 13, 2022 11:29 am
Growin' Up [Alex, Inanna] - Page 3 Br4i4Og


"Oh yeah? You're on. Go get those clothes, I'll keep posted so you don't get caught. Glad I don't need to change, Nel's real sharp, she'd get me in no time."

Frankly, he doubted there was any world where he could actually sneak by Nel, and there was no small part of him that assumed she'd be awake enough to notice him taking Nanna out for a snack. But hey, wasn't like he was doing anything wrong. They'd have a good ol' time, and he was sure they had to have something nice around here.

"If you do get caught, just tell her it was my fault, that way all the blame's on me."

He shot her a playful wink, clearly doubting that it would actually be a particularly big problem if Inanna really was caught. It was just more fun this way.

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Growin' Up [Alex, Inanna] - Page 3 Empty Re: Growin' Up [Alex, Inanna]

Thu Oct 13, 2022 11:41 am
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"Joke's on you, Tough Guy. Before Alex came to live with us I slept in bed with her, so I know every squeaky spot in her room when I had to sneakily go to the bathroom. Nyah nyah."

Inanna taunted him and crawled up to begin her hasty disappearance and go acquire a new set of her mum's clothes. The white-haired danava having to be really sneaky, she couldn't make a single wrong step... Except actually she just used her atma vatou that let her fly to not even tough the ground and quietly steal some more of her mum's comfy clothes to use. It was easy as pie.

After safely out of the danger zone all she had to do was get changed and meet Alex outside, all ready to go and find something to eat. She hugged him anyway even though she had made a bet or something, she didn't really keep track of it since she was excited to spend some time with him and the weight was off her shoulders.

Now she got to be weight on his shoulders because she jumped on his back to hug him from behind and steal a ride to wherever they were gonna get food from.


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