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Demons Aren't Really That Bad, Are They? [Private: Arianda/Steiner] Left_bar_bleue128100/999999Demons Aren't Really That Bad, Are They? [Private: Arianda/Steiner] Empty_bar_bleue  (128100/999999)

Demons Aren't Really That Bad, Are They? [Private: Arianda/Steiner] Empty Demons Aren't Really That Bad, Are They? [Private: Arianda/Steiner]

Wed Nov 02, 2022 7:40 pm

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: N/A

Why was it that so many of these demon sects were suddenly so good at hiding? Arianda had quite easily ferreted out almost three in quick succession after her first venture. However, ever since that third, it seemed like most of the demons had caught wind of her motives and strengthened their stealth. She knew she could hunt them down, but that didn't make things any easier for Arianda. Clearly, none of the remaining demons were strong enough to warrant a danger for the Vandenreich or the Gotei, because they would have been taken care of if they were; so Arianda had a good feeling that they were simply using a lot of bodies to hid themselves. Which was why Arianda had taken to an old habit. Wandering.

The demon had always wandered the surface of Earth during her time on the planet. After all, it was quite nice to find new things whenever she had wandered around. Despite never truly reaching either of the poles and seeing the odd lights that would occasionally exist in the night sky, she knew a few haunts quite well; but even Europe kept surprising her. Which was why Arianda was wandering nearby a rather unremarkable city, in Ari's opinion at least, looking for any clue about where the next sect of SF loyalist demons could be. Frankly speaking, it was why Arianda went into the city, trying to ask around if there had been any weird happenings or kidnappings.

Frankly speaking, it was tiresome work, but Arianda felt no fatigue from it. She was glad to do the work and try to find those who had been taken by demons in the night; looking for meals or cheap "entertainment". Hearing a few rumors here and there, the demon was ready to take her search in the general direction of a few tips. However, she did stop briefly in the town square, snacking on some chocolate she had brought with her, quietly deciding what exactly she would do next. Either to wait for a demon to make their move or simply search... then again, it was always possible someone could come up and say hello to her. However, the demon was indeed expecting a rather uneventful visit to this smaller city. Then again, the unexpected was always bound to creep up on its own.

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