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Mon Nov 14, 2022 8:45 pm
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He had hoped that he would never have to come back here again.

He had certainly hoped it would never be for what he was there for today.

When he heard the news, he felt nothing but fury. But, as a teacher, he doubted that he had much access to the Seireitei, and so, he waited. Now that he could move freely through the Seiretei, he had every intention of making this a regular visitation until he was able to fulfill that condition. It was something he would fight for with every fiber in his being, and every ounce of willpower that he possessed. As he approached the prison, he was stopped, and his Zanpakuto was requested.

Annoyed, he reached behind him, summoning the weapon and pulling it from seemingly nowhere, handing both weapons to the guards. Despite being unarmed, he was more than capable of handling himself, whether with his hands, or through shifting his body. But, he knew that he wouldn't need it. His expression turned sorrowful as he silently approached the prison, sitting in front of her cell. In spite of how much it hurt to be here once again, he still managed to put on a warm smile for her.

He could tell how much she loathed being in this predicament once again, and perhaps, were he not a half-demon, it would hurt her far more than it did him.

"It hurts to be here once again, my dear. I would ask how you've been, but...I think we both know the answer to that. warms my heart to see you again, Hime. I'm sorry that it took me so long. miss me?"

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