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Wed Mar 01, 2023 9:41 am
"Hadō #28 Water needles of Death : Water based kido spell where the user creates several water needle projectiles. Their power is low but speed and penetration ability is the reason for its rank. These needles can be held stationary for one post before being fired. Allowing for some to be used as a distraction or combination strike.

Hadō # 36 - Mizu Ken: Water element strike that forms around a center point of the user to strike. (ie. fist or foot). May be casted after throwing out a strike to have water ball of reishi explode out from the(attempted) point of contact

Bakudō number 25: Keisha enerugīshīrudo. "Winds of the west wing protect me from the winds of change! wedge-shaped slopped shield of condensed Reitsu shaped in the way that the shield is mostly used to deflect attacks and now block them. Most energy attacks this spell works again travel upward into the air by design.

Hadō #49: Drill of the water god. "Incantation WIP".

A ball of water grows in the users palm before expanded and condensing in a spin before being fired. A spinning thinner wave of water smaller than a Byakurai is shot but with more of an after effect impact. A brunt force before piercing in a circular spin to dig deeper before fading.

Tento's none cannon Kido list Tentos10
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