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Sat 01 Apr 2023, 08:26
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Basic Information
○ Name: :b:ilgamesh Kishar.
○ Alias':
▕ Masked Night.
▕ Bill or Gamesh.
○ Age: Late Teens.
○ Birthday: August 6.
○ Gender: Male.
○ Race: Danava.

○ Affiliation: A lone wolf.
A masked vigalante anti-hero.
He still lives with his mum.

○ Alignment: Chaotic Good?
○ Marital Status: Married to the job.
○ Nationality: His mum's house.
○ Religion: Your Worst Nightmare.
○ Sexuality: Chick magnet (citation needed).
○ Ideal Mate: Big tits and red hair.
○ Special Skill: Ending All Crime.

○ Height: 5′8".
○ Build: Slender.
○ Hair Colour: Grey.
○ Eye Colour: Red.
Inanna (Another) 9kiXiqV

Psychological Analysis
A young boy that lacked the guidance of a father, that's Bill. His mother named him after a great hero rather than a beloved goddess of the girl that belongs to this timeline. He claims to have come from another World to stop a great terror, or maybe it's that his mother finally kicked him out for being a problem. That's up for debate. He looks for trouble, making it if it is not to be found. Frankly speaking he is more often the cause of a problem than the solution but he will appear masked and in full get-up as an anti-hero vigilante that is always ready to save the day and solve the situation.

He hates all things girly. Maybe the variant of him in your comfy and cute little uwu timeline grew up on Magical Girl stuff but he was out here watching the real man's anime. Stuff like Menma, Blanch and Two Pieces or as they call it. The Big Three. Also Dragon Bar V, that was a good manly anime too. That was the real cool stuff. Not Sailor Arcarna or girly shows like that. The Danava of Freedom over there decided to become a real hero of justice and free everyone from the yoke of evil and oppression by becoming deep into the darkness himself than making it all cringe smiles and love.

He is the masked hero from another world. All of you villains better watch out and all the do-gooders better get out of his way.


Backstory? Pfft. Haven't you read Bleach? We stopped giving character's backstory after the end of the Soul Society Arc. Fuck man, the Bount Arc had more backstory for its characters than Kubo gave the Arrancar so if you came onto this application thinking that you were going to get a backstory then you need to humble yourself NOW. I mean that with a hundred percent. A thousand percent.

He'll tell you it was really dark and tragic though. His dad died in a really dramatic way and so on. He knows how he ought to present if he wants to be a cool shounen anime protagonist.


○ Origin Name: Freedom=Anarchy.

○ Origin Power: Bill's Origin is one that deals with liberation of oneself and others, the protection of their free will and autonomy against constraint or restriction. While one of great potential he uses it very plainly.

:b:ASENGUN: He gathers dark power into his hand and smashes it into a target which causes them to explode.

:b:AMEHAME-:b:ANG: He gathers his dark chakra into his palms and launches it as a powerful blast to obliterate the enemies before him.

:b:ILLGA :b:ENSHOU: A sword appears. No one knows where it comes from but he takes the sword and swings it down, his dark haki then explodes outwards as a giant wave to destroy everything in front of him without question.

:b:UM-:b:UM HAWK :b:ATTLING: Somehow his dark ki flows through his body and causes his body to twist and contort. With his Bum Bum Hawk Battling he's able to use his body like an elastic machine gun to pummel an opponent to death with his punches.


You have to watch the filler arc to see this. He also has at least three more forms of increasing power.


He's batman. He has all of them because he's the Danava of Freedom=Anarchy.


General Skills
  • Durability: Grand Master (Beginner)
  • General Speed: Grand Master (Adept)
  • Strength: Grand Master (Beginner)
  • Marital Skill: Grand Master (Beginner)

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Grand Master (Advanced)
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master (Adept)
  • Focus: Grand Master (Beginner)

Danava Skills
  • Origin Embodiment: Grand Master (Beginner)
  • Origin Focusing: Grand Master (Adept)
  • Atma Vatou: Grand Master (Beginner)
  • Eternal Partner: Grand Master (Untrained)


"Nothing is true, everything is permitted." ~ Bill Kishar.

Bill's theme song is "Riot" by Three Days Grace, chosen by the Author.
His favourite colour is charcoal, it's actually black but he says this to avoid people telling him its a shade.
He hates the daytime and prefers the nighttime, no moon though unless it's for backdrop purposes.
He hates all things girly and likes sour things.

Bill never wants to get a job and expects everything handed to him, he also steals from people because he's cool.

Bill's kill count is 0 but the author will put anyone killed by Bill in this section. He says he's killed thousands in his own world.

This is my OC, pls do not steal.

Unmasked Bill:

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