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Sat Apr 01, 2023 9:32 am
Kuroji Subaru [What-If Claudia] 3VR0XFT


Basic Information

○ Name: Kuroji Subaru (黒地 珠遥)
○ Alias:
-Mama Kuroji
○ Age: 35
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Vizard

○ Affiliation:
-Gotei United, 3rd Division

○ Alignment: Lawful Good
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Soul Society
○ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
○ Special Skill: Marketing
○ Ideal Mate: Short and tan

○ Height: 5’8”
○ Weight: Healthy
○ Hair Colour: White
○ Eye Colour: Blue

Kuroji Subaru [What-If Claudia] OQRUCac

Psychological Analysis
A thoroughly pleasant and kindhearted woman, Subaru is known as something of a font of endless compassion in the Gotei. While the 3rd Division may often be seen as an eclectic group of strange and dangerous people, Subaru’s presence is emotionally reassuring enough that she still manages to make the place seem like a warm and welcoming environment. She often brings tea and snacks to her comrades in the division, and handles much of the division’s PR matters simply on account of being the most qualified to do so.

In terms of ambitions and goals, Subaru’s only aims are to help others, and to continue to be a positive presence in the lives of her daughters. Her work in the 3rd Division is certainly very important to her, of course, and there is a fire in her for the technology she develops in the course of her work. However, the thought of others being harmed by her creations never sits especially well with her, and so much of her work goes toward medical and supportive items rather than anything dangerous.


○ Ruri, Eri, Hina, and Ana: Subaru’s four daughters, she loves all of them very dearly, and treats them each as if they were nothing short of princesses. The four girls are well known for their beauty and grace, which has led them to be nicknamed “Obijin” (大美人) by many in the Seireitei.


Born to a vizard mother and a shinigami father through a completely pleassant and consensual union, Subaru’s early life was filled with nothing other than genuine love and support. She was certainly not left abandoned at an orphanage in Paris, and in turn certainly did not bully a girl named Bambietta Basterbine. The young Subaru grew up in the Soul Society with a great deal of pride in herself, and a compassion for others which drove her to apply to Shino Academy as soon as she was young enough to do so. Her peers considered her exceptionally friendly and helpful, and she certainly did not at any point begin a criminal enterprise which eventually grew into a shipping company and, after some time, a multinational cyberpunk megacorporation.

Graduating in 5 years, just a bit ahead of schedule due to her fairly sharp mind, Subaru found that her most significant hurdle was the fact that she had inherited an inner hollow from her mother. It looked like her at a glance, certainly, but she didn’t think it was much like her at all. It was a cold, calculating, and above all dangerous entity, which loathed all life and only wished to see everything burn to the ground. Subaru, thankfully, was far too pleasant a woman to be swayed by something like that, and with her mother’s assistance she has kept her inner hollow thoroughly in check.

Shortly afterward, Subaru’s naturally affectionate nature led her into a situation where she found herself carrying a child. Some might have been despondent at the idea of raising a child without a father, but Subaru was wholly unconcerned with it, and in time she gave birth to twin daughters, Ruri and Eri, that were the darlings of the Kuroji household. The same situation eventually repeated itself, with the younger twins named Hina and Ana. They received every bit the same love as their older sisters, and were unilaterally not used as ruthless killing machines and extensions of their mother’s will.

That would be awful. Subaru would hate that.


○ Smarts: A natural intellectual, Subaru is very good at inventing new things on the spot, though obviously she needs the resources to actually make them.

○ Empathy: Through her exceptional compassion and understanding for others, Subaru is very good at reading people, and tends to understand exactly what she needs to help them at any given moment. She’s just really kind like that.


○ Zanpakutо̄ Name: Butoumaru (武当丸, lit. “Warrior’s Strike”)

○ Zanpakutо̄ Spirit Appearance: Imagine a really big white snake. That’s pretty much it.

○ Inner World: The inner world of Butoumaru takes the form of a large store that seems to sell only weapons.

○ Zanpakutо̄ Appearance: While sealed, Butoumaru takes the form of a notably longer than average katana, but is otherwise fairly unremarkable.

○ Sealed Zanpakutо̄ Power: Butoumaru has no sealed powers.


○ Shikai Release Phrase: "Enter, Butoumaru." (入る, 武当丸. “Hairu, Butoumaru.”)

○ Shikai Release Action: Butoumaru has no especially impressive release action, simply transforming when its release is spoken. Upon doing so, the blade shifts in form significantly, becoming a 9mm handgun.

○ Shikai Abilities: It shoots bullets. It is a handgun that shoots bullets that hurt like getting hit by a shikai. Try not to let those hit you.


○ Bankai Name: Touchaku Butou Sanjuuroppou (到着武当三六房, lit. “Arrival of the Warrior’s Strike: 36 Rooms”)

○ Bankai Release Action: Subaru simply states “bankai.” She doesn’t do anything cool or special, because you don’t have to.

○ Bankai Abilities: The form of the bankai returns to that of a katana, and Subaru gains a wide bevy of techniques. They will not be explained in any detail, but their names are as follows:
1. 訴奻 Sodan, "Quarrel-Bringer"
2. 暗人恥 Anjinbaji, "Shadowed Man's Disgrace"
3. 部族先頭 Buzoku Sentou, "Tribal Vanguard"
4. 武当七房 Butou Shichibou, "Warrior's Strike: 7th Room"
5. 不明簡単 Fumei Kantan, "Uncertain Simplicity"
6. 謎武将棋 Meibushougi, "Enigmatic Martial Shogi"
7. 毅然武当派 Gizen Butouha, "Undaunted Warrior's Strike Sect"
8. 天下金財 Tenka Saigon, "Gold's Authority Under Heaven"
9. 人式 Ninshiki, "Human Style"
10. 喉外装 Kougaisou, "Throat Armor"
11. 嗚咽 Oetsu, "Weeping"
12. 武当七房二部 Butou Shichibou Nibu, "Warrior's Strike: 7th Room, 2nd Part"
13. 終 Owari, "End"


○ Hollow Name: Shoumensei (精面殺)

○ Hollow Appearance:

Kuroji Subaru [What-If Claudia] F3ymBRC

○ Hollow Personality: An absolute sociopath in every possible sense of the world, and manipulative down to her very core. Shoumensei is the absolute worst possible person that Subaru could ever be–so it’s a really good thing Subaru didn’t turn out like that, huh?

○ Hollow Abilities: She cuts a deal like you wouldn’t believe.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Beginner
  • Hollow Control: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Adept

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