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Basic Information
» Name: Igendai Sararīman
» Alias: Director of Sales

» Age: 34 (Since Third Birth), 2,457 (Since Second Birth), 10,420,105 (Since First Birth)
» Birthday: 12/25
» Gender: Male
» Race: Upper Management

» Affiliation: Banchokai Investments

» Marital Status: Married to his Hobbeys
» Sexuality: Straight.
» Religion: Worships Yūkei Yamada
» Ideal Mate (Public): Yumeko Jabami
» Ideal Mate (Secretly): Kai Rhodan
» Ideal Mate (Intellectual): Vaporeon
» Ideal Mate (Subliminal): Rouge the Bat
» Ideal Mate (Primal): Abalia Kyoraku

威厳 - 大 サラリーマン FOOL__astolfo_fate_and_2_more_drawn_by_kerorira__3cdbd532b10bcecd04db16ba0fa0418e

I. Personality

» Personality:

Igen greatly enjoys his job as Upper Management in an investment firm. While calling it a 'Firm' may be a bit questionable. Can you REALLY call an investment company spawned from a night out with the boys playing gay chicken and beer pong a 'Firm'? No, you call that a limp, soggy remnant of a bar fight, three ruined friendships, and a drunken vow that you and your bestie would become more successful than those jerks ever would be. Before they knew it, Igendai and Kyonya took a sizeable loan leveraging the financial value of Igeni's Beanie Babie collection as leverage and the rest was history. Now Igen finds himself reading market projection articles in his free time and handling the sorority-level gossip spilling out of their Middle Management.

His latest fixation is on Textile Companies, particularly a promising company called Teijin.

Outside of his work , Igendai enjoys a solitary and quiet life. He does his work so that he can head home and enjoy his TRUE passion: Secretly developing his own Indie Game: Starcraft. While his best friend Kyoku at times bullies him and insists that Starcraft will forever drown in obscurity, Igendai still takes time out of his evenings to do a little more work on his own little pet project.

I. History

Igen was born the same way all Salarymen are born: Thrice.

Second Birth
He was first born in a small rural hospital in Nekoneko, Japan. He had nothing special about him. No identity. No purpose. He was but a little babe in a big big world, armed with nothing but a delicate bone structure and a best friend: Kyotsu whom despite being born exactly 469 seconds after Igendai, was still his very best friend from the moment they shared their first Gin and Tonic in the Josan-sho they were born in. Though they were far too young to be drinking, and had not yet developed a sufficient frontal cortex to understand WHY they were best friends, they both knew that they were destined to stick together forever.

In pre-school Igen and Kyohan began to develop what would later be identified by Igen's psychiatrist as: Early-onset Sociopathy. Unlike the other toddlers among them, only Igen and Kyotenks had developed a sense of group mentality and as such performed well above their peers. Developing advanced motor skills and problem-solving abilities, Igen and Kyotama found that by herding their fellow pre-schoolers into a closet or in some tucked-away corner of the room, they could cause their teacher to have a mild panic attack. And when she finally found them, she would be so relieved at having avoided explaining why 36 pre-schoolers were missing, she would abstain from assigning them their daily times tables. This however, only worked the first 365 times and eventually their teacher began to develop paranoia. She KNEW, these little shits were intentionally fucking with her, but each and every time that she brought this up to the Principle, she was reminded that they were Pre-schoolers and thus incapable of gaslighting.

This continued for One Thousand, Nine hundred and Ninety Four years, until eventually heir Teacher went insane, lost all of her hair, and decided to quit her job as a teacher. It was at this point that Mrs. Akari decided to become an explorer and enlisted to join an expedition to Antartica. There she met and began to fall in love with a man named Romani Archaman, the main financier and Coordinator for the expedition itself. Together, the two of them led their team to dig deep into the ice, following a Heat Bloom that had been picked up by Romani's Company Satellites. This heat bloom was found several hundred meters beneath the surface of the ice and seemed tou outline a sort of pyramid structure with features that seem to have features of Egyptian, Mesoamerican, and even Martian Pyramids. Meaning that it could have been one of the first pyramids ever born before it's ancestors diverged and produced offspring that would evolve to become modern pyramids.

It was at the heart of this Pyramid that Romani and Miss Akari found the greatest, and last discovery of the human race: Bigger Igen. Seeing a large, fully grown version of her own Pre-school Student was beyond jarring for Mrs. Akari, but there he was. Perfectly preserved in Ice with a broom lodged perfectly within his sleeping frozen chest. It was Romani who suggested removing the broom. He had no idea what he was doing. Mrs. Akari pleaded with him to leave it as is, knowing the evil of Little Igen and his friend Kyochigo. But Romani felt ....compelled. Something seemed destined about this encounter, and so, grasping the handle of the broom, he removed it from Bigger Igen's chest.

In an instant, the entire population of the earth was eliminated. All 5 billion souls were forced to roll a Dexterity Check against Bigger Igen and lost, for 10 billion Souls lie dormany within his own body. This Event would later be called the Second Birth, as each soul on earth, having failed the Dexterity Check, lost their physical form, their human bodies being degraded into Kishi dust while their souls were promptly absorbed into Bigger Igen.

Only two humans had succeeded in their rolls: Smallest Igen and Kyonuyasha. As the entire planet was reduced to a fine soul slushy, they alone stood on the blood-red surface of the planet, watching as Bigger Igen's eyes slowly opened. It was a beast unlike any other, without any sense of self or mind. It's giant eyes staring down at them, waiting for them to decide the new shape of the world. Kyoryu stated that they should make a world for only the manliest of men. One where one's willpower and determination would give one power while those content with small, meager lives could fall in line, making way for those with purpose and charisma to shape the world.
However, Tiny Igen argued that that sounded a little too Niche and that people would never really catch onto a story like that, no matter how good it was, and that other more successful mecha franchises would dominate the market's attention, leaving Kyogetsu's world as a small niche series that only a few people would really pay any attention to.

And so, in his infinite wisdom Less Big Igen chose the new form of the world.

Third Birth

Taking it's new primordial form, humanity was afforded a soft reset. In this new world, things were simpler. While there existed grassy plains and expansive cities, the vast majority of the planet consisted of vast wastelands. This big, mainly empty world had small clustered nodes of society which had advanced to the point of building large Garrison Under New Darksol Armored Mech platforms. These large Mechanized constructs were used in order to deliver food to people throughout the wastelands, primarily in an industrially produced form of superfood: Pizza. Containing all four basic food groups in a single package, Pizza Delivery G.U.N.D.A.M.S. were used to bring nourishment to those unlucky enough to live in the wastelands. Fighting demons along the way. In this world, Igen and Kyora Yamato were a team. Igen serving as the mechanic for Kyora's mechanized pizza delivery platform, while Kyora piloted the machine. Throughout all of the world, the pair were known as Los Homos, meaning 'Twin Kings of the Dying Wastelands' in the Ancient Tongue.

However, the greatest threat that threatened this wasteland was a small group of Anti-Pizza radicalists that called themselves SIN. Led by eight powerful pilots, this group despised the use of Pizza as a delivery system for Nourishment and thus created their own Radical Anti-pizza Vehicle intErception uNits. Also known as RAVENS. Unlike GUNDAMS, these RAVENS were created using a special material called Pink Strand. A sort of ancient fiber supposedly harvested from a primordial being. These fibers gave the RAVENS incredible abilities and as such, despite being such a small group, SIN soon began to take over much of the planet as many GUNDAM units could not handle a single RAVEN. That is, with the exception of Los Homos. Breaking through RAVEN lines, Igen and Kyo Ketchum succeeded not only in slaying seven of the RAVENs, but also managed to chase the Last RAVEN all the way to Antartica to the SIN home base.

It was there that they discovered the source of the Pink Strand used to create RAVENs.

Medium Igen. An enormous shell of a body left behind after the Second Birth. Although outmatched, the Last RAVEN explained that Pizza was an affront to Medium Igen, and deduced that the only means of attaining world peace was through it's erradication. After a long battle on the Primordial Shell's thighs, Los Homos eventually defeated the Last RAVEN. But he had one last trick up his sleeve: Fusing his damaged RAVEN with Medium Igen, and thus triggering the start of Third Birth. Intending to create a world without the Existence of Pizza. But this was not something Igen and Kyorahara could allow. And so, with their combined strength, they managed to stop the Third Birth from fully actualizing, defeating the fused Raven Igen and saving the world.

Or so they Thought.

Third Birth

Despite their triumph over the Last RAVEN, more than 60% of the world's population had been lost during the Third Birth. Specifically all of the males, leaving the world entirely populated by women, and of course Igen and Kyokoro. Following this devastation, massive changes had to be made, as over half of the planet was now a boiling red sea of negative energy. There was only one place to escape this ever-encroaching hellscape: Space.

What remained of humanity escaped to the Moon, creating a new nation called Luna. It was on this new world of Luna that mankind began to terraform the moon. Eventually, after several years they perfected this process until the Moon was now a smaller replica of Earth, though thanks to it's diminished size, many of the continents had to be cut from the surface and so the only continents from earth that made it onto Luna were Japan and America.

Life eventually reached a stable point. With everything terraformed and with the smoldering crimson wastes of earth bubbling up in the Luna sky, humanity really had everything it would ever want. Technology developed to the point where aging no longer occurred, and as such there was no need for reproduction. As such, despite being the only Males on the new world, Kyollen and Igen were left mostly to their own devices. They lived simple, happy lives until eventually they started an Investment Firm called Banchokai after one particularly drunken night on the town.

But even so, Igen still finds himself looking up to the bright red reminder of his past in the sky, and wondering if things could not have turned out different.

I. Natural Abilities

Financially Responsible
Igen is actually quite good with money, and being Upper Management of an Investment Firm has only sharpened his skill with the yen. IN addition to receiving a natural 15% increase to investment returns, Igen also gains a bonus level to his Martial Skill when wielding a form of currency.

Management Genius
Igen is very good at managing other people, and as such whenever he gives an order to someone, they receive +5 to their intelligence and charisma so long as they follow his orders. Their Armor class gains a bonus of 15 and they can move an extra 7 kilometers per turn. This bonus doubles during friday but is halved on mondays.

Additionally, when Igen strikes one of his workers, he gains a 50% bonus when negotiating with the police and a +150 AC during Court Proceedings and Sentencing. Any criminal sentence rendered for Igen will be reduced to 5 hours of community service at the local Femboy Hooters (of which he is the sole employee). Igen loses access to this ability if he at any point is no longer Single.

Very Trendy
Igen's fashion sense is, as the youth would put it: 'On fleek'. Any clothing that igen wears gains a +10 to attractiveness, with a bonus +45 attractiveness specific to his best friend Kyomi Usagiyama. This bonus is tripled when he wears any garments designed for women, but only on the weekends. Any opponents that see him decked out in a full outfit with matching pieces is hit with the "Ohmaygah" debuff.

Each post that a target has this debuff, their vision is reduced to a 3 meter bubble around them, with the exception of Igen who will always be visible to them.Additionally, they will take psychic damage equal to being hit with a Master Cero each post that they fail to maintain visual contact with Igen. This debuff lasts up to 4 posts. Individuals with Adept or higher willpower will only be debuffed for 2 posts, while individuals Elite or higher Willpower will suffer this debuff for 36 posts (This overrides the post reduction for having Adept or Higher). Individuals with Grand Master Willpower are not affected by this debuff, but instead will simply be Infatuated and cannot deny any request made by igen.

Individuals with Advanced or lower Durability will suffer 3rd degree burns on their palms as they clench them fiercely out of jealousy of Igen's fashion sense.
Individuals with Master or higher Durability are not affected by Igen as they are not allowed outside of their play pen and are too busy eating crayons to notice Igen's presence.

Primordial Being
Oh yea and he also used to be some kinda progenitor thing. This does not give him any extra abilities.

I. Kill Mode

This is Igen's only released form and gives Igen access to his most powerful ability: Apocalypse. A level 5 spell which rains fire on a 40,000,000 meter radius and burns targets for 5 posts after the initial spellcast. Little is known about what this spell does or why it is so devastating, but survivors of the spell report seeing an angry Red-haired demon shortly before everything turns to fire. Many thus speculate that this is not in fact Igen's ability, but rather the ability of some guardian force that protects him. Those people are generally regarded as idiots and banished from civilized conversations around the subject.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Business Sense: Grandmaster
» Gameplay: 10/10
» Charm: Monster Energy Drink
» Influence: 6 billion yen a year

Gamer Skills
» Willpower: Elite
» Armor Class: 13
» Cleanliness: Level 3 Skill

Combat Skills
» Power Level: 15, 000, 000, 000 (Number of souls)
» Zodiac Sign: Advanced
» Movement Speed: 3
» Favored Enemy: Girls who are into feminine guys.


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