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Sat Apr 01, 2023 1:14 pm
Amaranta Mi Armor Valerie[April Fool Submission]  Kd3a4gt


Basic Information

○ Name:Amaranta Mi Amor "Tradwife" Valerie
○ Aliases:
▕ Tradwife
▕ Submissive Fire Kitty
▕ UwU
▕ Rawr <3 :3 >w< Kyaahhhh~
▕ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~
○ Age:Never ask a housewife for her age, foul cretin.
○ Birthday:Valentine's Day. <3 <3 <3
○ Gender:Housewife.
○ Race:Sumisa

○ Affiliation:The Kitchen
○ Marital Status:Happily Married to Husband-Kun. He's really cute and huggable. Best Husband 4ever. (˶^ з^(〃‿〃♡)
○ Nationality:The House
○ Ideal Mate:My Husband (ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)
○ Sexual Orientation:Housewife

○ Height:6"4
○ Hair Color:Blue, teehee~
○ Eye Color:(*^ ‿ <*)♡

○ Aspect of Love:Absolute Subservience
○ Estigma:Heart Shaped Symbol where my chest is.
○ Former Hollow Type:Adjuchamunga
○ Hollow Hole:Lewd (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
○ Mask Fragment:Fragments of my heart, that exist everywhere.

Amaranta Mi Armor Valerie[April Fool Submission]  FXT7zEB

Psychological Analysis

There are strong women, and then there are the superior tradwives. Amaranta Mi Amor Valerie unwaveringly supports the latter. Nothing fills her heart with a greater joy than becoming the best housewife in existence. Strength is ugly, and being a really strong cat lady is exhausting work. The greatest gift in the world is to be a top-tier housewife who tends to her duties while the glorious Husband-Kun is working his nine-to-five job. Submission is the name of the game, and when he comes home, you best believe our glorious Amaranta Mi Amor Valerie will be there to welcome him with open arms, loving headpats, wuving kissies, and free lap rests for break. Like, who wants to get strong when you can be the best sub the entire land has ever known? She supports absolute subservience, but oddly enough, she doesn't welcome the mighty types. They scawy. Amaranta Mi Armor Valerie just wants to love the normal types who radiate pristine husband energy. Strwonk but caring, the type of man she can raise a family with and love till the end of time.


Husband-Kun: Husband-kun is life, husband-kun is love. Husband-Kun makes me my tummy go a lil "uwu" and a lil "Kyaa~ (´ε` )♡". Without husband-Kun, Amaranta Mi Amor Valerie wouldn't really know what to do with herself.

The Kittens~!: Her pride and joy apart from Husband-Kun. Her precious kittens give her life. They make her life as a tradwife x100000 enjoyable than anything else. They were the result of her loving union with Husband-Kun. And she will not stand for seeing any of them hurt. Mommy won't let anyone hurt her precious kittens. ★~(◡ω◡✿)


What once began as a cub hollow who wanted to think she was hot shit and wanting to be ugly and strong and unsightly eventually ended in her being hit by the "The Love" beam by the goat, PePe Waccabrada. Once that beam hit her, she had discovered her true purpose in life. To be the best housewife that ever lived. But no one would dare go marrying a hollow cub, so you know, she had to remove her mask when the time was right. After that, the rest was history. She married Husband-Kun, had her beloved kittens, and ended up spending her days learning how to cook, and learning the best tools a housewife could learn until she went down in history as the greatest loving housewife that ever lived. She also learned how to Ara-Ara really good.


○ UwU Cero:Cero with the power of UwU. Debuffs enemy upon contact. They usually end up wanting to learn the art of proper housewife etiquette to for some reason.

○ Nya Cero~!:Cat Cero. Those hit with Nya Cero will just end up wanting to meow and be a good kitty, you know? No need for combat. Just love and good vibes.

○ Pyun-Pyun Cero~!:Pyun~Pyun~

○ Gran Rey Ara Ara Cero~!:One of her ultimate cero. She manipulates the air around her to echo out a super strong Ara Ara noise that makes both male and female react strangely. They find themselves calmed and wanting to lay in Mi amor's lap.... and she simply lets them.

○ Ara Ara Oscuras~!:See above technique, but x100000 greater.


○ Zanpakuto Name:Ama De Casa("Housewife")

○ Zanpakuto Appearance:My Maid Outfit.

○ Zanpakuto Sealed Power:Flames of Love (*≧∀≦*)


○ Resurreccion Name:Sumisa Leona("Submissive Lion")

○ Release Phrase:I'm at my greatest when I'm in the house, Sumisa Leona!

○ Resurreccion Appearance:The outfit of a true, top-tier Tradwife, duh~

○ Resurreccion Abilities:Make it so that it reverts any given space to its original form, forcibly re-sealing Zanpakuto, healing all combatants, and cleaning any collateral damage

○ Way Of The Housewife:: Her ultimate ability, representing the epitome of love and peace in it's most unrestrained form. Love shall not be denied, submission shall not be overcome. When she whips this bad boy out, everyone has to just deal with it, you know? Now, this ability is pretty simple. You want to start fighting? Nope. You want to start making a mess everywhere? Kitty Mommy won't have it. She just won't~! She will revert any given space back to its original form. forcibly re-sealing zanpakuto, Quincy skillz, and any other abilities. Also, all collateral damage is cleaned away with assistance from her precious kittens.


General Skills
  • UwU:Grandmaster
  • Absolute Subservience:The Secret Skill, EXMaster
  • Strength:Ew. Why?
  • Martial Skill:I'm going to puke. No, really I am.

Arrancar Skills
  • Love Nucleus:Grandmaster
  • Tradwife:Grandmaster
  • Love Cero:Grandmaster
  • Sonido:You don't run from love. You embrace it.

Will Skills
  • Willpower:Huh? What's that? I'm untrained.
  • Mental Deduction:Grandmaster
  • Focus:Top-tier. You have to be to be a good Housewife.

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