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Which April Fool is the Most Foolish?

0 - 0%
1 - 13%
2 - 25%
0 - 0%
1 - 13%
1 - 13%
0 - 0%
1 - 13%
1 - 13%
1 - 13%
Total Votes: 8
Poll closed
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April Fool's 2023 Vote Empty April Fool's 2023 Vote

Mon Apr 03, 2023 7:19 am
Happy post-April Fool's everybody. We had some good turnout this year, so now it's time to run the vote and find out who is the April Fool. All entries are given below:

Soul King Chad (Both Arms)

Sir Nigel Archibald Thornberry, KBE

Loverboy Kenpachi

Inanna (Another)

Kuroji Subaru (What-If Claudia

Igendai Sarariman

2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Ook Ook

Amaranta Mi Amor Valeria

Anastasia Alexandra Eisfluch
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