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Tue May 02, 2023 10:03 pm

The Sakutaiso (索逮組, lit. "Inquiry and Apprehension Group") serve as the police force of each individual district in the Rukongai. While they are not members of the Gotei, they do receive training and some funding from the Gotei's 6th Division to prevent any issues that might arise from lack of oversight. Each branch of the Sakutaiso operates exclusively within their specific district, and as such, it is exceptionally uncommon to find any Sakutaiso forces engaging in cross-district combat or large-scale work, though of course crimes that cross district borders will involve multiple Sakutaiso branches.

Sakutaiso members are, generally speaking, only moderately more impressive than the typical inhabitant of the Rukongai, but their organizational structure, training, and equipment makes them still worthwhile as peacekeepers. The average Sakutaiso member shouldn't be assumed to have any special abilities, and is only more threatening than a completely normal spirit by way of their combat training.

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