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Sun May 07, 2023 7:31 pm



» Name: Daiyu Feng
» Titles: Tiger Cub, Xiao Laohu
» Age: 102
» Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Pansexual
» Affiliation/Rank: Gotei United, Fifth Division / Eighth Seat

» Height: 5'2 ft / 158 cm
» Weight: 103lbs / 46kg
» Face Claim: Linn by Sam Yang


When it comes to hobbies, Daiyu is a bit of a busy body. With physical activities as her common medium of expression, and nature as her passion, she spends a great deal of time outside, always doing something with herself. Whether it's in practicing her forms, making a luxurious hammock--not to lay in, but in the spirit of craftsmanship, or even just marking down the various wildlife in her notebook.

Daiyu has always been sensitive to sound. As a child, she mimicked everything she heard. Her eyes always wandered around, looking for the source of the distinctive ringing of the rain pelting a hollow stone, or the chirping of a particularly vocal bird. Perhaps that was the initialisation to her fascination with the outside, and why Daiyu develpoed the habit of singing to herself, lost in thought or task, or just to enjoy herself. At times, she would sing for or around those close to her, but she feels shy about doing so too publicly.

What she isn't shy about is her membership in the Feng Clan. She holds her head high and proud, not necessarily to be a member of nobility, or to be in close relationship with the Shihouin--none of the markers of 'status', so to speak. It's more that she finds pride in her relationship with her family, the people she grew up around all her life that taught her everything she now knows. With a great deal of admiration for many of them, it fills her heart with dignity to know she shares their blood.

As such, she's a serious person when it comes to her work. It's not just as the pride of a worker, a craftswoman, but to fill what she finds to be spectacularly large shoes. It's a sort of size that can be daunting at times, and even discouraging. It's for that reason that, while she takes work seriously, perhaps contradictory, Daiyu has little motivation in pushing the boundaries of the Feng name. It's a big task and commitemnt of authority and responsibility to set her eyes that high. It's easier to start at the small things first, maybe start with pushing the boundaries of "Daiyu" first--whatever that really means.


Working in the 5th Division was enjoyable, in some own morbid way. The work was demanding, the missions often cruel, but there was always a purpose to it. Of course, it wasn't in her job descript to always know what the purpose was, and sometimes it was for a cause Daiyu didn't always agree with--but that wasn't of too great concern for her. There were a lot of things to worry about, and minimising the number as much as possible was a key to good living.

That's what Daiyu learned from her father; not directly taught, just something she observed of him in the way he carried himself. To her, it seemed a stark contrast from Sui Feng, who mentored her and the other clansmen of her generation.

Sui Feng, or Shaoling, made considerable efforts into uplifting the degree of competence in her clan. Her own, impossibly high standards, were applied to all of them. It was a daunting pressure that felt stifling, though admittedly highly effective. Without it, Daiyu certainly would've met the same fate as her elder generations in their first few missions. That much made her appreciate the teachings, no matter how rigorous.

Besides, no matter how rigorous Shaoling's training could be, nothing could ever totally prepare her for the real deal. Though the onmitsukido previously dealt primarily with domestic issues, the evolution of the world demanded their presence on Earth.

As a bonafide member of the Feng clan, in service to the Shihouin, Daiyu mostly remained in the Soul Society to operate as their hands and feet--but if the noble clan personally required something done on Earth, on a matter requiring trust or confidentiality, who else to send but the Feng?

Earth represented far greater danger to Daiyu than perhaps the average Shinigami or Division mate, as it was largely expressly under greater duress than most other missions. It caused Daiyu to both fear and revere the Realm of the Living as a sort of wilderness, an area with unparalleled freedom and danger together.

In contrast, there was comfort--but confinement--in Soul Society. It was a binary Daiyu didn't know what to make of. Daiyu desired the freeness of the Living Realm, but not to the point of sacrificing things for it. Maybe that meant she was weak-willed, or lacked conviction. Still, that was a lot to think about; a part of freedom meant being free in spirit too, right? These thoughts could surely be left to some other time.


Weapon Versatility: Per the training of the Feng Clan and her own expansive interest, Daiyu has learned to competently fight with a wide variety of weapons. Though she hasn't established a particular mastery over any one of them, her personal preference has her gravitating towards using different types of bows, katanas, and throwing weapons.

Craftsmanship: A hobby of her own accord, most of the weapons Daiyu uses are ones she made herself. Proper care of weapons were key to their reliability, and these tenets of care were beaten into her and her clansmen. This attention to the detailed crafts of their weapons turned out surprisingly enjoyable for her, and ever since a young age she's pushed herself beyond care of her weapons, and instead creation of them. When Daiyu is left on stand-by for a potential mission, it's often that she can be found in the smithies on Feng grounds.

Crushing Techniques: Even when weapons aren't available to her, Daiyu is perfectly capable of hand to hand combat. Her preference is to using techniques that crush the target, whether in her grip, or by executing strikes and grapples with explosive, dominating power. It's her belief that, if you have to make a fight go loud, then there's no point in holding back--go loud and end things as quickly as possible.


» Zanpakuto Name: 福树道 - (Dào Fúshù), The Guiding Tree. Daiyu calls it Haitun as a nickname.

» Zanpakuto Spirit: Dao Fushu is an optimistic but rigid person. With a masculine voice, he remains steadfast in any direction or belief, and is extremely strict in her tenets and self-made, borderline arbitrary rules. Daiyu can't really get a full grasp on all his beliefs. Some are odd, like a very precise ordering to laying out tree branches, and great deal of attention to how many windows are open in a room. It's enough that he points them out and makes complains while Daiyu is simply going about her day.

Dao Fushu is also wildly optimistic, perhaps to a fault. Nothing could go totally wrong to him. It all eventually turns out okay, there must be some upside to the situation, and there is always a lesson to be learned. It's a sort of positivity that comes off toxic in its own sense, and he very much is dismissive to how Daiyu might feel even in darker moments. He's not one to validate any of her feelings if it's in contrast to his beliefs. Truly a troublesome spirit with a clashing personality.

» Inner World: Daiyu's inner world is a colourful collage of greenery scattered across an empty, eerily silent traditional town sitting on the bank of a body of calm water, like a floating city. The town is vibrant and blemishless. Multiple statues stand in assorted poses all around, in lieu of any actual people. Far in an unreachable distance are huge snow capped mountains, with their shadows imposing over the town. Behind them is a blue sun so large--or close--it encompasses the entire view if you look in its direction. Strangely, it isn't blinding, but instead a dull, soft light. The sky all around, rather than blue, holds various shades and hues of orange.

» Sealed Appearance: Fushu takes the appearance of two weapons; one is a katana with a white hilt with a normal steel blade; the other is a wakizashi with a black blade.


» Shikai Release Phrase: I am to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, and all will know: as it is told, Dao Fushu.

» Shikai Appearance: By intention, many may mistake the form of Dao Fushu in Shikai to be the same katana and wazizashi combo as it is in the sealed state, but the true form of the zanpakuto is the physical manifestation of the spirit, into a large avatar of sorts.

» Shikai Abilities: Dao Fushu as a large avatar mimics Daiyu's movements, with significantly amplified speed and force to match its size, fifteen times the size of the girl herself. There are minor movements that Dao Fushu can do on their own, whether to stop, hide elsewhere, or step into the darkness, but Dao Fushu cannot be totally autonomous. The stronger Daiyu's spiritual energy grows, or the stronger her bond with Dao Fushu grows, the greater the strength and size Dao Fushu's avatar may exhibit.

Summoning: Dao Fushu can step backwards, with its form slowly disappearing into nothing. Behind it are ripples in mid-air, as if the avatar was sinking behind the surface of water, except there's nothing there. This can be done while Daiyu maintains her shikai state. When Fushu vanishes into nothing, no other shikai abilities can be used, but the overall increase in personal strength and spiritual energy for shikai remains.

Summoning - Weapons: Dao Fushu can do the same rippling water effect and pull weapons out from nothing, in proportionate size, weight, and durability as the weapons Daiyu holds in her hand, with other spiritual weapons, zanpakuto, etc. as an exemption.

太陽和鋼鐵 (Tàiyáng Hé Gāngtiě) - Sun and Steel: The first of Dao Fushu's actual techniques. Daiyu readies her blade, with the flat reflecting many rays of light of the sun--the same for Fushu's avatar and their own blade. Daiyu performs sword dances that allow the rays of light to dance around her and the avatar. The surfaces that the rays land on are extensions of her blade. The cuts do not manifest if the light is once more reflected.

海與煙 (Hǎi Yǔ Yān) - Sea and Smoke: Daiyu and her avatar assume a low stance, and in a one-handed swing of their swords, a great gust of wind is summoned, bringing about a grey mist that covers the surroundings. Daiyu's figure vanishes in the mist, and a powerful force slows down the movement of everything the mist touches. The mist is astoundingly heavy and tenacious, sticking to the surfaces of all it touches, weighing them down and also refusing to let go unless under a great amount of repelling force. Daiyu only remains hidden when within the mist.

灰與塵 (Huī Yǔ Chén) - Ash and Dust: Daiyu knows of a third technique her Shikai is able to use, but she does not know the details on it. While the other two techniques are ones she intuitively understood upon unlocking shikai, under Haitun's guidance, Ash and Dust remains in the dark.


Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kido: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept

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[Spirit Class  | Hazard Rank ] Daiyu Feng Empty Re: [Spirit Class | Hazard Rank ] Daiyu Feng

Sun May 28, 2023 9:20 pm
The character's history doesn't really function as a history, it reads more like a summary that's a bit hard to follow. It doesn't give me much idea of her life outside of a few details, and it reads like it jumps all over the place instead of being a linear organization of noteworthy events in her life. Therefore, i'm going to have to ask you to rewrite this with all of that in mind before I can progress with grading it. Also, she would have started in 2nd, Stealth Division didn't get moved to 5th until the Gotei United formed, which was after Demon Incursion around 2114.

The caliber of this release is far more on par with a Bankai than a Shikai. It creates a gigantic avatar, said avatar having amplified qualities, summon it's own weapons, and do techniques in conjunction with Daiyu. It's a lot, this is more than even Komamura's Bankai, so just dial back the extent of it's capabilities and scale. Making the avatar the same size as her would be start.
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