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Sat May 27, 2023 12:51 am

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Igendai Gyakusuma
» Character Application:

» Upgrade Details:

Spirit Class: 7 -> 5

Racial Abilities:

Shunkō (瞬閧, Flash War Cry):

Igen has developed his very own version of this technique. By circulating Kido through and around his body, he is capable of armoring his body and augmenting his strikes with explosive bursts of Reiryoku.

Igen’s innate Shunkō element is Ice, and while the Shunko itself manifests as billowing plumes of deep pink Reiryoku which can be mistaken for flames, these bursts of energy rapidly drop temperatures and can erupt into massive bursts of ice.

Because of Igen’s incredibly low-profile Shikai and lacking expenditure of energy toward the use of his Zanpaku’to constantly, rather it is Shunko that represents Igen’s ability to boost his capabilities. Relying on the Ability in order to generate the sort of explosive boost in capabilities that befits a Shinigami, while in Shunko, Igen experiences a 600% boost in his abilities (This increases by an additional 150% for each level above Advanced that his Hakuda and Kido reach, capping at 1200% with a combination of 4 levels above advanced between skills (Ex: 1 gm and 1 elite, or 2 Masters).

Zanpaku'to abilities:

Old Divine King Seal Ability:

New Divine King Yin Seal Ability:

New Ability:

» Supporting Material:

Igendai has long since had the skills to pay the bills. Both incredibly High Zanjutsu as well as Hakuda/Kido, but the general lack of experience and newness to these abilities held him back from having a fully mature Shikai, or from properly developing Shunko. But having had the time to grow and fight and push his own abilities, as well as bond with his Zanpaku'to, Igen has demonstrated extensive use of both his Constant Shikai, his Numerous endeavors to learn Shunko, and a general pattern of personal growth.

Zanpaku'to Exp:

Shunko Exp:

Shunko+ Zanpakuto EXP:

I. Hazard Rating Information

» Power: C

» Influence: C

» Resources: C

» In-Character Summary:
Igen has grown CONSIDERABLY as a person as well as a member of the Gotei. Having secured his position as Co-third Seat of the First Division and having experienced a considerable personal growth as a shinigami, he has become if nothing else: Fairly hazardous.

I. Additional Information

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