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Sat Jun 03, 2023 11:59 am
[Spirit Class 5] Klein Schwarzwotan IcTxaK2

Basic Information

○ Name: Klein Schwarzwotan
○ Alias:
-King of the Mist
-Lascivious Cretin
○ Age: 144
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Arrancar (Cazador)

○ Affiliation:
-Works with Safira

○ Marital Status: Always looking.
○ Nationality: Hueco Mundo
○ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
○ Ideal Type: Tall, Strong, and Milkable
○ Special Skill: Always wins at Old Maid.

○ Height: 6’2"
○ Weight: Lithe
○ Hair Colour: Platinum Blonde
○ Eye Colour: Purple/Gold

○ Aspect of Death: Deprivation.
○ Estigma: Corners of eyes.
○ Former Hollow Type: Adjuchas
○ Hollow Hole: Stomach.
○ Mask Fragment: Fangs over canines.

[Spirit Class 5] Klein Schwarzwotan DPA6tWA

Psychological Analysis

A wretched and thoroughly unpleasant person, through and through. Klein is petty, spiteful, and above all, selfish, with little regard for the people around him in nearly all respects. He sees himself as above others, not out of any innate disdain, but just because he thinks so overwhelmingly highly of himself. If they provide some significant worth, then he might see them more akin to a useful underling, but he will certainly never consider them his equal.

Despite his thoroughly unpleasant nature, however, there is an undeniably childish aspect to Klein’s personality, a part of him which genuinely enjoys playing games and making everything a bit more lighthearted than it should be. He likes to play with his food, as it were, and what most might see as sadistic cruelty, he tends to view just as a way of amusing himself. He isn’t incapable of sympathy, however, and to try and cast him in the light of being a sociopath or something similar would be flatly incorrect. Klein is fully capable of empathizing with others and understanding their emotions; he simply doesn’t care about them most of the time.

Those few who can evoke any genuine care from this man are the women he takes under his wing, and those who could be called “the downtrodden.” After all, even in all his strength, Klein knows well what it’s like to claw upward, to starve and to be desperate. He earnestly enjoys helping those in such positions…assuming they don’t undermine his own ego, of course.


○ Safira Aldrovandi: Klein affiliates with her mostly out of sexual interest, and in many ways she is fundamentally his opposite. Still, that’s in part exactly what he finds so attractive about the woman, though unlike many of the women in his life, Klein doesn’t think she’d ever be worth treating well. A source of employment, and one day an object for his own pleasure, that's all he thinks about her.

○ Amaranta Valeria: She’s strong, and he’s aware that he won’t be keeping her around if he doesn’t regularly put her in line. That fire is a very appealing trait, however, not only because it’s a mark of strength, but because Klein absolutely loves to smother it and remind her of why exactly he’s in charge.

○ Kita Lirio: Klein views Kita as someone that requires his attention and affections, for her own well-being just as much as for Klein’s self-satisfaction. There’s something about her that evokes a more sympathetic side to Klein, and he finds it marginally more difficult to actually be mean to her or put her back in line. Not that he’s incapable of it, of course. He simply balances it out later with more affection.

○ Kanako Hashimoto: Very attractive. Seemingly very simple-minded. That’s what Klein likes in a woman, and he’s willing to play the long game for this one.

○ Sabre Talif: While she’s certainly very attractive, Klein isn’t foolish enough to think that a natural predator like her will so easily fall for his charms and manipulation. He’s playing things more carefully with her than he typically does, even if she’s still wholly on his radar.

○ Tiresia: The most pitiful creature Klein knows, to such a degree that he finds her genuinely sympathetic. He could have modified her or forced her to develop several times over if he felt so inclined, but he prefers to let her be, and while he certainly objectifies her in a way that most people would disapprove of, it’s a comparatively good treatment from Klein.


Countless projects were conceptualized in the laboratories of Szayelaporro Granz, the late Octava Espada. Klein Schwarzwotan was one of these projects, a Hollow created and cultivated with only a single intention; to erase the divide between Quincy and Arrancar, rather than Shinigami and Arrancar. While seeming at a glance to be a more or less impossible task, simply on account of the nature of the races, the basic principle was sound. Lesser Hollows in Hueco Mundo survived not by eating other Hollows, but by drawing in the reishi of the realm itself and sustaining themselves with that alone. Could such an ability not be developed into something greater, refined into true strength?

For that reason, the Cazador project was conceptualized. Many Hollows were thrown into this effort, and few survived the procedures they underwent. Out of them all, only one developed into something worth speaking on, a small specimen which had proven resilient, and had displayed the highest initial ability to absorb ambient reishi of any of the subjects. Not only did he survive, his ability to draw in reishi quickly outpaced his fellow experiments, and soon the small Hollow was starving the others simply with his presence. As a faint little joke with regard to his size, and as a reference to the race being emulated through the Cazador project, the specimen was deemed “Klein,” and the experiments continued.

By all accounts, he was an exceptionally well-developed Hollow, and likely could have grown past Adjuchas with more time and effort on Szayelaporro’s behalf. But the Espada were not destined to last long, and in the wake of their creator’s defeat, the remaining experiments within the Octava Espada’s lab worked to escape. Klein, in particular, didn’t have any desire to remain locked away, and he fled as soon as the coast was clear, to avoid being confronted by any truly powerful Hollows. For a time, he was safe in Hueco Mundo after that. After all, the world around him was relatively empty, and even at the level of Adjuchas, he had been developed in such a way that he did not need to eat other Hollows. But, in time, he felt the call to tear off the mask that covered his face. It was irritating. It was crushing him.

It was keeping him from drawing in the energy he needed.

So, without any hesitation, Klein tore the mask from his face, and it was as though he had taken a deep breath for the first time in his life. The barrier between his own energy and that of the realm outside had been radically cut down. It took barely even a flick of his wrist to feel the energy answer his command, but despite this, there was one thing Klein quickly noted that he was not quite so fond of. He had grown larger. More obvious. The power he amassed was now expressing itself in ways that would certainly draw attention, and if there was one thing he did not like, it was to draw attention to himself. For a while, Klein simply moved from place to place, staying mobile simply so nobody could catch up with him. But an Arrancar, particularly one of decent strength, and unique capability, always drew attention. So he started to fight. He fought, and he fought, and he continued fighting, until every foe that came to him was made into nothing but more sand on the floor of Hueco Mundo.

He didn’t like it. Not because he cared about their lives, but because it was so annoying to deal with. Some of the Arrancar he’d faced had been more tolerable than others; the prettier women, who tried to appease him when they realized they were facing a losing battle. Klein was perfectly willing to keep them around for his company, but it always seemed that they took his calm demeanor as weakness, a sign that he was growing complacent. So he did to them what he always did, and drew out every last speck of reishi, leaving nothing but dust in his wake. A tireless cycle, and one he wasn’t willing to continue encouraging.

So, he decided he was through with it. If he could manipulate energy like that, wouldn’t it be a simple thing to simply get rid of his own, toss it into the ether and regain it later when he wanted it? It made sense to him, and so Klein expelled his own spiritual power, in the process losing much of his physical form. Well, that was fine. This life seemed much more pleasant, not being seen as some sort of role model to aspire to or target to hunt down.

Good timing, too. It seemed some new threat was on the scene of Hueco Mundo. Demons, they called themselves. Did he really care all that much? No, not especially. But they were strong. Their position in Hueco Mundo had been decided by strength, and Klein ingratiated himself into their ranks simply by being slippery. Recon was easy, and he often found himself the only survivor of a hard-fought battle. Many considered his tactics exemplary, but that was entirely because their only account of events was Klein’s own retelling. In fact, he tended to sacrifice his allies on the battlefield at the first sign that he might survive better without them. It wasn’t as if they mattered to him, after all. They weren’t Klein.

But even the demons eventually found themselves pushed out of Hueco Mundo, and when it was clear that their time was coming to a close, Klein did the natural thing, and betrayed them without any hesitation. He slew several who had come to trust him, and immediately went to report this to the Arrancar who had been fighting against their demon oppressors. Klein’s tale of espionage and intrigue, of living within the demon ranks for years while subverting their efforts and taking down their warriors, won him a good deal of trust, particularly as he had, indeed, been directly responsible for many of those deaths. The only question was motive, but that hardly mattered in a war.

Klein was rather content with life after the war. Hueco Mundo was quiet, and it seemed like he wouldn’t need to risk his life any further. But then some new Arrancar showed up on the stage. Bigger, stronger than him by far.

Well, he didn’t want to fight. But, at the same time, he knew he might need to soon. Best to start getting ready, huh?


○ Survival Master: There is perhaps no Arrancar more skilled in fleeing from a fight than Klein, and even before he became an Arrancar, when he was simply a Hollow with a propensity against violence, he cultivated this skill quite aggressively. Klein’s natural inclination in any given conflict is to run away from it, and if he ever willingly engages you in a fight, one should assume that he has at least three plans of escape already in mind. Even if caught off guard, it’s fair to say that Klein is fully ready to flee, no matter what it might cost.

○ Observational Intellect: In much the same way as his spirit is attuned to absorb and manipulate energy around him, Klein’s mind is one that quickly takes in outside information and stimuli and categorizes them for later use, whether that be minor social matters or vital scientific information. He learns extremely quickly, and while typically he uses this for the sake of survivalism or manipulation, the long and short of it is that he is extremely adept at scientific work, as well. Having studied what little is left of Szayelaporro’s laboratory, he’s managed to turn the ruins into a serviceable headquarters for his own studies.

○ Scientific Acumen: While not yet at the same level as his own creator, Klein’s ability to conduct research and experiments is exceptional. His fields of particular expertise are in Hollow development and in spiritual principles, and his work often relates directly to the interactions of not only his own body with spiritual energy, but those who work beneath him as well. In particular, the development of the Rhinemaidens and the Nibelungen are prime examples of his efforts. Despite his focus on Hollows, Klein could certainly branch out into understanding the other races from across the realms if he simply put in the effort.


○ Emergency Kumon Capsule: A testament both to Klein’s intellect and his profound desire to stay alive at any cost, Klein has developed these golf ball sized spheres as a means of escaping nearly any conflict in a pinch. By throwing one at the ground, a kumon is immediately opened beneath the user’s feet, quickly plunging them into Hueco Mundo. Those who are fast enough can simply chase the user through the kumon before it closes, but the ease of use for these makes them well-suited to sharing with others. In theory, they can also be weaponized, throwing the capsule at someone else's feet. A direct assault with this would likely be easy to dodge for any well trained combatant, but Klein is certainly willing to get up close and personal to drop one before a foe can prepare.

○ Reishi Injector: Taking the form of a long, thin golden needle, this tool is in fact hollowed out and filled with intensely concentrated reishi. By stabbing it into a recipient, the injector is capable of providing an emergency dose of spiritual power to a person. While not enough to instantly return them to full fighting capacity, it is generally equivalent to a second wind of sorts, enough to carry them through a close defeat, or allow for an emergency escape using spiritual means if they’ve already drained their reserves. Using one of these injectors sees no ill effects, but the body is not intended to have such extreme amounts of energy repeatedly forced into it. Using this tool more than once will temporarily lower the user's Durability by one level for the remainder of the thread, with further use after Untrained is reached simply killing the user. Those of Master/GM Durability are unaffected, but should reasonably still feel some ill effect or diminishing returns from repeated use.

○ Collapse Grenade: A hollowed out sphere of soul-synthesized gold, the collapse grenade is designed not to unleash a great deal of spiritual energy, but rather the exact opposite. The tool is primed to absorb a high amount of reishi from any given area for later use, and if it is thrown, it will create a zone 10’ across for a single post, within which any spiritual ability which has both a source below Klein’s Mental Deduction and a Spirit Class below his own will be wholly absorbed into the grenade. Due to the difficulty in making such an elaborate tool, as well as the potential power of such a thing, Klein can only use one of these in a thread.

○ Nibelungen: A creation of Klein’s for the purpose of inane and mundane labor, the Nibelungen are small, nearly-mindless Hollows which lack any particular hostile drive. They are designed with an intensive limiter on their strength, in order to prevent them from growing strong enough that they would actually need to eat other Hollows, and so subside entirely on ambient reishi. Their combat ability is non-existent, and while they are strong enough in groups to handle construction efforts and other labor that Klein personally doesn’t wish to do, they can easily be slaughtered en masse by even a modestly trained human.


○ Cazador: Klein is the product of an experiment to radically alter the nature of a Hollow’s evolution into an Arrancar, and as such, he is an extreme abnormality when compared to his fellow Arrancar. Rather than his hollow abilities condensing themselves into a zanpakuto, as is typically the case for Arrancar, Klein’s abilities have instead condensed themselves into a pendant more akin to the Quincy Cross. Much like the Quincy, Klein is also capable of actively and easily absorbing external sources of reishi, fueling his own abilities without needing to tap into his own internal reserves.

However, simply being able to manipulate ambient energy is not the end of Klein’s abilities. Perhaps more dangerous than that is the ability to, with minimal effort, externalize his own energy, and manipulate it outside of his body every bit as easily as if it were still within him. What this means is quite broad, but simply put, Klein does not need to use his own body as the starting point of his abilities. This is the true key to Klein’s success as a survivor; he can always blame someone else, whether by generating a Cero that couldn’t have possibly come from him, or by manifesting his Hierro quite far away from himself to give the impression that he was somewhere else entirely.

○ Mercurio: Klein is capable of imitating the effects of Blut, though to an equally inefficient degree as his ability to absorb outside spiritual energy. While his defensive capabilities are no different from any other Hierro, it is the offensive version of this technique that makes Klein unique. Much like the shifting of Blut from Vene to Arterie, Klein’s Hierro may shift to Mercurio, which gives his blows the might to punch through anything that would otherwise be of the same defensive level as his Hierro. However, unlike Blut, this offensive application of hierro does not actually reinforce Klein’s body in order to withstand these amplified attacks, and a sufficiently improved punch using Mercurio would be entirely capable of destroying Klein’s arm if he put too much power into it.

○ Reconstruction: While Klein already has an edge over the vast majority of Arrancar by being able to regenerate at all, his regeneration is not simply a holdover from his previous days as a Hollow. Rather, Klein’s ability to regenerate is augmented by a process of rebuilding his body using external energy, pulling it into himself and forcing it to become a part of him. Due to this process, Klein's regenerative capabilities are much more dangerous if faced in areas of high reishi density, though of course this is more a matter of speed than the degree of injury he can recover from.

○ Tarnhelm: Perhaps Klein’s most defining ability, arguably even beyond his nature as a Cazador, Tarnhelm allows him to radically disperse his spiritual energy and minimize his actual presence. Upon utilizing Tarnhelm, Klein’s Spirit Class is lowered by as much or as little as he sees fit, as he simply vents any unwanted reiryoku from his body. Returning to his proper Spirit Class takes one post of concentrated effort, as well as a reishi-rich environment to pull from. When he does so, his appearance shifts proportionally to the amount of energy vented, and so while he may seem just a touch more youthful with a slight venting, he often radically lowers his spiritual pressure and takes on the form of a young boy.

○ Rheingold: A technique which, on the surface, is a highly ineffective one, the reality is that this is an exceptionally useful ability for Klein. Similarly to the soul-synthesized silver of the Quincy, Klein is able to create soul-synthesized gold, so long as he already has gold on-hand to utilize. However, due to his status as cazador, the process is exceptionally inefficient in terms of waste energy, and synthesizing even a small gold coin causes a huge release of volatile energy. This, however, is exactly what Klein actually uses this ability for, and he often carries dozens of gold coins on his person for this exact purpose. By carefully controlling the actual waste energy, Klein can shape it into a more compact spherical form, and throw it at an opponent rather than simply letting it dissipate into the air. This is a destructive, but straightforward, attack, and one gold coin typically creates enough waste energy to send shockwaves through a city block, and demolish a building or two entirely from the impact.

○ Walküre: On the surface a straightforward utilization of hierro, Walküre is in fact just as closely akin to the ransotengai of the Quincy as it is to the typical hierro of an Arrancar. Klein’s hierro is not only a defensive measure, but can be manipulated to carry him through even exceptionally grievous injuries. To simply injure him is not sufficient to actually prevent him from moving, and while some might utilize this ability to continue fighting, Klein sees it as nothing more than an exceptional escape tool. To put it simply, unless Klein is spiritually crippled or exhausted, he is always capable of moving his body as if he were at his best. This, naturally, doesn’t prevent any further injury that might actually come from moving one’s body despite injury. It just means no physical wound can stop his body from acting as if everything was normal.

○ Siegfried: A gruesome, brutal ability which stems distinctly from Klein’s nature as a Cazador. If Klein makes physical contact with someone, he can simply draw out every last bit of reishi from them until nothing but dust is left, the very same sand that covers the floor of Hueco Mundo. Obviously, such a powerful ability is not something that can be simply tossed about casually. An exceptionally weak or otherwise stunted flow of reiryoku is necessary for this to occur, meaning that the victim must either be so spiritually inconsequential as to have no means of resistance, or have been beaten into total incapacitation. [OOC Permission required for use on PCs.]

○ Götterdämmerung: A sacrificial technique, and by extension, one which carries with it tremendous power. Klein is capable of, at any time, empowering any of his attacks by a massive amount through the sacrifice of one of his limbs. Limbs sacrificed in this way cannot simply be casually regenerated, however, and Klein cannot regrow them in the same thread that they are sacrificed. Because of this, however, any attack which is enhanced by one of these sacrifices is increased in strength fourfold.

This ability may, in theory, be used in conjunction with Siegfried, utilizing the life of another as the sacrifice rather than Klein’s own body. The same stipulations as any other usage of Siegfried still apply if that is the case, and the ability will be empowered directly proportional to the Spirit Class of the victim in that case.


○ Hollow Cross Name: Lämmergeier (非愛仁強欲王, “Rapacious King Without Love or Charity”)

○ Hollow Cross Appearance: Sealed, Klein's Hollow Cross takes the form of a diamond-shaped pendant around his neck.

○ Sealed Abilities: While Lämmergeier cannot be utilized for any conventional combat, it does allow Klein to manifest several different means of attack, in a similar vein to the spirit weapons of the quincy. He tends to prefer an exceptionally long, sleek sword most of the time, though he typically utilizes a series of small claws at the end of his fingertips if he is disguised using Tarnhelm.

Regardless of the form these weapons take, however, the weapons themselves manifest a blood red energy which coats their edges, and which can be fired in the form of small red arrows. These arrows are most similar in nature to the arrows of a Quincy’s spirit weapon, rather than any Arrancar abilities, and can be utilized in similar ways. Klein can control the arrows with little more than his active attention, and can fire them in massive arrays.

Any injuries inflicted by this spirit weapon or its projectiles tend to fester, and in addition to causing bleeding, will cause spiritual energy to leak out of the injury if left unattended. This leaked energy is treated as ambient energy, rather than belonging to the original user, and as such Klein (or, in theory, any nearby Quincy with a higher propensity for energy absorption) can utilize it with ease. Due to his exceptional grasp over his Hollow Cross, Klein has no shortage of techniques to be utilized using these arrows, several of which he has copied wholesale from studies of the Quincy. However, many more of them are entirely of his own creation, and he regularly develops more as a means of ensuring he never loses a fight.


○ Release: The release phrase for Resurreccion Type-Two is "Break, Lämmergeier!" Upon release, the Hollow Cross around Klein’s neck quickly tightens, practically sinking into the flesh and merging with his body. Resurreccion Type-Two is only usable when Klein is not utilizing Tarnhelm.

○ Appearance: Upon releasing Resurreccion Type-Two, the majority of Klein’s hair disperses momentarily into reishi, before realigning itself on his back in the form of six white wings.

○ Abilities: Each and every one of the feathers that adorn Klein’s wings in this release are exceptionally similar in functionality to a Quincy’s Seele Schneider. They are exceptionally receptive to being used as a medium for any of Klein’s abilities, and due to their sheer number, it should be assumed that Klein will not actually run out of feathers at any point upon release. While he can throw them one at a time by hand if he plucks them himself, he may also unleash a volley of thirty in one swift motion of the wings themselves, though he may only do that once per post.

The versatility of these feathers is by and away their most dangerous trait, though of course being pierced by one is no less deadly, and is no different from being stabbed directly by zanpakuto from an arrancar of Klein’s level. These feathers can be used for any number of things, including summoning hierro clones, firing cero, and even being synthesized utilizing Rheingold, though this synthesis removes their ability to be used for any further abilities, on top of giving them an elegant golden appearance. Unlike his external manifestation of his abilities, which is typically inefficient simply due to the distance from his own body, any abilities utilized through these feathers are as effortless as if they were done from his own body.

An additional use of these wings, however, and one that Klein tends not to note openly, is that they functionally provide him six additional usages of Götterdämmerung without any direct loss of a limb. Every wing which is sacrificed in this way will subtract 5 from the number of feathers he can unleash in a full volley, and in the event that he sacrifices all six wings, his resurreccion will immediately end.


○ Release: The release phrase for Resurreccion Type-Three is "Feast, Lämmergeier!" Klein must plunge his Hollow Cross directly into his chest for this release to activate. Resurreccion Type-Three is only usable when Klein is under the effects of Tarnhelm.

○ Appearance: When utilizing Resurreccion Type-Three, Klein’s hair grows much longer, and a glowing red orb resembling an eye grows in the center of his chest where his Hollow Cross was implanted.

○ Abilities: Upon releasing Resurreccion Type-Three, Klein’s ability to consume reishi grows tremendously, though not solely in terms of using what is in the environment. The speed at which he draws it out of the atmosphere increases alongside the rest of his parameters, putting him roughly on par with a typical, everyday Quincy. However, this increase in speed is secondary to its more meaningful effect. When active, Klein’s resurreccion fills the air around him with his own energy, taking the form of a red haze. The area of this haze is the same as the maximum reach of Klein’s tier, and its intention is to scavenge any and all excess energy for Klein’s own use.

If any energy-based attack is utilized within this haze, its actual formation and use is not affected, as Klein cannot steal energy from others. However, when the attack has finished, and the energy would be fully expended, the haze immediately begins to cannibalize the technique before it can even disperse into ambient reishi. While this is not as much of a concern for especially efficient techniques, or those techniques which have made full impact, it makes even a single missed attack suddenly a tremendous boon to Klein, as he can simply consume the energy which made up even a colossal attack and put it to his own use.

This, however, is not the full degree of scavenging that Klein has accomplished within this release. Much as he can consume any of the excess energy spent on an attack for his own use, the same is also true of any injuries he inflicts onto spiritual beings. His attacks in resurreccion will directly convert any injury caused into spiritual energy for his own usage. While some attacks, such as simple cuts or bruises, would give him functionally nothing to work with, something such as an arm blown off would convert the arm directly into energy for Klein to utilize. This is not a conceptual attack or any such thing, and these injuries can still be healed as normal, but Klein benefits from making them tremendously.

There is, additionally, one final notable aspect of this release, which is in some ways both a boon and a curse. Because this release is outright releasing Klein’s energy into the world around him, rather than simply creating a “zone” of sorts, it leaves his own body with only the barest minimum energy to maintain his existence. Though Klein has access to the full energy that would be expected of his tier in this release, his physical body is treated as a Spirit Class 9 entity. Because of the haze being made up of his spiritual energy, however, this means that he blends quite well into the area, and in many ways becomes even harder to find despite his extreme increase in power.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

Arrancar Skills
  • Regeneration: Elite
  • Cero: Adept
  • Hollow Nucleus: Elite
  • Sonido: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced


New Year Burst 2023
-Sonido from Adept to Advanced
Golden Burst 2023
-Regeneration from Advanced to Elite
Spring Burst 2023
-Martial Skill from Untrained to Beginner, 5 Points
-Strength from Beginner to Adept, 10 Points
-Willpower from Beginner to Adept, 10 Points

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[Spirit Class 5] Klein Schwarzwotan Empty Re: [Spirit Class 5] Klein Schwarzwotan

Thu Aug 17, 2023 3:34 am

Emergency Kumon Capsule:

I don't quite understand. Is this intended to be a fast process or a slow one, as the description for usage seems to indicate that it is both?

Reishi Injector:

Is there any limit to the usage of this powerful tool? I imagine it would not be something that could be used repetitively but I would like that stated for clarity.


Whilst I'm generally fine with this, might I suggest a switch to one post of effort per Spirit Class shift to make the whole process flow better?

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Thu Aug 17, 2023 11:42 pm
The Emergency Kumon Capsule is pretty fast, so I tried to make that more clear that it's mostly a case of "if you see this coming you can probably deal with it, but otherwise it'll catch you off guard."

Added a limitation to the Reishi Injector to reflect the high risk of repeat injection.

Tarnhelm is meant mostly as a narrative device to allow Klein to interact with others in a disguised way, rather than as a way of baiting people or anything. I don't really mind making sure it's clear to people threading with Klein that they're going into a thread of Small Klein or Big Klein from the getgo. I wouldn't be opposed to changing it to one post per SC if you feel that's entirely necessary, but if that's the case I'd like to at least let him act and do other things in those posts, rather than the current need for him to totally focus on regaining his power.
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Tue Aug 29, 2023 6:51 pm

Spirit Class: 5
Hazard Ratings
Power: B
Influence: C
Resources: C
Overall: C


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