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Sun Jun 11, 2023 10:45 am


» Name: Godai Dansei
» Alignment: True Neutral
» Bases of Operations:
Pacific Branch (Japan & Island Nations)[Main Branch]
New Orleans Branch (North America)
Jamaica Branch (Caribbean & South America)

» Summary: A modern day mercenary band under the guise of a company. Working as a sort of talent agency, the Godai Dansei operate by taking in jobs through any sort of clientele, from the common civilian to governments, and supply them on a job board for all employees to take. That being said, the level of these jobs can range wildly from mundane tasks to world-level conflicts, but regardless of pay the Godai has a strict 60-40 pay split which means that many members end up working full-time to try and sustain themselves if they aren't particularly capable.

Due to working on a global scale, there are many branches in different parts of the world and are growing currently. Because they are spread out, the members work independently of each other, from branches to leash groups, so it is common that Godai members aren't familiar with each other. Members are recruited at ages as young as 10 and any races are allowed to join.


Money. As a business, the Godai Dansei purely care about granting their employees a sustainable income for their talents and time. Due to this viewpoint, they can be on any side of a conflict or even on both sides if both parties request their services. They don't really care as long as they are being paid at the end of the day.

Also, power. Through the gaining of funds, Godai Dansei is able to grow as a company and supply their employees with better equipment and resources. Not to mention the connections they gain through their more high-end jobs.


» CEO, First Head: NPC
» COO, Second Head: Open
» CFO, Third Head: Open


Located in Kyoto, Japan. Acts as the main headquarters for the company.

» Handler: NPC (Same as CEO)

» Leash: Sumera Hatenbu
» Fangs:

» Leash:
» Fangs:

» Leash:
» Fangs:


Colloquially known as the "Narleans" branch. They handle the recruitment of members in North America, though they have access to the same jobs that all branches do.

» Handler: Open

» Leash:
» Fangs:

» Leash:
» Fangs:

» Leash:
» Fangs:


The new guys on the block, and notoriously the most rowdy of them too. They handle the recruitment of South American personnel and the islands.

» Handler: Open

» Leash:
» Fangs:

» Leash:
» Fangs:

» Leash:
» Fangs:


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