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Sat Aug 05, 2023 7:51 am
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In the aftermath of the disaster in Vastime, Claudia Duvalier is hosting a charity gala for 4 days at her home in the Castello Aragonese, on the coast of southern Italy. There will be an array of events throughout the gala, including a charity auction of several premier Duvalier Group goods and services, a formal ball, and more. Those who attend will of course be provided with luxurious accommodations, and will be given the utmost assurance that they will be free from any conflict for the time they are present.


Those involved with the Gotei and the Vandenreich's higher ranks are invited to this gala, as are any PCs who would be considered "high society." Of course, those higher ranked and high society PCs are free to bring guests of their own, and in general, anyone who has the money to pay for a ticket to this gala may attend.


This is a relatively short and straightforward event, so please don't expect anything earth-shatteringly involved out of this one. This is primarily just an opportunity for characters to interact in a new and unusual setting. People involved may make threads freely at the Duvalier Villa, and will primarily be engaged in social activity. Don’t expect much opportunity for combat and the like; this is a way to rub shoulders with people outside your typical social wheelhouse.

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