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|Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles | Empty |Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles |

Sun Aug 20, 2023 3:17 pm

I. Basic Information

» Name: Rizer , J. , Tiles
» Alias: Burūdoragon| Blue Dragon| The Strongest Creature
» Title: ( Sternritter | Administrator)
» Age: 600 Years Olds
» Gender: Male
Former Hollow-Type: Vastro Lorde
Reiatsu Colour: Purple

» Association: Vandenreich : Sometime after the fall of Emperor Vandenreich, they were somewhat able to survive the massacre all those years ago and became strong enough to challenge Gotei 13 United and become a neutral faction. Sometime after the Vandenreich opened its doors to other races, it allowed the once pure and prideful Quincy into an era of open recruitment to fill the gasping holes of the faction. Rizer was apart of this ordeal even though it was open recruitment Segregation was apart of the faction. Therefore his journey as member of the faction wasn´t pleasant.

|Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles | Rizer_10
» Estigma:The Rizer Estigma theme follows what appears to be a pair of bull-like horns. However, that is further from the truth, and these two bones, like horns, are coming from both sides of his head. is a representation of his Arrancar theme, which will be revealed later in the application.

» Hollow Hole: Rizer's defined abs are his only scar: a massive, recessed X-shape whose upper points reach to his pectoral, given to him by the captors. However, after becoming Arrancar,that same massive scar is replaced by a hollow hole.

»Alignment: Chaotic Evil

» Aspect of Death: Despair (Agony)|: The user exists in a state of dread that no one can escape. They only feel like giving up on their failures and the loss of loved ones, with low expectations for the future. Forced to watch their torment, feeling helpless, they linger on wandering the sad earth as a dead corpse with no hope of comfort to mend their broken spirits. Rizer despairs personally with his arrancar life and inflicts wounds from his peers as he climbs the ranks of his faction. The true aspect of death is agony.

» Appearance Image:
|Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles | W8YUh9X

» Appearance Written:
»Height: 10 feet( 310 cm)
»Weight: 1.5 tons
Rizer Present Day
Rizer is a middle-aged man who cuts an imposing figure due to his extreme height of 310 cm and the bulk of his muscles, making him dwarf normal humans and arrancar alike. Rizer has a overtop-heavy build, he has a well-muscled torso with wide-set shoulders, thick arms, and somewhat out-of-proportion legs. However, his lower body is an far less heavily built than his arms, yet about the same length. His feet are much tinier than his hands. Rizer’s head atop is quite bulky neck, is disproportionally small as well. Which is much smaller than his hand, and has a massive pair of gray-white, sharp-pointed horns coming out of its sides, curving slightly to the front, then upward. These Horns represent Rizer’s former hollow mask, however, after becoming an Arrancar, his mask was shed, leaving behind only his horns.

Rizer has a longish face with a heavy, hairless brow ridge topping sharp, often bloodshot, golden irises, plus a hook nose and a large, full-lipped mouth. Rizer is often seen frowning and moderate Wrinkles can be shown along his Face. Rizer also has particularly prominent being his crow’s feet below his eyes, forehead lines, and laugh lines from always sneering. His jet black hair consists of an unruly, mostly swept-back mane down to his mid-back, which forms distinctly flat, rectangular locks, of which some fall down near the front, over his ears, or just upwards. His facial hair is done in a wavy, waist-length Fu Manchu mustache that pairs with a spiked goatee across his chin. 

The right of Rizer’s defined abs is his only scar: a massive, recessed X-shape, whose upper points reach to his pectoral. However, his hollow hole somewhat replaces this scar, leaving only the edges of where the mark used to be around the hollow hole. A tattoo of dull-red segments resembling reptilian scales, individually bordered in orange, goes from Rizer’s left pectoral down the front of his left arm, ending in correspondence to the wrist with a white, traditionally shaped skull on the lower forearm.

Now, clothing-wise, when handling Vanderich-matters, Rizer wears the uniform of the Vanderich administrator. The typical attire of most Vandenreich personnel consists of a long, white, double-breasted trench coat with shoulder straps and a white, button-down bib. Rizer’s coat is bound at the waist with a black belt, which is further adorned with a decorative buckle, and is worn over both white trousers and trench boots. Unlike other members of the faction, Rizer refuses to sport white hats with black peaks and a crest emblazoned on their front. Which is reminiscent of the five-pointed variant of the Quincy Cross. Rizer's insignia is also reflected on the buttons and his belt. Much like other officers of the Vanderich Rizer, he is able to have his own unquie flare to his attire. Rizer´s dons a blue-purple, feathered, sleeveless overcoat draped on his shoulders and below a lavender,

Rizer also wears additional clothing underneath his traditional attire. In intensive conflicts, his uniform doesn't remain in top condition. In cases like that, he also tries to have that same cape draped over his shoulder in both outfits. He has a black bracelet with golden spikes above each wrist. Upholding said light pant is a thick, off-white belt of laid rope festooned with a pair of white, hanging shrugs in the front. More outwardly from below the rope hang two additional pieces of fabric: rectangular, hemmed flaps that each have, from two hemmed holes at their bottom, a short, thick, golden torus chain attached to themselves. Two yellow straw cords are below the shimenawa, serving as waistbands to secure a short, hanging row of thin, red ribbons. Finally, the rest of his lower wear consists of simple, baggy pants of gray-green color, tucked below the knees in simple, black boots. 
I. Personality

» Personality:
"Glad you can make it take a seat over there. I want to tell you something about myself, lad.¨

○ Bipolar: Rizer is a unique Arrancar enlisted in the army of the Emperor. His personality is one of a kind due to his mood swings. The doctors in the Vanderich and human worlds called it bipolar disorder. Now whether this trait perfectly fits into Rizer's aspect of death, which is agony, As an entity that holds such a title and a high-ranking office, they are known for uncontrollable desires and mood swings. Rizer's disorder aids him in everyday life as both a warrior and a member who thinks outside the box.

○ Anti-Social: Being an inner circle requires strict discipline, and it is a lonely path. Rizer is considered a general in the eyes of his peers, who look for Rizer's guidance, which is his opinion due to his position as next to the Emperor. Having this title pushes away potential interaction with common peers. Making his role as the Sternritter a lonely path. Because as a leader, having the weight of common man and woman looking for mistakes as well as constantly having to lead by example is a tremendous burden to carry.

○ ill Polite Manners: As the Sternritter within the faction, knowing how to conduct yourself in public is important, as this is your image as a high-ranking person. Often times, people look at him and seek his approval and wisdom in general. Rizer is no exception to this rule, being a groom who is ill-mannered, polite, soft-spoken, and intellectual, often putting respect on his subordinates given names. Despite his disorder, he has been well trained in the art of alarm and distress. Whenever confronted, Rizer is uncaring and attempts to draw out the conversation with small talk, which often makes people mad.

○ Genius Intellect: Arguably, depending on how you view him as a person, Rizer is well-versed in history, strategy, tactics, and politics. They say that once every 100 years or so, a genius is born. I won't call him a genius, but he is, in fact, a genius. Now Rizer wasn't born with the gift of intellect; instead, it was woven into his mind and wool into his soul. Years of struggle and learning made him a wise young man.

○ Drunkard: Rizer spends his time consuming large bowls or barrels of alcohol. It doesn´t matter the type or the kind; however, he consumes a large amount of it to suppress the pain of all the fallen souls he killed. He is in the process of becoming what he is today. He killed a lot of people and consumed a lot of things in order to be the last one standing. Now, due to the blood on his hands, he drinks for all the fallen souls that he killed in order to remain standing.

○ Composed: To begin, Rizer is an extremely composed individual. One doesn't obtain a reputation like his own by being reckless and letting things outside their minds pester them. While his voice isn't the voice of the knight in shining armor and is dreary and monotonous, he's very well-spoken. He acts when he feels the time is right and doesn't dance to the rhythm of others if he doesn't see it yielding a reward. This can make him seem like a man of sage-like patience or a selfish, hasty twat.

Agony: Rizer has displayed a great level of pain throughout his life. However, this very pain becomes his strength in his next life. As a human, his pain took the form of a tormenting soul enslaved in society, understanding it as a black market. His days often show constant struggles between near-death experiences. As a boy and groomed into a man, his daily activity was fighting for the black market and whomever his master was at the time. This is Rizer aspect of death, and what best describe his feeling as Arrancar.

○ Dedicated: Rizer has dedicated his life to upholding his definition of justice. He does indeed hate Shinigami and foolish beings alike, but this does not mean he will ride by and die under the rule of Emperor. His dedication goes beyond just his principle of justice; it goes beyond all that he puts his mind to. He's an old-fashion type of guy and isn't one to quit very easily. He doesn't take failure lightly, so while he does know when to count his losses and retreat, he has a hard time doing so and swallowing the pill.

» Goal:
* Rizer goal is be strong the strongest he can be. No matter the means Rizer will attempt to move forward in his life. Whiling carrying the agony of his sins, and the ones he kill. In there honor of the fallen warriors or humans souls he consume. Rizer very much wish for the suffering of the world to stop.

» Likes:
○ Drinking
○ Allies
○ Fighting
○ Family
○ Looking at nature.

» Dislikes:
○ Shingami
○ Trash
○ Liars
○ Demons
○ Fake Gods

I. History

» History:
...The Coming...

Yeah, my name was Rizer J. Tiles. I was born on July 29, 1723. I was born into a different world, separate from society. I was a slave as a boy, and shortly after, I became a man. This unbreakable chain of agony of watching his family, peers, and people alike suffer at the hands of his masters As a young boy, he was raised in a strict environment and wasn´t allowed to read or write. However, his family, in their spare time, offers Rizer small lessons in both areas, as well as offering their son hope. However, his hope wasn´t hope but regret and agony for the years of suffering.

As a young man, Rizer often spent his time working on his upper body. His tasks in the field often built his character as a man. The hot sun's constant hitting against his skin built up an unparalleled durability. His time in the fields and his beating built both character and toughness in his skin. Due to Rizer being a quick learner, he was nicknamed Blue Dragon. Because he loves the color blue, and his peers see him as a dragon with tough skin.

At the young age of 1–10, his peers as well as his allies taught him the basic foundation of schooling. However, when he wasn´t working, Rizer was practicing. Believing one day he would not be able to rely on his knowledge but on his brute strength as a warrior. Even in that moment, he would need to be the strongest so he could crush whatever was in his way.

As a slave, Rizer's goal was to spread the same feeling of agony that he carried each day. If he wasn´t a good boy, his master would punish him, and these punishments were a lesson for everyone to see. In public, many people were beaten and killed as examples. This is the agony of Rizer. Wait, no, this is the agony of mankind in general.


Some time has passed, and Rizer died at the age of 30. However, death wasn´t his final resting place. One year has passed prior to a brief 30 years of life. Bring us to the year 1754. In the year 1753, Rizer's corrupt soul held grudges against death. His agony and his constant beating, fights, and interaction as a slave turn his dead corpse and soul into a demi hollow. Now, one year later, his soul manages to become hollow despite trial and tribulation. However, for this power, one must eat taboo in the eyes of society. Rizer started his new life as a hollow, but as he ate, his intelligence grew.

As he experienced conflict with Shinigami, he felt that his urge to eat increased. Therefore, he declares this as eternal and insatiable hunger met to solely devour other souls, living or dead, to fill the void caused by its descent. This research was concluded upon his many conflicts with fellow hollows, shinigami, and alike. In a world where it was killed or be killed,

As a hollow, Rizer wasn´t your normal hollow; his class was otherwise known as a huge hollow. Normally, hollows often tower over average-sized humans by three times or so. Depending on their personality and grudge In this case, Rizer, as a huge hollow, was easily 20 meters long. He had the appearance of a blue Chinese dragon with a white, hollow mask.

Because of his large size, Rizer, as a hollow, would frequently enter and exit the human world and Hundo Mundo. To him, it was a hunt, and since the hunger never stops, he only wishes to eat, fight, defend, and survive. That was his life for the next 100 years. This brought us up to the year 1824, when Rizer was on the verge of evolving. Understanding that through error and studying his own race, he knew his chances of remaining in control were slim. But he had an idea he would need someone to farm him.

In other words, he could ally with someone, and in exchange, while Rizer is dealing with his transformation, he could focus on himself. As a hollow, Rizer was familiar with the war occurring with the Shinigami and decided to pledge his alliances to the faction of Vanderich.

In that time, Rizer met one Vanderich, whom Rizer submitted himself to. Over the course of several months, Rizer managed to convince him to nurse him up until a stage where he gained his intelligence back. However, that wasn´t easy, but Vanderich had an idea. To imprison and restrain Rizer from evolving and taking trips, bring him food around the clock.

That was the idea that led Rizer to enter the Menos path with the aid of his peers. Not caring about the result or risk of development, he declares his loyalty to the faction. However, in exchange for once again becoming a follower of a master, Only wishing to break the bond of being trapped or owned by a faction. But understanding that he couldn´t do it along, he pushed himself into a trap until he could become stronger.

An Gillan Folktale
Well, this new stage of power left Rizer in a pit filled with souls. There were a lot of souls in this pit as he fought for control of his body. The mixed personalities of each soul damage him. However, the agony wasn´t enough for Rizer to succumb. Every day as Menos, each decision was fought over. The battles of the mind for control of the mind and control of each interaction were a tedious torment against the Rizer soul. In the shadows of the mind, Rizer allows many of the other personalities to clash while he saves his strength. Only fighting enough to remain inside while the other souls he consumed fought for power and control.

When the other souls number demish, Rizer uses that to cease control. He did this by fighting the remaining souls left in his mind for control. The battle was fearsome enough, for it left an impression of Rizer mental. However, in the end, Rizer was able to take control and don his unique hollow mask. However, this was done with the aid of Vanderich, which imprisoned the mindless hollow. In order to understand the race and turn the growth of this hollow into a tool for the empire,

This development was done with the support of the Emperor. In the period of farming gillian-level hollows in order to ensure a safe and controlled environment bent on making sure the gillian reach the next stage This project was known as Operation Nurse, where the Vanderich imprisoned and properly fed these Gillians in hopes of bringing them into the empire as members of the faction.

Therefore, Rizer was safely able to reach the next stage of his evolution. As with many other hollows, this operation was for the whole purpose of not only producing a stronger stage hollow but also increasing the population of these foot-soliders for the glory of the Emperor.

It has been 24 years since the Great Emperor died, and only a select few have escaped within Vanderich. One of those members recruits Rizer and nurses him into a pet, solely for the destruction of the world. However, as a mindless entity, upon Rizer reaching the Gillian stage, he broke free from the imprisonment of the Vanderich member.

The result was that he was hunted by his master once again. You see, Vanderich only nursed him so they could use him. To mold him into something that could help them regain their powerful status. However, he wasn´t the only attempt to make a weapon, and he wasn´t the last. Being one of the many hollows that escape, Gillian Rizer returns to his home, otherwise known as Hundo Mundo, as he rampages in hunger.

It didn´t take him long for Gillian to once again change. However, the time it took was another 150 years. The time he spent imprisoned and tested on was only 25 years. However, upon his escape, he spent the rest of his time devouring souls, hollows, and alike to reach the next stage of Menos Class Hollow, which was Adjucha Class. Make no mistake, as Gillian Rizer had a shred of knowledge that allowed him to swiftly devour many of his peers. His inter-cavalry against the raging souls of the dead Rizer successfully made them sumbit, which allowed Rizer to reach the next level of his evolution in life.

Adjucha Life
His evolution into an adjucha-class hollow had lowered his massive size from standard gillian height to a more moderate size. Following the animial theme of a dragon. Rizer adjucha class hollow was 30 meters long, and his appearance took the shape of a Chinese dragon from myth. However, they are no longer fighting for control of the body. Rizer was able to overcome his agony momentarily in order to gain his sanity. Now once again a smarter hollow than what he once was, and now a wanted criminal. Now no longer having a master Rizer, the Hundo Mundo in bold attempt to eat and train

To grow stronger and to understand his purpose here in this world. He didn´t care too much about the fall and the recruitment of the Espada. Nor did he bother to attempt to join them. Being a follower most of his life, his next one is to be a leader of some kind. So he made his way to the Menos Forest, attempting to train for the next 180 years. At the time of his training, the year was 2004, just two years after the passing of Aizen.

In the 180-year training preparation to train Rizer, he was met by a wall, and his training slowed down a lot. This wall occurred around the year 2004. That was due to the continuing conflicts in society. The rise of one pillar allows the rise of Sin Fall, and shortly after, Shadow Fall moves in. The hollows were once again pets of the non-hollow race. Rizer and many others were forced to pick sides when Vanderich once again attempted to raid Hundo Mundo. To replenish their ranks, however, this time they welcome the hollow race. Not as pets, but somewhat equal in the faction ranking. I no longer wish to travel alone, eat alone, or train alone. Rizer officially joins the Vanderich.

Striking a deal with the faction, Rizer officially joins the Vanderich as Adjucha becomes hollow with potential for growth. His experience and continued training, eating, and so on boost his interests in his development. So much so that the R&D within Vanderich carefully molds him into a capable warrior once again as the weapon for the faction.

However, due to his size, he was mostly used as an attacking force that leveled the battle field due to his massive power. As time passes, the Vanderich officers continue to mold Rizer into a capable warrior. Picking up from the operation where they left off. To once again farm and nurse weaker hollows into stronger ones. The constant fights and testing increase Rizer's durability, strength, and power in his attacks. Lead him to reach Vastro Lorde in class.

Now at the top of the food chain, and one of the few hollows who reach this level in strength. He was officially introduced to a method to allow him to further his humanistic state as a hollow. Learning from his previous ancestors and the data gathered by his new faction. For the next 100 years, Rizer trains, eats, and masters his vasto lorde powers. It was enough for him to attempt to break his mask. This attempt to allow him to achieve the status of Arrancar, and now Rizer, is no longer hollow but something more. Bring the year to 2104, leaving only 19 years left for the present.

Vasto Lord & Arrancar
As a fresh Arrancar and at the level of Vasto Lord, Rizer used his remaining time to rise in the Vanderich ranking. Due to the faction no longer being protected by the rules and restrictions of the past. Rizer sees them as now openly welcoming new members of other races to replenish the number of people they lost. Rizer was one of these hollows who subscribed to the order. He wanted a place to call home and looked for a stable environment. He found this in Vanderich, but originally he was a test subject. Remembering how poorly they were treated and why he fled before. This time, he attempts to climb the ranks within the faction. So that what happened to him before wouldn´t occur to him now.

Ceasing control and moving forward in the direction of the chain of command, Rizer was appointed administrator within the faction. It took him 19 years to reach this position. Even though it is not a full leadership position, Rizer felt that it was good enough for his status at this moment. Also within these 19 years, he practiced his swordsmanship and often drank to hide his agony from his cruel life. Being new to Arrancar State, Rizer Body had already endured the brutal conflicts of life. His constant battles against hollows, shinigami, and qunicy a like had forge his defense into an unbreakable one.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

○ Manipulator: Rizer has proven himself to be a very crafty and cunning individual. As an Arrancar, he can deceive and manipulate others around him in different ways for a variety of purposes. Using his influence, he can convince everyone around him that he is a kind-hearted man with the best intentions for the world while performing horrific actions in the background. As an officer within the Vanderich, knowing how to use each of your pawns is important for the best possible result.

○ Tactician: As warrior, drunk, collector, and esteem traitor of his race. Rizer takes pride in planning and thinking ahead. Being highly perceptive in most dangerous situations and almost immediately determining his opponent's goals. Being a man of his representation, a crafty tactician is very effective, as his mentality allows him to confuse his opponents. As a tactician, Rizer is fully aware of the limits of his abilities and weaknesses.

○ Kanabo Zanjutsu: Due to the lawlessness of the Hundo Mundo, Rizer Kanabo's fighting skills were strengthened to an essentially masterful level, letting him strike multiple times with changes of attack type (from slash to pierce) without any difficulty. He honed his skills in 19 years, climbing into the ranks of Vanderich. His unpolished skill but immense might with his Kanabo allows him to always fight with one hand free, only using both hands against opponents he feels are worthy enough. However, he has equal might with either hand. As the administrator of the Sternritter attack force, Rizer specializes in Kanabo fighting; he is among the most, if not the most, proficient Kanabo in the world or so he like to think.

○ Enhance Durability: As an Azure dragon, Arranncar Rizer, due to his prolonged exposure to conflict, has an unnatural level of toughness. This is due to his hundreds of years of trama with peers, and unlike them, he displays an equal level of durability to that of his level. Make no mistake, this doesn´t mean his defensives are unable to be broken; it just means that he can endure what normally can´t be taken. As a slave, his jobs often mean general labor, and his constant torture of his body and conflict earn him the nickname strongest creature. However, his insane durability comes from the continued attack against his herrio, and over time, he built a more advanced version of his defense, which allowed him to protect his body.

○ Enhance Strength: Rizer possesses an extreme degree of physical strength. Most commonly displayed is his ability to push back his opponent's attacks with a single arm or two arms. Even if the opponent's weapons and attacks are gigantic in size, Rizer is known for his immense strength due to being a naturally big Arrancar. Even more noteworthy, he is at the final evolution of hollow; therefore, his strength is quite monsterous.

○ Immense Endurance :Rizer's physical prowess is equally shown by his resilience. Rizer often ignores most of the injuries he sustains in battle, not suffering any debilitation despite having multiple slash and puncture wounds on his body and rarely any signs of pain, much like a berserker. Further testament to Rizer's endurance, his prolonged torture, and the agony his body suffered in an attempt to make his body a weapon that could endure whatever it threw at him He now wishes to unlock great endurance to prolong his fights and acknowledge the exchange of weapons with his foes. He wishes to showcase his ability to suffer even in the worst situation.

○ Sonido Practitioner| Adept Speed: Though Rizer originally possessed no known skill in Sonido,  he developed it to some degree to reach the level of Arrancar. However, despite being a decent user of the skills, he relies on his endurance, durability, and strength to win fights. Rizer  displayed deceptively fast physical speed for his size and build. Thanks to the tremendous raw strength in his legs, Rizer´s natural acceleration more than made up for his lack of sonido, allowing him to move fast enough to instantly close a huge gap of space between him and his opponent.

○ Immense Spiritual Power: As the Vasto Lord Arrancar, Rizer has an incredibly high Reiatsu. It is because of this high spiritual power that Rizer has the strongest Hierro. His Reiatsu is in purple. Even by a captain's standards, Rizer´s Reiryoku is monstrous. However, his unruly reiastu often keeps him in battle when having to counter or match his foe's own spiritual power.

○ Damage Resistance: The intensity of Rizer´s Reiryoku also acts as a sort of armor, making it nearly impossible for him to be harmed by anyone, not at least at his level of power or those who break his natural defense. This is first demonstrated at the start of the fights. In general, Rizer allows foes to strike him, yet despite leaving himself nearly unguarded and not resisting, The result is that the attack is often countered by his natural durability as Arrancar.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

○Descorrer: Arrancar and Hollows use special, spiritual pathways to travel between Hueco Mundo and other worlds. These pathways are called Garganta. However, high-level Arrancar can easily open these pathways between the World of the Living and Hueco Mundo with a simple hand gesture. The Garganta created using Descorrer are a lot more stable than those produced by lower-level Hollows, and they allow the Arrancar to simply walk into the void created. These Garganta neatly close around them before opening at their destination.

○ Bala: While similar in function to a Cero, a Bala is not nearly as powerful, but, thanks to its composition, its speed is 20 times faster, allowing it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a typical Cero does.The overall speed and power of a Bala varies depending on the Arrancar using it.

○ Cero Control: Rizer is able to control and manipulate any Cero, Bala, Sealed, or similar Arrancar ability. Into the shape that is required. Doing this will allow Rizer to control and create different attacks. While manipulating any Cero-type attack, it only used destruction power to allow it to cloak his body or similar items. While manipulating any Bala-type attack, the user is able to enhance the speed of his attacks. It is also important to note that when manipulation occurs, these attacks take the form of anything within 10 meters of the user, and upon each stage, their growth increases by 10 meters per stage. Due to the massive size of regular Cero or any type of Cero, Rizer has learned to manipulate and bend it to his will. However, at the cost of size reduction. However, Rizer built up natural immunity to his own abilities so when cloaking himself that attack doesn´t harm his body..

○ Cero|Cero Oscuras.: An iconic ability for hollows. It is performed by the user gathering their reiryoku into a compacted form and firing it as a blast. Traditionally, it is shot from the mouth until they acquire greater experience with the technique. The higher an arrancar climbs in this field the more powerful, precise, and faster their ceros may become. With greater experience comes the capacity to display their own unique variants of the cero which are personalised, and besides unique applications one can begin to unlock greater forms of cero such as the Gran Rey Cero and the Cero Oscuras. Rizer is able to produce Cero from from varies part of his body such as his mouth, either limbs, and neck due to his level of experience. When using Cero Oscuras it is all black, and purple Cero met to be use in release state only.

○ El Gran Rey Cero: By mixing their own blood with a Cero, an Arrancar can fire a Cero with much greater attack power and speed, in addition to having a change of color unique to them. It is many times more powerful than a normal Cero, disturbing the fabric of space as it travels. Upon release, it spins like a razor as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. Rizer is able to produce El Rey Cero from from varies part of his body such as his mouth, either limbs, and neck due to his level of experience.

|Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles | 6kcFgoz
Herrio Dragon Scales: Rizer had developed a specially modified Herrio. In his attempt to make an absolute defense, this self-proclaimed Herrio earned him his nickname as the strongest creature. However, unlike normal Herrio, the user Reiryoku condenses, creating a 2-meter-long blue tail that covers his body. Along with blue scales and steel-hard skin strong enough to block most Zanpakutō that come into contact, this allows users to confront some weapon users with their bare hands. In general, the strength of an individual's hierro is proportional to the potency of their reiryoku. Though this is not a rule, Rizer likes to think he has the hardest hierro out of the Arrancar race. However, Hierro is not absolute, and opponents can adapt to cut through it depending on their strength and control of their Reiryoku.

|Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles | G5q9id1
○ Herrio Repair: This is a specially modified Herrio. In his attempt to repair his defense, this self-proclaimed Herrio earned the nickname Doctor. However, unlike normal Herrio, the user Reiryoku condenses and attempts to repair the very foundation of his Herrio. Through the use of high-speed regeneration, Hollows and Arrancar alike attempt to recover from any damage they sustain by causing them to heal at a drastically increased rate, closing the wounds on their bodies, and growing back any lost limbs within extremely short periods of time. Also, when Arrancar uses their Resurrección, their wounds instantly heal. While this ability to regenerate is indeed powerful, it is not without its flaws. Despite the extent to which it can heal the body, internal organs, such as the brain, cannot be regenerated; if such irreparable damage is sustained, the rest of the body can continue to regenerate, though to no avail.

○ Herrio Cutback: This is a specially modified Herrio. In his attempt to repair his defense, this self-proclaimed Herrio earned the nickname CutBack. However, unlike normal Herrio, the user Reiryoku condenses and attempts to reflect attacks that aren´t able to crack Rizer's tough Herrio. In a situation similar to that, Rizer is able to repel in an attempt to shatter his defense. Should he need to make any attack against his herrio, it will result in the foe or foes having their attack reflected. This is due to Rizer enhancing durablitity as Arrancar Azure Dragon theme. His previous life allowed him to develop a skill that allowed him to reflect any physical attacks upon his body as well as Reiryoku infuse attacks, sending back up to 50% of the attack to the foe if contact was struck. This damage takes the form of a shockwave that is standard at 5 meters in radius and can increase by 10 meters as mastery is attained. However, Rizer built up natural immunity to his own abilities.

I. Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Hassaikai

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
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It is made of a solid black gray metal with a round cross-section and features sharp spikes along its upper, bulkier half. The latter tapers somewhat toward the slender, spikeless handle, which itself ends in a suspension ring that serves as a pommel. Rizer utilizes this weapon for the vast majority of his melee attacks. Branding the weapon with his massive strength while channeling his Reiryoku through it. Rizer can maybe severely injure and send foes flying far distances with immense force in just a few blows. He wields the weapon both one- and two-handed, the latter especially for his more powerful attacks.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power: Meitei _ yūhatsu: Rizer is able to manifest his aspiration for death, which is agony. In his base form, or release, this takes the shape of fire. Which can reach up to a high temperature fire that can cause a 3rd degree burn. However, this isn´t your normal flame. These flames are able to intoxicate others, putting them in a state where they lose control of their faculties or behavior. Whoever has been hit by the flames will receive one stack. Also, those within range of one will receive one stack. This is done by those within 5 meters of any flame produced. It is important to note that prior to releasing, the number of stacks to influence an opponent is 4, and only two per turn can be allocated. However, in his release stage, this number decreases to only 3 before the foe is influenced. The entire point of these flames is to make the foe drunk and highly addicted to any flame-based ability. After either stack requirement is met, on the 3rd or 4th stack, the foe will rush straight into them due to being addicted to his agony. However, Rizer built up natural immunity to his own abilities.

I. Resurrección

» Resurrección Release Phrase:Burūdoragon o tokihanatsu!

» Resurrección Release Action: Upon saying ¨Burūdoragon o tokihanatsu !¨not action is required other than having contact with zanpakuto.

» Resurrección Appearance:
|Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles | PZVVzDs
Upon Rizer's release, his body produces a great storm of reaistu that is purple in color. His body transformed into a full-serpentine Azure Dragon. His full dragon form is massive, roughly half the size of a small town {100 meters}, and is covered with extremely durable blue scales, dramatically increasing the tremendous natural durability of Rizer's body. In this state, the user has four limbs, which he uses to walk the sky, aka fly. This release enables the user to turn into a giant, serpentine, blue-scaled dragon—specifically a type of Eastern dragon called the "Azure Dragon". Apart from scales, acquired dragon features include horns , sharp fangs, and limbs with clawed hands and feet.

» Resurrección Abilities:
○Meitei _ yūhatsu:Rizer is able to manifest his aspiration for death, which is agony. In his base form, or release, this takes the shape of fire. Which can reach up to a high temperature fire that can cause a 3rd degree burn. However, this isn´t your normal flame. These flames are able to intoxicate others, putting them in a state where they lose control of their faculties or behavior. Whoever has been hit by the flames will receive one stack. Also, those within range of one will receive one stack. This is done by those within 5 meters of any flame produced. It is important to note that prior to releasing, the number of stacks to influence an opponent is 4, and only two per turn can be allocated. However, in his release stage, this number decreases to only 3 before the foe is influenced. The entire point of these flames is to make the foe drunk and highly addicted to any flame-based ability. After either stack requirement is met, on the 3rd or 4th stack, the foe will rush straight into them due to being addicted to his agony. However, Rizer built up natural immunity to his own abilities.

○Honō no kumo: The most prominent of these Rizer releases is their power to conjure flame clouds. These clouds have two functions: the first is to produce clouds of intense heat and firey smoke. These clouds have an intense level of heat that can cause 1st–3rd degree burns. However, the last function is that the cloud is able to lift objects, or the user can travel through the air by using them as footholds, effectively enabling flight. In his release state, Rizer's dragon arms tend to be continuously encircled by fiery rings, which are flame clouds. Rizer Flame Clouds can be used to lift other objects; however, these clouds grant the user immunity, so the user can´t burn himself due to these clouds being forge from the user's very powers. These clouds start at a standard 10 meters in radius and increase by that per level.

○Hi no sōsa:Rizer can freely generate, shape, Meitei yūhatsu, and all similar related abilities to his release. All manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products; the flame is the visible portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different. The user can also completely control the temperature of the fire at will. This ability is rather simple; it allows Rizer to increase the range of his fire by raising the base of his abilities by an additional 10 meters, making the base start at 20 meters. These flames can cause 1st to 3rd degree burns upon chart, and this ability simply increases the temperature they produce. The user is also able to produce these flames from his neck, throat, or limbs.

○ Enhance Herrio: In his release state, Rizer´s Herrio becomes way stronger than normal. Due to being hollowed out by Arrancar, his release, Herrio, acts twice as durable as before, making it very hard for foes to break it. As an arrancar, they are known to be able to battle with the bare hands, and his release states that in this display, Rizer attempts to have an abolsive defense.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: N/A

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Martial Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
» Willpower: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Arrancar Skills
» Cero: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Nucleo: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Regenerar: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
» Sonido: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:


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A True Dragon

"How many times do I have to tell you? I will tolerate no petty bickering in my presence. Conflict does not please me."

General Info
Character Name: Gero, Gu

 Age: 50
Link to Approved Character: Gero
                            Rank: 1st Elder

Equipment: Cane
Starter Skills:Skills

|Vanderich Administrator| Rizer J. Tiles | Monk_r10

Role play sample for different site
"My story?" Gero had pondered the words of the Djinn; at this point in time, nothing else mattered. The display of Her Majesty's abilities as a ruler was quite an interesting feat. However, one must not be tricked by the powers of this djinn. For if they are as powerful as they seem to be, what is the point of us?

The old geezer was torn by the words of his peers. Gero sighed, as he didn't understand this queen's intention to live in the past. What was its purpose in life but to remain chained to the past?

As a man, one must never allow one's past to dictate their actions in the present. At this point in time, Gero hadn't spoken up just yet. He instead listened to the words of his peers as they told their stories to the Queen.

Some told heartfelt stories built on a foundation of life and struggle. Some spoke of fear and peace. Others said what the queen wanted to hear. However, Gero didn't, at this point in time, search for the purpose of this place and this weeping woman.

However, her tearful eyes seem to hold a great deal of pain and suffering. That called out to the old geezer, who didn't want to tell his story. But in this case, he felt the urge to impart a bit of knowledge to his peers and to her majesty.

Several thoughts enter the mind of the Gero. However, at first, the old geezer didn't know what to say other than what was asked of him. But that didn't happen; instead, he had a clear voice and said," I don't wish to entertain the past. However, I do wish to enter the present and future with my actions as a man. A story isn't what I have for you, My Lady; instead, I have the answer you seek. Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. However, if I had to explain anything, I would say, "I stand for justice; however, the side that determines justice is the winning side."

Gero felt that Murmurr's life before him was troubled by the everlasting torture of living in the past. As a man who had a life of military solitude and listening to his superiors. He knew quite well that people's views in this world were corrupt.

Even Kou, his own nation, was corrupted by the bloodshed of people who wished to hold power. The struggles of today's society are built on the views of the masses. As a king or queen, one has the right to control the faith of the masses. However, in these decisions, one remains captured by the views of many.

But not Gero; he was determined not to allow his past to hinder his future. Instead, he pushes forward and will keep moving forward toward his purpose in life. He wasn't sure if he would be a good leader. However, one thing was for sure: he would do the best he could in a place such as this.

His faith in his purpose was as small as the mustard seed but as solid as an oak tree. The spacious room that holds the candidate was a beautiful one. Even the display of the unknown man shocked the old geezer somewhat enough for the geezer to smirk.

From the little information that Gero receives from his peers and the unknown man with a bad attitude. As well as the ruler in front of him, this entire place was a test of one's soul. To see if you are able to maybe control whatever power she has to give to us in lower life. To see how one reacted to the views of the world, and potential looming threads of life. Honestly, Gero felt like this exercise in this place would shake the foundation of how he sees and views things in life.

However, as a man and a leader, he worried about his allies, who were separated at the start of the journey. He knew deep down that this place would allow him to meet them later. He didn't know what this place held, nor did he understand its result. However, he would do his best as a man and Elder of Chronus to bring a much-needed victory to his forces.

Letting out a sigh, Gero bowed his head to the ground, if he was able to move at all. He did this out of respect for her majesty. Only speaking when it allowed him to and only moving if he was able to. It seems like in this place, this woman who weeps holds so much emotion for this place and her culture that it somehow imprisons her in it.

Gero want nothing more but to seek the woman free from his everlasting repeat of her life. The Owantseezer wasn't than how to respond to this place or even this kingdom. But Gero did believe that if anything could happen, the sky was the limit. This place was exactly that—a place where the mind is imprisoned by the torture of guilt.

 Affiliation: Chronus
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As a former Co-admin I'll be conducting the check in place of Rawk & Locke, one of them will give a second grading after my own initial grading. This will occur over stages rather than one big grading due to the length of the application. The first check shall cover the broader things to be addressed and the subsequent checks will be able to focus on individual abilities, powers, and so on.

Initial Check:

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Gamma wrote:[mod]Pending.
As a former Co-admin I'll be conducting the check in place of Rawk & Locke, one of them will give a second grading after my own initial grading. This will occur over stages rather than one big grading due to the length of the application. The first check shall cover the broader things to be addressed and the subsequent checks will be able to focus on individual abilities, powers, and so on.

Initial Check:

Looking at this review and the conclusion of my app history, there wasn´t much history to conclude from the site lore in each respectable part of the site lore. For hollow, arrancar, and quincy. Thus, what I made up, however, if you look at my history, I wrote it in a way that suggests it was an experiment and project. That wasn´t welcome as he was the captor of Vanderich; however, he escaped and returned to my better conditions.

May I suggest you provide a conclusion on the correct dates for this type of history or suggestion?
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