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Sun Aug 20, 2023 10:23 pm

mistress estelle | the sorceress

» Name: Estelle St. Auxerre

» Titles: Mistress of the Saint Auxerre

» Race: Danava
» Age: 131
» Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Bisexual
» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Appearance Description: TBA.


✤ Loyal: Having been raised correctly, Estelle has a definitive marker of what is good and what is evil and generally leans towards the good side. This is shown in her personality on an every-day basis, as Estelle is incredibly loyal to those that she likes and the feeling is mutual. This makes her incredibly dependable as well, with Estelle willing to carry out any deed if a friends asks her too, whether or not it aligns with her personal wishes. This leaves her to be manipulated easily as well, though Pandamona will step in if he deems the relationship not in the best interest of Estelle.

✤ Childlike: A point where her abilities overlap with who she is as a person. Part of being mentally limited by Nidhana itself has left Estelle as a semi-functional adult. Sporting an incredibly short attention span, high amounts of energy, horrible memory but an easy avenue to learning, and just generally a level of innocence unbecoming of a being her age, it doesn't take long for most people to realize what's going on with her upon first meeting. This often leads other individuals to want to protect her or take care of her, though this is something that greatly annoys her.

On the flip side, she is also prone to temper tantrums and doesn't fully understand many concepts. When it comes to the inner workings of magic she could be considered a master of the field, but everything outside of that she only has a basic understanding of if anything at all. There's not real point in trying to teach her about more complicated fields either as after a certain point she just forgets it anyways, so things like Algebra are lost on her whereas simple arithmetic is much more her speed.

✤ Inquisitive: Despite her forgetting most of what she learns, this does not stop Estelle from wanting to know more about the world around her and the different realms and those that inhabit them as well. Due to having a permanent low understanding of everything, whenever she learns something she goes through the whole process of having a whole new world opened up to her just for her to forget and be able to do it all over again. Everything is a new experience for Estelle, meaning that everything fills her with an overwhelming sense of wonder whenever exposed.

✤ Naive: The negative side of her childlike nature, Estelle is incredibly trusting of people lest she has a reason to not believe what they are saying or doing. Not only that, her lack of experiences in many fields also leads her to just not having a whole grasp on the seriousness of positions, responsibilities, or relationships.

✤ Creative: Estelle has a vivid imagination, the likes of which the world has seldom seen. Needing one to be able to craft the unique spells that she has, Estelle's mind is one entirely based in creative energy, to the point that there are times that she becomes disconnected from reality. It is not uncommon for Estelle to confuse real world phenomena for magic as it is what she knows best, though if explained she would temporarily forget that reasoning and believe the actual reason. On the flipside, this imagination also opens the window for her to be incredibly cruel and sadistic, with her childlike nature causing her to have a lower level of empathy than most already.


Estelle's birth, like many others, was a mistake.

A purposeful one, but a mistake nonetheless. See, her birth was the outcome of a mother performing a ritual. Having read in an old tome left in an old family library, it was authored by a Emmanuel St. Auxerre. Emmanuel was a priest from centuries prior that was tasked in routing out heresy, but in the process he also ended up exploring it himself. He wrote about an experience where he had stumbled upon a ritual of some sort in Romania. The people there showed him how they could make items disappear... and that was it. Whatever else the ritual did, the mother could not know as it was beyond incomprehensible, lost to the damage of time. This woman, having dabbled in the "occult" herself, figured it to be a useful means of getting rid of trash. So, she followed the instructions left for her to a tee. Sigils were drawn and chants were said, things flew and the pressure of the air changed. Then, where there once was a pile of cluttered books recently cleaned out from a child's room there was now a a crying infant child. The mother was confused--rightfully so. Meanwhile, while she was trying to determine what just happened, the child kept on crying. With her motherly instincts kicking in, the woman was quick to forget about the details and instead adopted the girl into her family, naming her Estelle.

Due to her nature as a Danava, Estelle grew much faster than a regular human would. Where her sister was 8 years her senior, by the time that Estelle was 4 years old she was already physically surpassed her sister. Estelle grew at the rate 3 times a regular child should and plateaued at 7 years. Despite the rapid change, the actual experience to her mother, Lucille Saint Auxerre, was much like just raising a perpetual toddler. Lucille was the only person that Estelle felt that she could trust, the only person that would accept her besides her fault. When her Danva powers began to mature when she was 10 years old, Lucille was there to help guide her through the anxiety of the process. While she and her sister were somewhat close, when Goetia materialized and Estelle started her path of casting spells they became somewhat estranged. Her sister always knew she wasn't human, but to see it with her own eyes? Disgusted her.

Over the years, her sister moved out and Estelle stayed with her mother. Lucille's father died and so the main St Auxerre estate was passed off to her. This was the best environment for Estelle to learn as the secrecy along with the large amount of land in rural France gave her ample room to grow and fail and learn all the same. As the days past, Estelle grew in power and Goetia imparted more of his knowledge to her.

And then, Lucille died.

Cancer. It was absolutely heartbreaking for Estelle to witness her mother die. Especially since she was the one who spent the most time with her, with her sister off gallivanting across Paris and living her life. Never a call, never a letter. This left Estelle to call doctors, whose only news was that it was uncurable. Estelle tried to use magic to cure her, but she didn't have the means. No matter what she crafted, nothing was able to cure the illness. Estelle buried her on the estate, the one that would be passed down to her.

For months following Lucille's death, Estelle fell into a deep depression which is reflected in her spells of that time. She never left the house, she never opened the blinds. The only people she would interact with would be those that worked in her house, but even then it was minimal interaction. The only words she uttered would be heard by Goetia, who by the day watched with concern as Estelle fell deeper and deeper into her emotions. It scared him, as if she continued down this path she may become a threat to everyone. To try and get her mind off of things, Goetia gave her a task. A challenge.

"Kill 1 Billion Monsters."

To Estelle, it was set up as a grand quest, as her purpose in life. She was given the power so she can rid the world of its monsters, because that's what wizards did. Again, her undeveloped brain made it easier to sell to her and just as easy to get her invested through purely flowery prose.

And then she set out on the journey. To her junior mind, anything that looked like a monster was a monster, which meant that her first prey would be a hollow. Tracking the prey and following it into a Garganta because "it looks pretty in there", Estelle was in Hueco Mundo for decades. It was in there that she found her monsters, and honed her ability to kill them. Known among the hollow as the Sparkling Death due to the flamboyance of her spells, it weas everyday that the count towards one billion was slowly going up. Her count grew much higher during times of high turmoil, such as during the wars since there was more prey to hunt.

Then she got bored. If anything, the endeavor lasted much longer than Goetia expected it to. What was supposed to be a two week distraction ended up being a what seemed like a lifelong lesson. But, now that she was returned to Earth, Estelle applied what she had learned and started crafting a new spell, so she can destroy monsters immaterial as well.

She failed before. Even when distracted she never forgot her mother and what Estelle could not do for her. There must be a spell out there that would let her bring her back, maybe even cure the worst of diseases. There had to be something that would give her mother back. Mayhap it lied in the number, she never reached the billion, or maybe it lied deeper in herself hidden underneath potential untapped.

Either way, she was going to achieve this goal or die trying.


natural potential

» Stunted: A product of both her conception and upbringing, due to the nature of her abilities Estelle is what would be considered mentally stunted. Stuck with the personality and general understanding of a 12 year-old girl, her personality reflects this in her everyday life. Despite attempts at educating her, it seems like it is the will of Nidhana at this point.

» High Energy: The fuel for Estelle's feats of magic and wonder are, for the lack of a better description, part of her. The energy which is used to cast most, if not all, of her spells relies on the same energy that she uses to exist. Given that she has been using magic at nearly every moment of her life, over time her pool has only grown in size. Though, on the flip side of this, because her energy is what keeps her running, due to using magic so much she has now transcended normal bodily limits. For example, she can go weeks without sleep if she never used magic, however its more normal that she can goes up to a week before sleeping. When she falls asleep, she also sleeps for 16-18 hours on average. On the flip side, she also eats less if she uses less magic, with on average having 3 meals a week.

racial potential

» Origin Name: Mind of a Flourishing Reality

» Origin Description: This origin is based in the imaginative working of creative minds and applies them in reality in a metaphysical or physical form. In a less wordy description, she is the embodiment of magic.

» Origin Abilities:

» Elemental Manipulation: To a very small degree, Estelle has control over the elements to bend them to her will. At this base level, she can manipulate and shape the elements around her as they already exist, so she can't create fire if there is no fire around for example. Attacks made through this ability are negligible at best as this is really only a basis for more heavily altered spells which can be found below.

» Magic Resistance: Pretty self-explanatory. Anything which can is labeled as a spell, such as Kido or Quincy spells, is greatly diminished against her. Clocking in at a whopping 75% resistance, most magical attacks are broken down as they reach her. Not only that, once she has seen the workings of a spell and has been hit by one, she can essentially copy it and add it to her own book of spells.

You wouldn't fight the fire Danava with fire, why try to use magic against her?

» Eternal Partner Name: Goetia

» Eternal Partner Appearance:
Estelle St. Auxerre 0571-Zoroark-Hisui

» Eternal Partner Personality: Goetia's personality is essentially antithesis of Estelle's. Where she is the carefree child, he is the rugged adult who has lived through multiple lives and has achieved what can only be described as omnicidal pessimism. Having witness the lives of those previous to him, Goetia had come to the conclusion that being the Danava of Magic was only a curse. Where those before him either went mad with power or were killed out of fear, he leads Estelle in a sort of direction where he doesn't have to watch her fall to the same fate.

atma vatou
✤ Name: Mémoire D'amour Perdu

✤ Description: The Lost Love Memoir. A bound book with a black leather front and back, with black pages that seemingly have no end. From the side, you can see the pages, though in reality there is no set number of pages and the amount increases as needed for spells. Inside the book is white writing that is of a language that does not exist. The writing looks to be squiggles and pictures, though when read by Estelle she understands them perfectly.

As far as measurements, the book is 8 inches wide by 11 inches tall and 1.5 inches thick.

✤ Abilities:
» Magic Is Magic Is Magic: The main ability of this atma vatou. This make the item, essentially, a reiryoku generator that fuels the wielder through a feedback loop of drawing out their spiritual power and giving it back constantly. What this means for those that hold it is that they find it easier to use their spiritual energy for attacks and spells, with their drawbacks being minimal.

In the case of Estelle, it allows her to cast a large number of spells at a time without burning herself out, become essential to her combat capabilities. Without it she'd only be able to cast a handful of spell and for a small amount of time, making most fights with a weaponless Estelle lasting only mere moments against most opponents. On the flipside, she can cast much stronger spells and even simpler spells with little to no usage from her stamina pool.

Path of Embracing

✤ Name: High Magus

✤ Appearance: In this path, there's minimal change in appearance given it's function. Estelle's eyes gain a faint violet glow to them and her hair and clothes begin to defy gravity, flowing upwards towards the sky rather than downwards towards the earth. This floating effect is faint, only effecting her by a few inches at most.

✤ Abilities: Apart from what is listed in this section, this path also grants Estelle access to higher and stronger spells, which can be found below.

» Burdens Reach: At this point, Estelle''s understanding of her own magic heightens, partially due to transcending to a point in which she is closer with Goetia . Having reached more of a understanding with him on a physical level, the magic that spawns from her is no longer restricted to just the world around her. Now being able to target the senses and minds of other people, though in a limited capacity at a time. The burden of understanding is power, and the burden of power is the decision that come with.

» Chain Escape: When entering this state, Estelle unlocks the ability to surpass her previous limitations. No longer shackled by the need of physical matter to manipulate, her spells now supply the material she needs with them. This method of creation is weaker than alteration in every facet, though with the newly unlocked spells in her arsenal, their own sheer power tends to negate this downside. That being said, her normal spells are all fully effected by this, meaning that unless the spell is considered an Ascended Spell, if she doesn't not adhere to manipulation they are treated as 1 Class weaker.

» Burden of Power: Though considered a release by most metrics, given what it gives her there are certain caveats that she has to sacrifice. As it acts as a means to widen her capabilites, this state does not actually make Estelle stronger by any means, meaning that it is entirely horizontal growth rather than vertical.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Origin Embodiment: Advanced
  • Origin Focusing: Beginner
  • Atma Vatou: Adept
  • Eternal Partner: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Untrained
  • Focus: Adept

Coding done by S_E

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Sat Sep 02, 2023 2:11 pm

mistress estelle | the spellbook


Before we get into the meat of this section, here is a guide on how to read each spell.

Each spell will be laid out as Name, Class, Description. Name and Description are pretty self-explanatory and vary depending on which spell you are reading. Class, on the other hand, is a number value given to each spell based on potency, danger level, and general complexity. The numbers go from 9 to 0, and can generally be used to compare to the Spirit Class system to easily understand what they are capable of.

Beyond that, this section is also divided into Spells in which can be cast by Estelle outright, Eternal Spells or spell which are available through her Eternal Partner, and finally Ascended Spells which are spells locked behind Path of Embracing.

Spells which do NOT require the atma vatou will be notated with a mark (†︎).
» Name: Dark Days Ahead
» Class: 6
» Description: A spell that doesn’t do anything crazy. By manipulating water in the sky, Estelle is able to draw dark nimbus clouds over her position. These clouds are large enough to block out a city and after 24 hours they begin to disappear. This spell can be cast once every 12 hours and requires a chant before it can be used. The chant is: “Mother’s gone, even God weeps for her loss.”

» Name: Monster Sighting
» Class: 9
» Description: By throwing a drop of blood into a target, Estelle is able to track their position and movement. While strongest when located in the same realm as the target, it can also be used cross-realm, though if that is the case then only information on which realm they are in is able to be discerned. If the blood is wiped off, the the spell end. Can have multiple active tracking targets, though after 4 they become difficult to know which is which.

» Name: Lucille’s Blessed Tear
» Class: 3
» Description: One of the few spells with a somatic requirement. Upon finishing the chant: “My sweet child, come here. The future will be hard but remember you’re never alone. I’ll be watching, rooting for you, whenever you’re unsure just remember me. They’ll call you a monster, they’ll fear you, they might even try to kill you. But, even a monster is loved. I love you.” During this speech a tear must be formed, given the context of the chant it’s not exactly a difficult feat. When the tear drops from her face, upon contact with the ground it leaves an inverted dome-shaped crater the size of a city that is 75 feet deep.

Rarely has any combat application, especially since it doesn’t actually deal damage and rather just destroys the ground. Everyone in the area will be fine if this spell is cast, assuming they can survive a 75 foot fall.

» Name: Wrath of Grief
» Class: 5
» Description: Estelle harnesses the power of raw magic and reiatsu all into the tip of her finger, generating a strong destructive force. After flicking her finger, everything caught in a 25ft cone in front of her is obliterated by the sheer amount of power condensed in that small area. Kishi tends to disintegrate if it does not belong to a living being, while everything else is sent flying back.

It cannot be cast and used in the same post, requiring at least a round of charging prior to being fired.

» Name: Gravitation
» Class: 5
» Description: A spell that either pushes or pulls on reishi and/or kishi particles, allowing for directed flight. This spell is casted through three claps of Estelle's hands, following which the target she is aiming for is either lifted or thrown in a direction as if the gravity changed for that specific object. This spell can only be casted on inanimate objects, however it can cover an area up to the size of a city which often rips up foundation but will be shallow enough to leave underground transportation such as subways intact.

This spell lasts a day, though it can be recast during its duration and it reset the timer if that happens.

» Name: Sky Pyre
» Class: 7
» Description: This spell requires there to be clouds in the sky, the particular state of which is inconsequential. If cloudy, as long as there is nothing blocking overhead Estelle can use this spell to cause a bolt of lightning to drop from the sky onto them. The target is chosen via physical contact, so Estelle has to essentially be right next to them in order to cast this.

» Name: Desperation
» Class: 7
» Description: A spell made when there were no other option. By far the strongest and most efficient healing spell in Estelle’s arsenal, after cast on a stationary target, over the course of a minute (or two posts) the body of the target begins to regress to a state it would have been in the past 24 hours. This can heal wounds, cure minor illnesses, and even repair items which may not normally be fixed. If interrupted the spell cannot be cast again for 24 hours and 1 second. Also, Estelle cannot cast this spell on herself.

» Name: Desperation Nation
» Class: 5
» Description: Desperation refined. No longer limited by who it can be casted on, the only thing holding this spell back is that it can only regress two people at once. The cooldown for this spell is 48 hours, though regular Desperation and Desperation Nation do not share the same timer.

It takes 4 posts rather than 2 to take full effect, and if interrupted the targets return to the state before the spell was cast.

» Name: Oneirographe †︎
» Class: 9
» Description: With a speaking of an incantation, Estelle can transmit pictures that she is thinking into the world around her. The main requirement of this spell is that it requires a medium for the image to be placed onto, such as a piece of paper or a literal canvas. Besides that, however, there isn't much else that she can or can't do with this spell within the parameters that have been set.

» Name: Nero's Blunder †︎
» Class: 7
» Description: A spell that is activated through a snap of fingers. Once cast, either a body of water or a body of flames is doubled. This is limited to a body in which she could see entirely from one point, so she can't go around doubling the ocean as she couldn't see the entire body unless she was in space. This acts a sort of reload for her as she has to rely on already existing elements to cast most of her spells without relying on her equipment.

That being said, if she can stand in a body and also see the entirety of it, she can instead triple the amount instead of double it. This special effect may only occur once per thread, while the normal effect can be activated once every so often.

» Name: Ifrit Cackle
» Class: 7
» Description: One of the few spells with an "incantation", for this spell to be cast it requires a joke to be told. The joke doesn't have to be funny, but once on person starts to laugh (which could be Estelle), the laughter then spreads to nearby beings who are capable of physically laughing. After a moment of laughter, a subject will begin to start uncontrollably spewing fire from their mouth. The fire is really tied to the saliva of the creature, as the spell really just makes it incredibly flammable.

» Name: Lunar Imitation
» Class: 9
» Description: A ball of pure reishi given the properties of light that is normally attributed to fire. This small ball can then hover up to 3 meters away from Estelle and will follow her around automatically, basically acting as a moving flashlight. The ball can be controlled at will by Estelle.

» Name: Twicefold Sigh
» Class: 7
» Description: Pages flip and a slicing gust of wind shoots out from Etselle in a 10m radius circle around her. Then, the gust is drawn back into her and after a delay (1 post) a wave of ice is shot out. The ice creates pillars as it travels, with the jagged shards measuring as tall as 5 meters.

» Name: Murder Of Innocence
» Class: 8
» Description: With a wave of her hand, a flock of white crow-like beings are summoned to act a sort of shield against an oncoming attack. These crows are not autonomous and must be purposely controlled by Estelle, though when summoned in flock and sent in a direction they follow that order for up to an hour. Most of the time, they aren't enough to block heavy and large attacks like a cero, but act a great defense against limited attacks like arrows.

Due to the amount summoned, this cannot be used at close range lest Estelle be caught and confused in the flock.

» Name: The Mockery
» Class: 9 - 2
» Description: The ritual in which a sacrifice is given and a danava is created in return. However, being a being of magic herself Estelle has taken the ritual and has studied how to tweak it, ultimately reaching a point where she can enlarge the area in which a sacrifice is taken.

» Name: Hell's Gaze Upon Heaven
» Class: 5
» Description: After casting, a black liquid forms an inch from the palm of her hand and hovers there, creating a sort of palm-sized barrier. When this liquid comes in contact with a person it forms around their person, creating a sort of black cocoon. In this cocoon, their senses are robbed and they enter a sort of stasis where they are able to think but time doesn't really effect their body. They no longer hunger but they will age, though someone trapped through this mean will not be allowed to die of old age. For as long as the cocoon is holding them, it will keep them alive and imprisoned essentially.

Due to the structure of what makes the cocoon, it cannot be destroyed through physical means as it will just mold around the attack and soften then nullify the blow. Spells of higher caliber will destroy it, and strong enough individuals will break out after a certain amount of time.

» Name: Enlightenment of Flesh
» Class: 6
» Description: A truly gruesome spell. This spell targets an individual and breaks them down layer by layer, slowly disintegrating by converting kishi into reishi (or reishi into reishi) and then ripping it apart. The entire process is incredibly painful until it reaches the nervous system, so often times the entire duration of the spell is filled with screams of horrible pain. Both the duration and casting of this spell requires extreme focus and mental preparation, meaning that it can't just be used on a whim.

For the sake of sanity, this isn't a spell which can be used in combat. Rather, it something that can be used as a plot device or after a fight.


» Name: Transcended Word †︎
» Class: 8
» Description: A rather simple spell in effect, Transcended Word connects the speech of up to 5 people together so that when someone says something, regardless of distance, the other members will hear. Allows for wide-ranged communication between a select group of people on the battlefield. Doesn't have a range maximum and last for as long as Estelle stays in a Path.

» Name: Archbishop Crisis
» Class: 3
» Description: A feat of truly cruel miracle, or at least that's what the last guy who saw it said. So Archbishop Crisis is a twofold attack. The first part starts small, with a single spark of lightning between fingertips, and then as time passes the spark grows into a bolt that at it's maximum size is three times the size of Estelle. This bolt is then thrown with one hand, sparks flying off of it as it soars through the air to its target. Once it makes contact, this bolt breaks down as it absorbs itself into the target. This portion is an attack, but not in the tradition sense.

See, that's because of the next half of the spell. What the first bolt did is supercharge the target with an incredibly high amount of volatile reiatsu, and to those not used to this they essentially turn into a bomb as the next time they try to tap into their reiatsu it causes them to explode. Alternatively, Estelle can send another bolt from the sky homed in on the target to trigger the explosion. This second bolt does not miss, assuming the first part lands.

» Name: Monsters Maketh Men
» Class: 3
» Description: Or better known as Mind Break, this spell attacks the person at their lowest by drawing out their deepest and darkest fears through the use of illusions. First, to cast the spell a rune specifically for this spell must be drawn on the target, though this may be accomplished through Oneirographe spell. Once there is one rune marking in existence and it is place on one target, the spell can then be manually activated. The person marked will start to see visions of their past that haunt them, their worst nightmares personified into shadowy creatures that tower over them, and their skin starts to become itchy all over.

Following the activation, for every two rounds the target is affected by this their Willpower is reduced by a rank and for every 4 rounds they are under this spell they are permanently bumped down a rank of Willpower (which stops at Untrained, essentially causing the person to go insane). This spell can only effect those up to an Elite in Willpower, as those of Master or higher find that they unphased by their own demons.

Coding done by S_E

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