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I. Basic Information

» Name: Sashizu Hichigisomafune 冷静 柩杣船
» Alias: Sashi (Family Members)
» Age: 373
» Gender: Female

» Association: Hichigisomafune Head of Family.

» Appearance Written: Sashizu has all the hallmarks of a rich woman. Soft, pale skin without a hint of blemish or scars. With a fair complexion and striking features, most notably her fierce gaze which she is rather known for. While in many situations she holds a serene expression, her eyes can be quite piercing even when she doesn't intend for them to be. That said, her gentle, feminine features give her a natural softness and calm that most find comforting and trustworthy. Kids often think she looks motherly, and even many adults share this opinion.

» Appearance Image:

(placeholder for roblox screenshot)

I. Personality

» Personality:

Sashi is a noblewoman through and through. Nothing satisfies her more than the notion that she was born superior to others. While humans toil away in a realm ransacked by war and stupidity, the Rukongai stands as the ideal pinnacle of what she believes the world should be. That an oasis of beauty, progress, and strength be held at the very center, while those in the surroundings and world beyond can but look upon them in abject and deserved adoration. She has no drive or need to seek the approval of others, it is simply something that is to be expected, and failing to meet that expectation is merely a sign of stupidity or blindness.

However there is more to the woman than just her self-righteousness and prestige. After all, not even Nobles are all built equal. It is of her opinion that those incapable of not just being born with power and influence, but those incapable of seizing or maintaining that influence are even worse than the poor. Those of lower class are simply beasts, they are deserving of neither active violence or hatred. They are simply animals. It is those of higher breeding that are held to standards and deserve scrutiny. By this metric, she has focused herself on the bettering of her family, as well as the rest of the nobles in soul society. Making note of families and individuals that she feels strengthen the noble community as a whole, while also taking note of those car wrecks that dare to call themselves noble at all.

However, those few that find themselves in her good graces will struggle to maintain it. Hihija has an ever-evolving sense of what a noble aught to be. When she was very young, she felt that those who were noble had a duty to make the world a better place. That everyone's happiness should be the duty of a Noble, for they have the most power to accomplish such things.

Later on, this would twist as she found that it was impossible for everyone to be happy. People fought, cheated, and hurt eachother for selfish gain. But she would not abandon her ideal. rather, she felt that it was their job to simply maximize happiness of the general population. Some people simply could not be content or happy, and so she came to understand certain 'acceptable amounts of unhappiness'. That some people did not deserve to be happy, for their form of happiness would ultimately lead to the suffering of others to an even greater degree.

And finally, after her encounter with Guazu, she ultimately developed the ideals that some people not only could not be happy, but would ruin the lives of those around them as well. Heroes and Saints of old while briefly offering moments of solace and warmth, ultimately would lead things down the path of suffering. With freedom and no rules, people ultimately would simply begin to naturally place themselves into a random pecking order, resulting in chaos and suffering. It was the purpose of those born into higher standing to establish proper order, to ensure that law and stability could Reign. Maintaining that separation of power and influence was key in controlling chaos and corruption.

It was this very dogma that turned her into the woman she is today. Disgusted by the power shift in the world around her, she has every intention of 'Fixing' the world. Nobody can be trusted with the world's happiness. Nobody but herself.

I. History

» History:

In her early years, Sashizu was a warm and affectionate child. No matter who she met, they were greeted with the smile and warmth one might expect from a bright and happy child. She was the very pride of her household. Though large, the family had struggled slightly with succession. Her parents had struggled in order to produce an heir, an incident which had, for a time, let to consideration of her Uncle to be considered for the next head of the family over her Father. but with Sashizu's birth, those concerns, and her Uncle's chance to become head of the family, were swept aside.

His daughter not only meant the stability of the family, but an end to a struggle he and his wife had suffered in trying to conceive. She was showered with affection as a result, and her earliest days were filled with memories of happiness and warmth. Days that she would look back on fondly.

They were, after all, numbered.

Shortly after her twentieth birthday, Sashizu's father began to grow ill. Around that same time, the Family's status came into question once again. Sashizu's father pushed aside much in order to spend time with his daughter and a number of the more pragmatic members of the family saw this as negligence. This only became more pronounced as her Father's condition worsened. Those bright, happy days with her family soon fell as fond memories, and Sashizu soon found her heart clouded with the first shadows of her life. As little by little, her father's ability to play with her waned, and the bright, happy look in her parents eyes shifted to something else entirely. As if the very joy in their lives were being slowly bled away.

A few months after her twenty-third birthday, Sashizu's father was laid to rest. The happiness in her household was well and truly gone. Not only this, but her and her mother's position in the family changed. Because of his difficulty in conceiving a child and his decline in health, her father's strength in blood was brought into question. After all, Sashizu herself was somewhat sickly as a child, a constant source of worry for her mother. Believing this to be something inherited from her Father, it was determined that her Uncle would be taking over as the Head of the household, rather than Sashizu succeeding her father.

As their place in the family shifted, so too did the manner others in the family began to treat them. Family members that had once been warm and close now began to shun and ignore them. Cousins that had once been her friends now regarded her with disdain and smug superiority. Having fallen from their place, when Sashizu felt the desire to reach out, to find help, to find solace and comfort for her and her grieving mother. Instead, many of her family simply stomped them into the dirt. The only blessing came in the form of some members of the family. Her grandparents continued to be warm and supportive, and a few of her more distant cousins continued to play with her, welcome distractions from the pain her mother was going through. But already, that warmth was somewhat tarnished, and though she kept a brave, happy face for her mother. Deep down, she felt hurt and betrayed by her own family. How many of those smiling faces had been hiding fangs and scowls?

What had she done to deserve this?

It was at this time that she learned a very important lesson from her Aunt. A woman who had been among the many that had been friendly and frequently visited when her father was alive. Now the Lady of the Household, she would frequently go out of her way to try and make Sashizu miserable.

Lips that had once sung honeyed words of praise. A voice she had once looked forward to hearing. That had once said her name with warmth and affection. Now spoke of her as if the very taste of her name was revolting. But it wasn't that the woman began to insult her or put her down. No, it was her dead father instead. Time and time again, the woman would frequently, whether in Sashizu's presence or not, make comments about how weak her father had been. That she had always suspected something was wrong with the man, and that Sashizu herself had only been further proof of his weakness. Not only instilling a sense of inferiority, but guilt within the young girl. That on some level, it was her fault that all this had happened.

If she had been stronger. Healthier. That perhaps, Mother would not have to endure such treatment. That her father's death could have been seen as the tragedy it was, rather than some sign of weakness.

With some help from her grandparents, Sashizu began to do everything she could to try and improve her own health. Improving her diet, as her mother had once tried to do. Exercising regularly, as her father had so worriedly attempted to insist. All things that she had been happy to do, but now she threw herself into with ferver and desperation. As if by making herself stronger, by shaking off her illness, she could somehow fix her life.

If nothing else, her efforts yielded results. Her episodes of weakness began to become less and less frequent. She grew stronger, and even took up training in Hakuda and Hoho with the reccommendation of one of her great Uncles, who took pity on her after the death of her father. Over the next ten years, Sashizu would go from a soft, frail flower to a young woman that could keep pace even with her strongest cousins. Her tenacity and efforts drew attention, and some of those that had been quick to treat her so poorly began to shift. Those old and stuck in their ways elders changing their tune, and the derision in their tones faded when they spoke of her father. Even her uncle and her Cousin, the Heir to the family household, seemed to warm to her. Her uncle especially began to take special interest, and began to crack down on those family members that had mistreated her and her mother. Before long, it seemed as if everything was back to normal.

It was at this time, as she was pushing herself to become better that she met the first flower of affection in her life. Guazu 具アズ. A member of a small retainer family once connected to the Shiba, Guazu seemed to notice the work she had put into improving her health, and the pair trained in the same group underneath her Great Uncle. She found that more and more, though she had seemed to overcome the illness she'd suffered from earlier in her life, she wasn't content. Every time she saw the look of admiration in Guazu's eyes, she found herself driven to work harder. She quite liked it. And after their training, they would often wind up chatting. Talking about their lives, the state of things. And really just about anything that came to mind.

At first, they spoke about their immediate surroundings. Their Training. Their teacher. And even their fellow students. But soon enough Sashizu began speaking to him about her experiences. The fate of her father, the mental decline in her greiving mother, as well as her efforts to try and improve things for her and her surviving parent. In turn. Guazu shared much about his own life, his experiences. How his family had lost a good ammount of their standing in years past thanks to an incident that had occurred during the Quincy extermination in which his great grandfather had attempted to help hide some quincy from the extermination on earth, but that those very same Quincy had ezploited him, and repaid his kindness by attacking shinigami and ruining the reputation of the family.

He spoke of his own conflict with the story, how he felt bad for the quincy, but that he couldn't understand how they could have abused his grandfather's kindness. And after hearing about Sashizu's own experience with her family, he came to a conclusion. That some people needed to be kept in line. Under the rule of Sashizu's father, everyone had been able to come together and have some semblance of happiness, even if perhaps snaks in the grass had held quiet contempt. In contrast, the quincy had been allowed to stubbornly rebel against the shinigami, and that if they had been kept watch of earlier, and if the Gotei had played a more active role in removing the Quincy's reasons for feeling the need to defend themselves, things might have turned out differently. And shilw Sashizu didn't quite know how to feel about such ideas, the passion behind them, and the clear desire he held in him to try and make things better endeared him to her. And the first buds of feelings began to bloom. She had found herself slowly but surely falling in love.

It was those very same convictions that urged Guazu to join the Gotei as a shinigami. An action that brought him one step closer toward his ideals, but also spelled his doom. After almost eight years of training in the academy, upon joining the Gotei and going on his very first mission on earth, Guazu was slain by a hollow. It was discovered that he had been poisoned prior to going onto the mission, and that in his inhibited state, a hollow which should have never posed a threat claimed the young Shinigami's life.

Sashizu was distraught. With the loss of her first love, with whom she had quickly grown even ore attached to in his days in the academy, feelings that never truly bloomed, having not wanted to distract him from his studies. Now she found herself lost twice. That not only had he been taken from her, but that she had never been given the chance to tell him of her feelings for him.

All at once, her health began to decline again. It was nothing serious, and in truth, her mother assured her that it was common to fall ill when faced with such a loss. Once again the murmurings began amongst her family. The elders once more turned up their noses, and insisted that this was the weakness from her childhood come to haunt her again. For the second time, she felt her family slowly beginning to turn on her. But it was different this time around. She was older. Smarter. And slowly, she began to realize something wasn't right. Many of her family, some who had been close to her and even knew Iquazu seemed solemn but ..insincere in his passing. It was in small details. A small smile here. A shift in their tone. But the way his name left their lips even in mourning, held a sinister hint of mirth.

She grew restless and suspicious, it was only after her Great Uncle had noticed her strife that she finally learned the truth. Having trained the young woman since she was little, he had grown increasingly close to Sashizu, and so, although the public investigation into the poisoning of Guazu had gone cold and abandoned, the low station of his family garnering almost no effort on the part of the investigators, he reopened the case and had some of his own personal friends look into the incident. In an attempt to console her, he had them report directly to Sashizu. Directing them to get whatever information they could from her, and using Sashizu as a resource to find out whom had been close to Guazu and find out what had happened. But what she discovered would change her life. Perhaps some part of her saw it coming. But when the Investigators finally brought their results to Sashizu, she didn't feel quite as struck as she thought she would. Perhaps it was the shock.

Upon proper investigation, an indivual was identified to be the culprit. A low seated officer that was in Guazu's squad, one that had been in his graduating class in fact. An individual with no real clear connection to the family other than that for some reason, his father had been quite close with Sashizu's family. And upon further investigation, they found the truth. That the man who had poisoned Guazu was the son of the head of the Yusoto branch famnily, whom was close with Sashizu's uncle, or more specifically: his wife. Not just Guazu, but her Father had met their ends not even a month after these men had come into their lives.

At first she didn't believe it. But then she was filled with a pure and unadulterated rage. A hatred that welled up within her. Pushing the investigators further, she discovered that her Aunt had always detested the potential of Sashizu inheriting the family, feeling that her son more rightfully deserved to become the eventual head of the family. Poisoning her Father. Feeding ideas that Sashizu would share the man's fate and endanger the lineage, and even turning some of the family against her and her mother. But it seemed that paranoia wasn't the end of it. Her autn truly seemed to hate Sashizu, and so, finding out about her little blooming affections for Guazu, she had arranged for him to meet a similar fate as her father.

She wanted the woman dead. Worse than dead. She wanted to tear the woman to pieces with her own two hands. But se knew better. The last thing she could well get away with was to simply stroll into the family mansion and strangle the head of the family's wife to death. For all of the rage and indignity in her heart, she kept Guazu's words in mind.

Her Aunt was not simply a threat to her and her happiness, but to the Family. She had not only taken something from her, but twisted the family in the meantime. Turning members against eachother. She couldn't simply confront the woman, too much of the family was involved. If her Aunt was found out and punished, the complicit members of the family would rush to protect her out of self interest. At best, they would all turn on her, and she would face punishment, at best, the family would be torn apart, and a good portion of it burned away. But that was fine. She was content with biding her time.

There was no hurry. Making a move now would only cast suspicion on her if the connection was ever discovered, it'd be all too easy to identify her actions as revenge. She could bide her time. She threw herself into her studies and training, becoming less and less visible in the eyes of her family. Attending fewer gatherings, fading into the shadows much to the mirth of her Aunt. Her teacher even suggested that she become a shinigami, but this was a suggestion that she would humor. And so instead she worked on improving herself, in both body and mind with the assistance of her Teacher, wether that was with conventional training or with more archaic methods of pushing the body and soul to it's limits. All whilst she waited for the perfect opportunity.

The opportunity came quite unexpectedly. After decades of biding her time, she finally got her chance. The bombing of the Hospital in Soul Society. Something which shook quite a few groups, that such a thing woudl happen in the heart of what many considered the safest realm in existence, paranoia and suspicion began to grow rampant. The perfect breeding ground for casting blame. And as luck would have it, someone from the family happened to be present. Okasu, her Cousin, and the Heir to the family. The precious boy that her Aunt had sunk to such depths over.

Sashizu took her chance. While the family was still reeling from the news, she took the initiative, and paid her cousin a visit in disguise.

It was simpler than she'd expected. He was a pampered little brat, the type of young man that always made boasts, but never had the spine to back anything up. The torture techniques she'd hones over the years had been meant to break her Aunt. So she had prepared for someone with so much more spine. He broke easily, once he had stopped whimpering and asking who she was and what she wanted, he eventually just broke into a whimpering mess, and once he had been broken, she manipulated him into believing that he was the one who had planted the bomb. That after he had failed the Shino Academy entrance exam, a detail that had been well hidden from the public eye thanks to her Aunt, and that eventually, he had, with the assistance of his Father, the head of the family, gotten the ingredients for a bomb, snuck them into the hospital, and set it off, but had gotten caught in the blast before he could leave.

From there it was so much simpler. Once she had ingrained the idea into his mind, she told him to keep quiet about it, and his sudden shifts in behaviors, the whimpering and all that? It was attributed to PTSD from the bombing. After all, she needed to be careful. Over the next month she took to slowly planting evidence throughout the household. Bomb ingredients, plans for various sections of the Sereitei. Not Just the hospital, but a number of other 'potential targets'. She even managed to trick some of her Uncle's men to deliver materials to the Sereitei for the reconstruction effort. After all, some of the debris had flown pretty far and damaged other structures. Important structures, the very same structures laid out in the planted plans. And amongst those materials? Hidden compartments with the necessary ingredients to construct more improvised explosives.

It took almost no time at all for a response. With Soul Society on high alert, the suspicious materials had been almost immediately noticed, bringing suspicion to the household. Before word had even reached the household that the Shinigami had seized the materials, a raid was conducted on the house, and everything she'd planted was found. Several members of the family were brought in for interrogation, among them? Her Cousin Okasu. The instant they began to question him, the memory of his torture broke him into a sobbing whimpering mess. He instantly confessed, believing fully and truly every blubbering word that spilled from his mouth.

He confessed to setting off the bomb, as well as his Father's involvement with the task. And before long, both he, as well as her Uncle, were placed under arrest. Though she made no move herself, the elders found plenty to point to her as the new head of the family. Having taken plenty of time over the past century to make herself amicable to many of the elders as well as their immediate relatives. Despite being mostly out of the political spotlight in the family, she was the ideal candidate as new head of the Household. A decision that was made all the more easy when her only opposition, her Aunt, committed suicide shortly after her husband's arrest and her Son's confession. Sashizu's only regret was that she couldn't have killed the woman herself.

But she had other things to do in the meantime. The family was restless, and eager to be disassociated from her Uncle and Cousin. She was welcomed heartily. So many faces that had looked at her with scorn and contempt behind her back, now begged her for salvation with every glance.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Absurd Rieryoku Reserves:
Sashizu has an exceptionally developed reiryoku. Having trained for most of her life she has extensive experience utilizing spiritual energy. However, she particularly has specialized in Kaido and healing other nobles, which involves expending her own spiritual energy to restore the patient's. And since she is used to treating Nobles with exceptionally high spiritual reserves, many patients would require her to completely exhaust herself, sometimes needing several sessions in order to properly mend and restore their energy. Between this and her own training, Sashizu developed incredibly deep reserves which she only continues to improve upon.

Reiryoku Control
As a result of training with Oetsuibara, Sashizu's reiryoku control is exceptionally high, using an item originally purposed for torture in order to train her own ability to control her vast spiritual energy to the extremes. This has not only assisted in the cultivation of abilities such as Hakuda and Kido, but has also been cultivated in order to ensure that her spiritual pressure never runs rampant. This was a key component to her ability to remain unnoticed in the family.

Reiryoku Control - Suishi 水死 (Drowning)
A technique originally developed to contain her reiatsu. This technique involves locking her and her spiritual pressure close to her body to keep it from being felt beyond a certain distance (1 meter). However, because of this, those within the set distance are subjected to higher concentrations of her own spiritual pressure than would otherwise normally be experienced even by intentionally flexing. As a result, entering this close zone of personal space has been likened to being thrown into icy water or buried alive. Thanks to over a hundred years of diligent training and acclimating herself to performing the technique, it is active at all times, even when she is asleep or unconscious.

Reiryoku Control - Entei 堰堤 (Dam)
A technique derived from forcibly slowing the flow of spiritual energy in and out of her body, causing it to condense in her skin similar to an Arrancar's Hierro. However, this is not simply static standing reiryoku which stays in place, but rather a dense flow of reiryoku along the skin. As such, in addition to providing protection, whenever this defense is breached, it causes an expulsion of pressurized Reiryoku. The force of this venting can be explosive and very damaging. With conscious effort, this force can be suppressed to simply apply a repulsive blunt push towards whatever is in contact, or concentrated to the point that it can pierce or slash the body of whomever had attacked her in the first place.

Because of the speed at which this occurs, it has at times been mistaken for a high speed counter faster than the eye could track.

Peak Physical Condition:
Because she was weak as a child, Sashizu needed to put in considerable physical effort to strengthen herself to the point where she was able to function normally. This was accomplished not only for her own sake, but for the sake of the family's appearance, hoping to improve her physical condition to the point where rumors of her father having weak blood would be assuaged.

Though she grew out of her weakness as a child, she continued an almost religious practice of training her body and soul to push herself to the physical extremes, such that nobody would ever question her father's blood. Among her fellow students at the Dojo, this earned her the nickname: "The Flower bound in Iron.". Even as she graduated as a student of the Dojo and came to be one of the Sensei teaching the younger members of the family and even the youngsters of other noble families, she was always someone who taught and led by example. She never remained content with being strong She had to be the Strongest. Any inferiority was a slight, a mar, a potential shadow under which her father's memory could be thrown. And that, she would not tolerate.

Mental Fortitude:
The handling of the knowledge of her Father's demise forced her to maintain a stalward mental state. The will to keep herself in check. The mental finesse to ensure that she executed her plans to perfection. And The focus to ensure that she did not lose her patience and adjust to unexpected factors.

The binding her her own disgust, hatred, and violent rage took everything she had, and she has become stronger because of it.

Considerable Intellect:
While she is hardly a genius of any sort. Sashizu is above all else practical and adaptive. She operates under the assumption that at some point, her plans will fall through. Where her own ability to plan and anticipate flals through, her quick wit and ability to seize and opportunity carry her.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Kaido Specialist
Though Sashizu has exceptional skills in Kido in general, in order to keep a low profile, most of her experience and practice was through assisting the family as a Healer and mending her fellow students during training. As a result of this, she is particularly Exceptional with Kaido. This is particularly noted in her own self care, and as such she has never sustained an injury she was unable to heal, resulting in the loss of a number of deep vicious scars that would have otherwise marred her body. In particular she was driven to learn Kaido so that she could mend the scars from the Oetsuibara she used for training without leaving a trace.

>Morning Bell Wind:
A Specialized auditory Kaido. By expelling reiryoku through soft pulses in the air, the user can ease mental stress and provide a slight painkilling effect to those around them. A Kaido originally developed to help keep patients quiet and relaxed on the battlefield en masse. This ability is generally utilized outside of direct combat and comes more in handy in rescue and emergency situations.

>Dusk Bell Sigh:
A modification of Morning Bell Wind developed by Sashizu. Rather than comforting those in the area, this modified Kaido spell produces a powerful numbing effect, dulling targets sense of pain and with a tendency to make targets docile and unresponsive. Targets with Willpower superior to the user's Kido skill may act as if immune to the effect.

>Azure Phoenix Vigor
A specialized Kaido designed for emergency care in the midst of combat. By expelling bright blue reiryoku from one's mouth toward a target, they become wreathed in what appear to be blue flames, but in fact this is Kaido energy which seeps into the flesh. This ability specifically targets muscle, bone and connective tissues for repair, but will not heal vital organs or surface tissues. As a result, this ensures the ability to continue with combat, but will not heal other essential areas.

>Still River Shock
A specialized Kaido with very limited use. The Kido sends a shock through the reiryoku system and stops the heart and the flow of reiryoku through the body. This was developed as a temporary means of preventing the flow of poisons or negative energy through the body so that treatment could take place.

>Morning Grub Weaver
A Kaido designed for intensive Surgery. This Kaido channels reiryoku into thin strangs similar to tapeworms and burrows into a patient's body through the Reiryoku channels in the wrist. By navigating these channels, they can identify and perform intensive surgery on a target's internals without the risks involved in cutting a patient open. A key component is the user's ability to channel their Reikaku through the strands, allowing them to carefully navigate and investigate details of a critical patient.

>Night Worm Hunting
A Modified version of Morning Grub Weaver. The technique was adopted and modified by the Onmitsukido, adopting the techniques revolving around channeling Reiryoku through thin strands in order to produce this Spell, allowing the caster to create singular or networked strands of reiryoku which can act as surveillance points over large distances.

Hakuda Savant:
While her interests lean toward Kido, she has an exceptional talent with Hakuda. Having to use her spirit energy simply to move around when she was younger and weaker, she found that once she had outgrown her weakness she found she had an intense talent with the application of Reiryoku to her own body. That alongside several hundred years of training and practice outside of the limelight of the family has made her an exceptional Expert with the art.

Gekaiyubi: 外科医指 (Surgeon Finger)

A style of Hakuda honed by Sashizu. Rather than large obvious motions, this fighting style is hallmarked by small subtle motions with deceptive power. By concentrating the reiryoku in one's body into the fingers, the user executes powerful, precise strikes with dexterity one might expect from a surgeon. As a result of this style, Sashizu's fingers may as well be considered the edge of a zanpaku'to.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Hichigisomafune Family Influence:

A Noble family which gained it's influence following an incident in Soul Society's past. In the western section of the Rukongai, there once was a Forest which was used to produce lumber for the Noble families. However, thanks to a certain parasitic vine, the trees began to die and the forest soon came to be considered useless. For a while, since the forest could no longer be used to produce useful wood, it instead was used by some of the more shady families to dump bodies, and the forest gained a reputation as being a graveyard, further making the location undesirable. Eventually, they sold the Forest to a small Clan. Once they took over the forest, the discovered that a special tree had begun to grow in the forest. According to Legend, the soil became nourished by the dead trees and the souls of the discarded nobles, causing an incredibly hardy tree to begin growing over the years. And once the family began to sell this high quality wood, and quickly began to gain influence.

Though the family would never grace the heights of a Greater noble family, they quickly grew in influence by their ability to produce High Quality materials to the noble families, particularly the Shihoin, who found particular use in the high strength material.

The Family itself does not have tremendous amounts of pull with other noble families, though it has considerable resources when it comes to capital and raw resources. Aside from this, the family also has a reputation for producing incredibly capable Hakuda users, and famously produces many individuals who wind up serving as Teachers of Hakuda to the youths of other noble families. As a result, the Family does garner some respect, especially among smaller noble houses as the Hakuda users of the family tend to offer their services for prices affordable even by them.

Oetsuibara 嗚咽茨 (Weeping Thorn)
An artifact that might be mistaken for a barbed earring, however rather than being inserted into the earlobe, it is in fact a pin that is pressed into the body. The thorns agitate the soul and subject an incredible amount of suffering by generating a field of energy flow which interferes with the subject's ability to control the flow of their reiryoku. This is an archaic and extreme method to train one's ability to control their reiryoku, as it was originally a tool used for torture. At any given time, Sashizu will have up to four of these pins inserted, generally in the thigh or sides.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Adept
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept
» Deduction: Advanced
» Focus: Elite

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Adept
» Kidō: Advanced
» Zanjutsu: Untrained -
» Hakuda: Elite

I. Role Play Sample

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