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Saera Kirin
Saera Kirin
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[Spirit Class 7 | Hazard Rank C] Saera Kirin Empty [Spirit Class 7 | Hazard Rank C] Saera Kirin

Thu Sep 14, 2023 1:47 am
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Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Saera Kirin
» Alias: The Unbowed
» Age: 426, appears 23
» Gender: Female

» Association: Gotei United, Division 4

» Appearance Written: Saera stands at roughly 5'7, with long dark brown hair reaching to the small of her back that she often keeps either in a ponytail or in a braid. Or, if the situation demands it, tucked away under her top to keep it from being an easy handhold in a fight. Her almond colored eyes constantly blaze with an intense energy, invigorating for some, unnerving for others, but unquestionably potent. Her pale skin is marred by the evidence of a lifetime of combat, combat practice, and more recently torture. Scars run across her arms and torso with distressing frequency, running back and forth over each other on her flesh. Her hands are also covered in the striations of scar tissue and are calloused and rough from constant weapons work, and from the strain of pushing her spiritual power to it's limits through them as she strives to perfect her abilities. Her body is almost entirely lean muscle, trained for endurance fighting and brief, if exhausting, bursts of fantastic strength, with only the minimum amount of body fat necessary to be healthy.

» Appearance Image: [Spirit Class 7 | Hazard Rank C] Saera Kirin Tumblr_nqtgt3L4Bm1u4h5jgo2_400

I. Personality

» Personality: The first word an outside observer might use to describe Saera would likely be 'Driven'. If she wants something, she will do whatever she needs to do to get it, be that a level of skill, a possession, a position, or anything else that catches her eye, and not even the apocalypse would stop her from working towards her goals. The second word that an outside observer might use to describe Saera would be blunt. Most likely after she found said observer and threatened to "Break your useless legs and use them to make your crutches if you don't stop stalking me and find a damn job to do." Saera is not afraid to say what she feels needs to be said in any situation, to any person.

Unfortunately, there have been occasions where such outbursts have led to questions about Saera's loyalty, her devotion to the cause of her allies and peers. Questions that are difficult to answer. Saera does not believe in blind loyalty to anything or anyone, she believes that it is the mark of a weak person to act without question just because 'My leader said to' or 'It is the way things are done'. Her belief is that if said leaders cannot either explain why an action is necessary, or at least failing that have their past actions speak for them to inspire trust in their character, then they have no business giving those orders. Furthermore, if the organization or entity who establishes the laws and traditions that people must follow cannot prove that their methods are correct in the world as it is, then that means that it's time for those methods to change.

Considering all of this it is unsurprising that Saera is a very boisterous and outgoing person. She is very sociable, if a bit domineering, and enjoys spending her downtime actually doing things, be that engaging in drinking contests at the local bar, or organizing an impromptu boxing match with her comrades. Regardless of what method she finds to entertain herself however, it's guaranteed to be loud and almost guaranteed to also involve someone going to a doctor, or property damage.

What Saera doesn't want anyone to know is that, while not a lie or a mask, she uses her boisterous nature to hide her own insecurities and weaknesses. The simple fact is Saera is absolutely terrified of abandonment and further isolation. Her fears are so potent she's honestly uncomfortable just sleeping in a room where she can't hear the sounds of others in their rooms or otherwise moving about. Annoyingly, her fear of abandonment also means that she does her best to make many friends, but still doesn't let people really get close to her, afraid that if she loses them the pain will be that much worse. Instead she just attempts to laugh off or deflect any attempts to get further in than she readily allows them.

Further, there are times, when stress reaches it’s peak, that she…changes. Her time in the hands of the demons has left it’s scars in more than just her flesh. She will shut down, will become cold blooded and furious, seemingly without reason beyond telling friend from foe, and unwilling to listen to anything anyone says about it, and all too willing to ignore if someone is a friend if they try to stop her. This is another reason she leans into her more boisterous side, she doesn’t want people to know about this side of her, and those that do she wants to forget.

Saera also has a habit of seemingly talking to thin air when extremely stressed. In reality she's talking with a figment, an imagined image of her father that has appeared to her in times of stress ever since her time within the demons camp. This figment is not an alter, it does not share her body and only exists when she is stressed, but is rather some kind of sustained hallucination.

I. History

» History:

Human life:
Saera was born in 1697, and lived a tragically short life, as many did during that time. She was born to a french couple as they moved into the Louisiana swamps during the first attempts to colonize the marshlands in 1699. They survived for several years, yet a hurricane hit when she was a mere 7 years old and wiped the family out, leaving their souls to the mercy of the spiritual world.

Life in Soul Society:
Saera's memories of her early days as a plus are completely nonexistent. Likely owing to the fact that after death she was rather swiftly scooped up and eaten by a Hollow, who was slain years later, releasing her soul to finally enter the Soul Society. Even then Saera's early memories of life in Soul Society are hazy, mostly being just memories of being scared, angry, hungry, and being beaten up a lot by people bigger than her.

Her first real memory in the Soul Society was of waking up in a small room, covered in bandages and with a warm, wet cloth sitting on her head. She remembers being unable to do much more than moan weakly in confusion and distress, only to suddenly be surprised by the sound of a sliding door being pushed back and the sounds of someone hurriedly walking up to her side. She remembers hearing this person murmuring something she couldn't make out as he leaned over her, taking the warm cloth off of her head and replacing it with a cool one before he began to check over her bandages. She could vaguely tell that he looked to be a bald man somewhere in his middle ages, and in her semi-lucid state she called out to him, an image of a man she couldn't remember, but caused her heart to ache far more than her body did placing itself over the man as she weakly called out.


The man froze up, and Saera could hear him take a shaking breath before he said something that sounded vaguely like 'penance' before more clearly saying "Don't worry, I'm here. It'll be alright." Saera remembers feeling relieved at this statement, before slowly fading back into darkness.

It turned out the man that had rescued her was named Kenshiro, an old martial artist who rather quickly bonded with Saera, adopting her as his daughter. They lived together quite happily for a very long time, only really interacting with other people when absolutely necessary, living mostly isolated within a forested area of the Rukongai. Kenshiro, eager to make sure that his adoptive daughter never wound up beaten, broken, and vulnerable like he initially found her again, also took her under his wing as a martial artist, training her daily in both hand to hand and armed martial arts.

They lived like this for nearly a century before Saera got it into her head that her father should open a dojo. After quite a bit of pushing and asking Kenshiro eventually agreed, but required Saera to teach classes under his guidance, unless she had to go out for a supply run or something similar. Saera was more than happy with this arrangement, and took to her new role like a fish to water, while continuing to keep up with her own training the whole time.

Several more decades passed happily for Saera and Kenshiro, though Kenshiro was finding himself growing more and more worried. His daughter was seemingly more and more hungry, and he could swear he felt her presence more and more strongly as time went on. He could see the signs, his daughter was developing the kind of Reiryoku reserves that indicated readiness to enter the Academy. For many in the Rukongai that would be a dream, to escape the far rougher lifestyle of the Rukongai to enter the academy and become a member of the Gotei. Kenshiro dreaded Saera leaving him though, and so chose, at least for a time, to keep what he knew about her potential to himself.

Unfortunately, the universe didn't let him keep that to himself forever.

She came home to find her home ransacked, the students that had been there that day dead and dying, and her father slumped against a back wall, and a number of poorly-dressed bandits dead around him. Saera felt her heart in her mouth as she refused to process what was in front of her. She wanted so desperately for this to be some kind of nightmare, or at least for someone, anyone to be there for her to throttle! Her body was wracked with so much pain and fury that when she heard footsteps behind her she whirled and attempted to lash out at the stranger behind her, only to be summarily knocked back and subdued by a Shinigami.

Even so she attempted to scramble up and fight more, but was brought up short by her father’s wheezing voice. She immediately fell back and listened in a stupor as her father explained, not what happened, but that she should go with this strange Shinigami and enroll in the Academy. That apparently she had the ability to enroll, and had for years now.

It was a shell shocked and somber Saera who left her home that day, possibly never to see it again though she hoped to one day come back and restore it, but not for many many years.

So that was how Saera eventually found herself in the academy of the Gotei, their testing of her internal reserves finding that she was in fact not only capable of becoming a Shinigami, but that she had been so for quite some time, though as her spiritual abilities aside from regular weapons work was utterly untrained and unrefined, so she was at no real advantage over anyone else. Not that her untrained nature stopped her from diving into her studies and training with an almost feral intensity. In particular she focused on furthering her swordplay above the other weapons work she’d been taught, Kido, and Zanjutsu. Her father telling her how the Shinigami, she never got his name, had managed to save him even for a small time using the demon arts had lit an obsessive fire in Saera's heart, causing her to pour every ounce of her being into bringing her mystical skills in line with her martial, and then to push even further in both. Her almost reckless obsession with these skills was so strong that it even affected her other studies in the academy, unfortunately to their detriment, one example being her skill with flash step, she developed it just enough to pass muster and no further, despite knowing that she would have to make up for it later in life.

The idea of an eternal companion, a partner of her very soul was even more tempting than the need to gain the strength to never feel so weak and helpless as she had felt when she came across that horrible scene in her home again. The brutal and sudden loss of her father had ripped a wound in her soul that had her terrified of being alone again, causing her to pursue a relationship with whatever form her Zanpakutou might take from the Asauchi she’d been given on entrance to the academy. Her days would be filled with driving herself harder in both Kido and her martial skill with her Asauchi than any other in her year. Spending endless hours practicing, pushing herself to the brink of exhaustion, and then stumbling back to her room and stubbornly refusing to sleep, instead meditating, attempting to form a bond with the companion she so desperately desired. And, in time, this paid off.

It was late after a particularly brutal training session. She’d managed to convince one of the upper years to work with her, and while she’d made good progress, she was exhausted and aching from countless bruises her training partner had beaten into her. Her body and mind screamed for sleep, but like any other night she refused to give in until she’d had her nightly meditations. She slipped easily into her inner world, and set out again to find the spirit that she would be with for the rest of her life. But her aching tired body would frequently cause her to waver, to fall out of meditation, but she could feel she was close. She could swear the clinking chains were trying to say something to her, the aching foreboding bit into her mind almost like an embrace. It was just as she felt herself struggling to remain in place for the third time that night, as she screamed defiance into her own soul, refusing to give in yet, refusing to back down that she finally heard it.

“Stubborn girl, you’re not one to let anything stop you. Your own body is screaming for rest, and like every night you deny it until you have spent your time here, searching for me. Rest, come search again another night.”

Saera snarled in defiance, “I’ll do no such thing! I will not give up, if anything you’ve made me even more determined! I will not back down, I will not be beaten by anything! I am Saera Kirin and I will not be toppled, not even by my own Zanpakutou!”

Suddenly the chains rattled violently, and she felt the gaze of her spirit from inside the sarcophagus she suddenly ly found herself in front of, but the voice returned, amused and…pleased.

“Very well, you’ve earned my name I suppose. Never lose that will of yours, and call on me as your ally, and together the earth itself will break against us. You may call me Kusari no Kanshi-Sha. Now get some damn rest.”

Saera found herself ejected from her inner world, and managed one short bark of triumphant laughter before unceremoniously passing out with a grin on her face.

After graduating from the academy Saera joined the ranks of the Eleventh Division, deciding to push herself through combat to master the skills she continued to hone. Her time in the Fourth was some of the best memories she’s had aside from her time with her father, and it was nearly as fruitful. Surrounded by others with similar passions and drives helped drive her herself further, and she felt herself improving steadily. Further developing her martial skill with her blade, her Kido (despite the friction it did cause), and deepening her bond with Kusari no Kanshi-Sha through constant combat missions and dedicated training with her squad.

Unfortunately for Saera’s wellbeing, the third world war would shatter her fairly happy life once again.

It was during the beginning of the war, the first of the battles between the forces of the Gotei and the Demon forces that were invading the living realm, when everyone was still shaky on just what was invading. Saera had been sent out, second in command of a group of shock troops aimed to break one of the groups of invaders of the living realm, a group of fourth squad Shinigami confident in their abilities, ready to show this new threat exactly what kind of mistake they were making by bringing themselves to the Gotei’s attention. She left Soul Society that morning full of fire and eager for the fight to come.

She wouldn't return until the end of the war.

The enemies were like nothing they'd ever seen, not Hollow, Quincy, or even one of the types of spiritually aware humans that had been popping up. These were monsters, and though she wouldn't learn what these creatures were officially for some time, instinctively she, and every member of the attack squad knew what these beings were. Demons, and they were wholly unprepared. Saera watched her entire squad be slaughtered, and nearly shared the same fate herself. She fought like a woman possessed, but she was downed by one of the Demons, and she even watched as her squad leader, the Shinigami trusted to lead them escaped, believing them all to be dead. She couldn't even blame them, she was so hurt that she couldn't even lift her head to cry out, despite how violently she was trying. Unfortunately for her, the Demons weren't so quick to dismiss her, and when they found one of the two Shinigami that had been issuing orders in that fight, one of the two that had successfully culled a number of their own forces? They weren't about to let a resource pass.

They spent the next six years torturing Saera. Bringing her to the edge of death and pulling her back, healing her body so that they could continue to work on her. Early on it became clear that she was not going to break, and they began to turn away from attempting to gain information, and become even rougher as they simply use her as a way to vent frustrations or even entertain themselves.

For years Saera was subjected to every torture the demons could concoct, and still she never gave them the satisfaction of crying or screaming for mercy. In time she learned to ignore the pain entirely, and her body became hardened to the abuse, and even as she was tortured and broken daily the determination to take revenge grew, until one day they slipped, and she managed to escape.

She tore through the base with abandon, seeking out where they had locked away her Zanpakutou, and once she found it she turned the camp into a bloodsoaked mass grave.

It was a slaughter. Blows and pain that would have crippled her once before barely even registered, she fought with an insatiable, mad glee that gave even the demons themselves pause. She became like a bloody whirlwind of steel and chains, carving through every remaining demon in camp, and when there were no more left to fight she screamed her defiance to the heavens, and finally succumbed to her injuries, passing out in the middle of the slaughtered camp.

By the time she woke again, the war was over. She’d been picked up when a squad of Shinigami were sent to investigate the sudden disturbance and surge of spiritual energy in territory occupied by the demons, hoping to take advantage of whatever it was causing chaos in enemy ranks to strike a blow against them, and instead finding one of their own who’d been MIA surrounded by corpses and close to becoming one herself. They’d immediately sent her back to Soul Society for healing and debrief, her injuries and condition being too severe at that point for a field hospital in the living realm, and she remained unconscious for weeks. In that time the Captain commander had ended the war, though at a price none ever thought would have to be paid.

The war had ended, but the fires from her time still burned in Saera’s mind. She’d been too weak, she’d been captured because she’d been unable to stand strong for them. Because she’d been felled too easily her squad died, their mission failed, and she spent years being tortured. She spent years alone without even her Zanpakutou! She was determined to never let that happen again.

Before this Saera was certainly driven, filled with a desire to improve ever further, but now she was obsessed, to a concerning degree. Forced to contend with her worst fear while being tortured had twisted something deep within her. She was still outgoing, still was mostly friendly to anyone she ran into, but now there was an edge. A hunger. An insatiable obsession for the next opportunity to lose herself in battle, and to make sure she never fell in the same way she had again. She specifically began an intensive campaign to make herself as difficult to take down as possible, and to gain the power to truly relish in letting loose.

She would attempt to sign up for every combat mission she could, forcing herself to fight on and on, refusing to succumb to any wounds she had, and trying to find ways to push her body to be more and more resistant to any damage. When she was in Soul Society she’d volunteer at the third division as a test subject for various procedures and concoctions designed to harden her body even further, to make her into a bulwark that an enemy would break against. In addition to her normal training to keep improving her weapons skills she would spend hours simply allowing her squadmates to attack her, to force herself to stand strong against their strikes, their techniques, their everything.

And the whole time she pursued a greater bond with her Zanpakutou. Spending the time she inevitably wound up in recovery from her efforts, or from her combat runs that didn’t always end favorably, in her inner world, training with Kusari no Kanshi-Sha. Her nights would similarly be spent in meditation, resting physically even while her soul was tested, strengthened and taught by her Zanpakutou, until she inevitably was ejected with a command of “Now rest!” and passed out. But even with that, even as she saw her body become a bulwark that refused to falter under the harshest punishments she could give it, even as she found her stamina becoming more and more inexhaustible, she still could not break through to her current goal with Kusari no Kanshi-Sha, to break through to Bankai. But that didn’t stop her from continuing to push against her limits for nearly a century.

And then War broke out again.

The Demons had managed to maintain a presence in the living world, but it was finally time to eject them from the realms. Saera was deep in the fighting of the war, she would be first to enter battle, and last to leave of any squad she was in. She would seek out any leader she could find, fighting her way to them to take them down, ignoring any attempts to stop her, and for a time this worked. Her entrance to the battlefield would prove a turning point in any fight she entered, but eventually she bit off more than she could chew.

They should have known, she should have known. Even the foot soldiers they fought in that skirmish were stronger, harder to push through, and she couldn't help but feel that the closer she got to the leader of the squad they were fighting, the more familiar he seemed, but it wasn't until she got right up to him, when she saw his grinning face that she realized. She'd seen this demon before, felt his hands as they broke her bones, heard his laughter as he pressed burning iron rods to her flesh. This demon was the leader of the camp she'd been kept in for so long, and he recognized her by the vindictive grin that was splitting his face.

She barely had time to wonder how he'd survived the massacre she'd made of the camp, she knew she'd left him impaled on an iron strut, sure of his death, before his arm crashed into her side and sent her careening across the battlefield through ranks of Shinigami and demons alike.

The battle turned quickly against the Shinigami at that point. The leader, the monster was far stronger than Saera herself, and was relishing in beating her down over and over, no matter how many times she got up she'd be beaten into the ground again. Every construct she created with Kusari no Kanshi-Sha smashed apart, and the whole time her squad was being torn apart around her.

After a seeming eternity of pain, her whole squad dead around her, the laughter of the monster who'd held her once echoing in her ears as she barely managed to hold herself upright, she realized that she was going to likely die here, and she raged. She refused to give in, even in the face of certain death, and it was as she was batted aside once again that she heard Kusari no Kanshi-Sha speak to her.

"So. Shit situation huh?"

"You fucking think!"

"But you were as strong as you can be. You lasted so much longer than anyone else."

"What's your point!"

"Have you considered that there's more to being the walking unbreakable force you want to be than just being tough to hurt? There's always going to be someone who can hit hard enough to hurt you."

"So. What."

"Sometimes, you have to hit back harder."


"Will you be content to keep being a punching bag? Even if you survive this you-"


"Then what do you want! What do you want to do Saera Kirin!"

"I want to make him bleed, I want to tear down anyone who thinks they're stronger than me and revel in the pain they wanted to cause me!"


Saera's ears rang with the declaration, and she herself began to laugh, causing the demon to sneer.

"And what do you have to laugh about? Your people are dead around you, and you are at my mercy once again. Or have you finally snapped?"

Saera stopped laughing and in a surge of strength stood up and pointed her blade at the demon and grinned, a crazed look in her eyes, and instead of responding she spoke one word, and felt the pain of her beaten, battered, bloody body be blasted away.

"Bankai, Toraware no Akumu!"

The Demons grinning face popped like a grape under the force of her blow, and the bloodbath began.

Saera returned from that fight changed, more feral but more sure of herself, and would bring this new strength forward. Entering fights as an indomitable bulwark, and ending them in a nightmare of blood and chain.

And now that the fourth world war has also ended Saera finds herself at an impass. She still feels the drive to push further, to be stronger, but she feels an ache as well, to be more than just the soldier she'd become over the centuries.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your Shinigami has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

Martial Prowess: You know the saying about fearing the man who has practiced 1 kick 10000 times over the person who's practiced 10000 kicks once? Well, Saera's the woman who's practiced 10000 kicks 10000 times. Well over half of Saera's spiritual life was spent being trained by a 'retired' Shinigami in the physical martial arts, and while he did focus more on her weapons training than her unarmed, he certainly didn't allow her to get away without knowing how to throw a punch. Having spent literally centuries refining her technique in combat Saera's skills are truly something to behold, and while there are certainly individuals out there who are more skilled those people are very few and far between. From Karate to Tai Chi, from the Zweihander to the Kusarigama, there are virtually no combat or weapon styles that Saera is not at least proficient in, if not a master of. In fact, her knowledge and skill with all forms of physical martial arts has resulted in her creating her own, hybridized style, built out of the building blocks of the countless styles and techniques she mastered over so many years.

Zanjutsu Focus: The chance to have a companion and ally bound to her within her soul led Saera to feverishly pursue more and more skill in Zanjutsu. Using the familiar Kata and feeling of physical exercise to slip into her internal world and commune with Kōtta bōhatei. Her time after suffering under the demons ministrations was filled with training to deepen this relationship to a starling degree, to the point where there are times when she fights where she struggles to tell where she ends and her Zanpakutou spirit begins inside her.

Hardened Body: Saera's life with Kenshiro, while certainly happy, was not one of luxury. Every moment of the day was spent doing something. Training, maintaining the garden, cutting down trees for firewood, chopping said firewood, making long treks into the forest or to the closest town to gather supplies, and performing any other task that might need to be done made up the vast majority of Saera's everyday activities. As a result of all of this physical exertion Saera's body has been strengthened far more than the average person's, allowing her to perform great feats, such as lifting an ancient tree by herself or running at a breakneck pace for an entire day.

The Durability of her body didn't escape these rigors unaltered either. Over the course of her life her heavy physical activity often lead to Saera getting battered, bruised, and broken. Pulled muscles, broken arms, concussions, strained ligaments. You name it, she's probably had it, and most of it her fault as well, refusing to acknowledge her own limits. Over time however, her body adapted to these events, leaving her tougher and harder to injure because of them. That they've left her with some pretty cool scars isn't all bad either. Her experience at the hands of the demons have cranked up not only her durability, but also her pain tolerance to a frankly uncomfortable degree. To the point that what few things that can hurt her don't even slow her down. And then she pushed that even further beyond that. Deliberately seeking out any method to make herself as durable as possible. From seeking out others to attack her again and again, to allowing herself to be experimented on by the third to be changed and made harder and harder to even minorly damage.

Targeted Determination: Saera is, to be blunt, obsessively goal oriented. Without a defined goal her behavior is pretty standard, sure she'll push herself to the absolute limit, maybe even just a little farther, but she'll still listen to that little annoying niggle in the back of her mind called the 'survival instinct'. Giver a goal however? That voice is silenced, the blinders are put on, and may whatever beings care to have mercy on anyone or anything between her and that goal. There is a stipulation though, her goal can't be nebulous, like 'I have to kill this hollow because it's my job' or anything similarly weak. Her cause has to be solid, powerful, and important enough to light a fire in her belly, like 'I have to get that child out of here before they get killed and that hollow's in my damn way'. At that point, she'll either accomplish her goal, or kill herself and everything in her way trying.

Kido Specialization: Ever since joining the academy to become a Shinigami, and most certainly continuing since graduation, Saera has devoured any knowledge on the Demon Arts she could get her eyes on. Attacks, wards, bindings, healing even though she has no aptitude for it, any and every spell she could find to learn she has added to her repertoire, and in some cases tweaked to fit her preferences.

I. Sealed Powers

>>Zanpakutō Name:Kusari no Kanshi-Sha (Warden of Chains)

>>Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:Kusari no Kanshi-Sha is bound in a great Iron sarcophagus in the center of a giant prison complex, with the sarcophagus itself wrapped in layer upon layer of chains leading off into the shadows or impaled into the walls holding it suspended slightly. The seams of the Sarcophogus itself seems to constantly drip with ichor, and the only true opening are holes for the eyes, in which burning orange spots can be seen, watching the prison around them. Her voice is raspy and rough, sounding like it's being run through a rock tumbler.

>>Inner World:Saera's inner world is a large, endless field of grass under a large full moon surrounded by stars. The only thing that exists in the field is a large prison complex directly in the center of it, empty of any but one prisoner. Deep within the complex, past innumerable empty cells, chambers, courtyards, and offices, lies the cell of Kusari no Kanshi-Sha.

>>Zanpakutō Appearance: When sealed Kusari no Kanshi-Sha looks like an old, chipped and ragged katana, with rusted chains wrapped around the hilt rather than any cloth rapping, and a three links hanging off the end of the hilt. The guard is a simple circle with a design of teeth enclosing the blade in the center.

>>Sealed Zanpakutō Power: The chain wrapped around the hilt, while appearing short, can stretch to nearly ten feet long. By gripping and pulling on the dangling chain links Saera can extend the chain and use it to either wrap something in to try and bind them, or to be able to pull her Zanpakutou back to her if she ever had to throw it. If the links break the chain retracts to the hilt, and is otherwise unharmed. Kusari no Kanshi-Sha can also provide insight to Saera's mood. When she gets angry the chains will begin to rattle, and the links hanging of will even begin to whip around, the angrier she gets the louder the rattling and the more violent the whipping of the chain links.

I. Shikai

>>Shikai Release Phrase:Turn your prison into your throne, Kusari no Kanshi-Sha!

>>Shikai Release Action:Saera grabs the sheath of her Zanpakutou and slams it into the blade, causing it to shatter and form countless chains that surround her and then settle to reveal her Shikai.

>>Shikai Appearance:Kusari no Kanshi-Sha takes the unsealed form of a large club wrapped in chains, spikes poking violently through the links, with a chain leading from the hilt, wrapping around Saera's arm, shoulder, around her torso, other shoulder, and other arm leading to a chain with a large iron weight at the other end of the chain. Her wrists and ankles are also cuffed with dangling broken chains.

>>Shikai Abilities:

Chain's Command: The chains attached to the iron weight and club both can extend up to 50ft, and can be retracted at will by Saera.

Prisoner's Wrath: The cuffs on Saera's ankles and wrists glow a deep crimson, and the chains around her chest tighten, sapping her speed by 100% to increase her strength by 100% for two posts.

Prisoner's Fury: The cuffs on Saera's ankles and wrists glow a flickering yellow and the chains around her torso tighten, draining her strength by 100% to increase her speed by 100% for two posts.

Prison's Protection: The chains of Kusari no Kanshi-Sha suddenly shift and wrap tightly around Saera to block one blow before returning to their normal form. This ability can be used only once every four posts, and leaves her completely unable to dodge, but raises her defense by 200% for that one round.

I. Bankai

>>Bankai Release Phrase:Bankai, Toraware no Akumu! (Imprisoned Nightmare)

>>Bankai Appearance:The chains, club, and weight of Shikai shatter, and the shards fall to the ground, and become liquid, and coalesce into a bubbling black pool that Saera leaps out of. The pool goes still for a heartbeat, then erupts as a massive form erupts from the pool, a being with bound limbs and a dessicated body, framed by a jagged shell on each side. The beast itself is merely an image of Toraware no Akumu herself, having no physical substance, but constantly seeming to excrete the same fluid the black pool is made of from her base. Saera herself is left with an ancient looking Mancatcher that she will use to fight with, and attempt to violently grab her opponents and throw them towards the black pool. The pool itself is also dangerous, manifesting chains to attempt to grab anything that contacts it and drag the victim into the depths to imprison them.
Toraware no Akumu:

>>Bankai Abilities:

Chain-breaking Fervor: When in Bankai Saera is fueled with the rage and bloodlust of Toraware no Akumu and becomes completely unable to feel pain. In the long run this can lead to far worse injuries as she exacerbates them, but short of injuries that physically prevent her use of a part of her body (broken bones, dislocated joints, extremely heavy blood loss, etc.), she won't slow down.

Nightmare's Grip: If Saera manages to grab an opponent 3 or more SC below her with her mancatcher she can activate this ability to constrict the collar of the weapon and place a restriction on either their speed or strength (whichever is greater, defaulting to strength if tied) of 200% before tossing them away and releasing them. This binding lasts for two posts before dissipating. If they are 2 SC below Saera it is a 100% debuff, and no debuff for 1 SC below and up.

Prison Pool: The pool forms up to a 90 foot (100 at elite, 120 at master+) radius around the figure of Toraware no Akumu, and will only form on a solid surface. Black chains constantly form and whip violently about the surface, and any being that touches the liquid will have chains lash out and cuff one of their appendages. This chain will not hinder their movement, leading back to the pool and continuing to generate as the victim moves. If they get four chains attached at once however they will be considered Toraware no Akumu's prisoner, and will suffer a 100% reduction in strength or speed (whichever is greater, defaulting to strength if tied) until the chains are broken. These chains also present a danger in that Saera can grab them and use them to attempt to yank and maneuver the person they're attached to.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:


The distinct clacking sound of bamboo striking bamboo echoed the cries of the five of the students currently in the Dojo swung their Shinai overhead towards their partners, all of whom had raised their Shinai in a swift blocking motion.


Saera swept her gaze over the group of ten as she gave her command, the five who had blocked the first practice strike pushing the held shinai of their mock-opponents up and out, creating an opening to for the next motion.

"Group A Strike, group B dodge!"

Saera's father had put her in charge of the Dojo today, it being his week to get supplies from the town, and she was going to be sure that she ran these students through their paces just like Kenshiro would have. As she continued to give commands, watching the students follow through and prepare for the next motion, something began to stand out. As she called out the next several movements she kept her eyes on one student in particular, and before long she figured out what was bothering her. This student, one of the newer ones who's name she thought was Hideko, was pushing far too hard against his partner, and by the glint in his eye told her he was doing so on purpose. When she saw his partner, Tonari, wince as his wrist twisted a bit too hard after a particularly difficult block she decided to step in.

"Stop! Resting positions!"

All of the students immediately stepped back and allowed their arms to drop to their sides, holding their shinai against their arms so as to keep them off the ground. Saera quickly walked up to Hideko's partner and took his Shinai from him.

"Tonari, go take a rest at the edge of the mat. Hideko, I'll be your partner for the moment, now everyone, ready positions!."


She and the rest of the students on her side of the line all brought their shinai down to be blocked by their partners in the standard movement, though she did catch a wicked gleam in Hideko's eye, likely thinking he could get away with attemtping to bully 'the girl' like he had Tonari. An delusion she quicky shattered.


This time as the rest of the group went through the circular parry motion Saera resisted the attempt at parrying from Tonari, easily resisting what strength he could put into the motion, for just long enough for him to start putting too much into the push, before suddenly releasing her resistance and sweeping her shinai down and sweeping Tonari's legs out from under him as he overbalanced. Tonari unceremonisouly fell flat on his face, and before he could try and get up Saera dropped her knee into the small of his back and pressed her shinai into the side of his neck, causing him to freeze up.

Loudly enough to be heard by everyone in the Dojo Saera spoke, "We are not here to learn how to hurt other people, we are here to learn how to protect ourselves and others. This is the one warning you will get," She glanced up at the rest of the students, "that any of you will get. If I or my father ever catch you deliberately trying to cause suffering to your fellow students or anyone else for no reason you will be immediately thrown out, am I clear?"

After getting an affirmative response from the entire class, including a muffled one from Tonari, she got off Tonari's back and helped him up before instructing everyone to take their positions again.

"Start again, Strike!"


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Posted correction to history where it was stated that Saera joined the fourth as combat well before the restructuring to say 11th instead

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