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Sun Sep 17, 2023 12:04 am
Illya Update Header

Basic Information
» Name: Illya Novak.
» Alias':
▕ Illya of the Plains.
▕ The Wolf of Munich.
▕ Wandering Sirius.
» Age: Late Twenties.
» Birthday: June 20.
» Gender: Male.
» Race: High-Spec Human.

» Affiliation:
The Cossacks. Himself.
Erchanhardt (Loosely).

» Alignment: True Neutral.
» Marital Status: Single.
» Nationality: You know where.
» Sexuality: Good Christian Boy.
» Ideal Mate: Women, not girls.
» Special Skill: Can chop wood all day.

» Height: 6'5"
» Build: Muscular.
» Hair Colour: Blonde.
» Eye Colour: Blue.

Illya Update Appearance-Rurik

Psychological Analysis
» Noble Vagrant: A man that gets around, Illya is known to travel the world. Primarily navigating its more remote or dangerous regions which are full of strife. That's not to say that he's only seen in these places, he's a man that will appear in civilisation plenty of times to get supplies, find a place to sleep that's not living hard. Maybe make a deal to do a bit of work for some food or a place to stay, while helping his fellow man for no reason other than the fact he is capable of it before leaving once more to

» Calm Storm: Despite the fact that he is a very composed and easy-going individual most of the time, he isn't a person that will shy away from conflict or be afraid to throw a punch if it is necessary. When he gets into a fight, which isn't uncommon due to his blunt nature, it becomes a matter of showcasing the fact that he can be merciless and ruthless with his fighting, not afraid to leave someone beat up or in terrible shape.

» Lone Wolf: Just as he is prone to arrive and leave like a breeze, he prefers to avoid extended encounters and can be quite fickle. It is not that he is unable to form relationships or bonds nor is he even that awkward which makes it difficult to engage with people. It is just a small peculiarity about Illya that he acknowledges that time makes things grow distant, distance stretches relationships and he will not make commitments which may never be resolved. For that reason he prefers the life of a lone wolf and avoids most kind of extended stays.

» Flexible Guy: Something that he acquired more in his later years rather than his youth, his mind did need to be sharp when it came to survival and hunting but it was not to the scale of warfare or commanding others. During the episode of his life where he lent his assistance to Erchanhardt Burgstaller and assisted in the war effort in Europe against Shadow Fall particularly in his siege and subsequent takeover of Munich for the Holy Roman Emperor, he was forced to adapt and think about things in the sense of grand strategy.


» Unknown Woman: The woman that saved his life as a child and he will find her and thank her, maybe. There probably isn't anything he could ever do to actually repay the very distinct but mysterious woman.

» Erchanhardt: Thinks quite highly of him, a great leader and decent guy. Illya did not find it unsatisfying to be around him when he served Erchanhardt in WW4 however his own nature made him unwilling to remain. Maybe if he were born with a different temperment.

» Oksana Dobroshtan: A bit of a childhood crush but not so much anymore, unless? No...?

» Yekaterina Isaenko: If she asked him for something, he'd do it. She is technically his Hetman.

» Nazariy Isaenko: One of these days old man, just you wait.


Illya's story starts in the Wastelands, the ruined piece of the world that remained desolate. His early years were filled by hardship, his parents leaving the small nomadic tribe that they had lived with to try and escape the wastes; through dangers ranging from natural disasters, spiritual phenomena, monstrous creatures of demonic and hollow nature, even down to the humans that resided in these parts themselves. People that had lost the concept of law and humility, it was no place for people to live and that's why his parents wanted to split away - get out of this hell on Earth.

Easier said than done. His father was the first to go, giving up food and water for the sake of his son and wife. Months passed and it was a slow death until he finally died, unable to be given a proper burial do to his wife needing to escape with the child and slowly but surely the same thing occurred, she gave up her food and water for him but she did not pass as a result of famine. His mother died after passing out and he couldn't drag her to safety before a storm came.

Left alone, Illya continued with slumped shoulders and nothing but a will to make it mean something. When he couldn't walk, he crawled or rested. Hellbent on getting out of the wastelands before it too seemed pointless until a woman came. He remembered her scarred body that looked like it had seen decades of wear, long black hair but a face that he couldn't recall no matter what stimulation might try to jog it.

All he knew is that he woke up outside of the wastelands, he had made it in the end.

When he woke up he was surprised; warm, clean and most importantly alive. They kept on calling him Novak until he told them his name and it ended up just being what he called himself from then on. Illya Novak. He wasn't phased by whatever he was called. The name was irrelevant really to him. He was young, an orphan and ultimately just grateful to still be in this flesh and blood. When they gave him work to do, he didn't shy away; when they offerred him an opportunity, he did it.

Life was simple but secure and so he couldn't complain. He was awfully stoic though and his strange demeanour of taking everything on the chin and getting back up, persisting to do everything that was needed of him made him stand out a bit. He was the last one to complain, if he didn't pass out before that which was far more common than raising a complaint about anything.

Growing up he fought more days than he didn't, a life where idleness or becoming dull could mean death. Whether it was hunting, looking for wood and other resources or even just getting into fights with his peers. He once challenged Nazariy to a fight, earning him a quick defeat and once he woke up he was asked why he did it. He answered that he just wanted to see what the difference was between them, and that he now knew where he had to aspire towards.

As he grew from young boy into teenager he spent more time roaming than he did at home, spending time exploring the steppe and wastelands that surrounded his home. Once trying to escape this hellscape, he had made his home in it after growing up. Hunting the monstrousities that roamed it, killing people that had discarded their humanity to survive as animals and surviving the disasters that could kick up at any moment.

The most terrible instance being the time he ventured into Aktobe to save some of his younger peers who decided to play a game of chicken, a disastrous outcome, which cost him an eye. The aftermath they feared that he would reprimand them but Illya only punched each of them in the chest to break some of their ribs and said they'd pay back his eye by never doing something so reckless again.

At first having a single eye was difficult but Illya grew to adapt, supplementing his sight with the use of reikaku and gaining an intuition into filling in the depth perception with it. He did remain with the Cossacks for a few more months before deciding however that he wanted to expand his horizons, see the world that he inhabited and on some level to thank the woman that had saved him as unlikely as it would be to ever see her again.

Many places he travelled and explored, ranging from the Shadow Fall controlled Europe, the middle east into Africa, even occasionally making the ferry to America for a bit. He travelled and lived his vagrant lifestyle, a humble one where he would fight when needed, othertimes just help the people he came across in various things. It was tough in the sense that he would avoid any accumulation of resources due to the persistent travelling, surviving off the land and what he could make do with.

When it came to the Fourth World War, Illya was back in Europe. Getting caught up in the efforts of Erchanhardt Burgstaller and his stabilisation of Europe, while travelling through Poland he heard about the news of the would-be Holy Roman Emperor's goals and went to offer his aid to the man. Initially fighting amongst ranks of those that began to follow him although it quickly became something that tired him. Massive battlefields which were swarmed with many people, organised ranks behind a leader.

Upon reaching into Germany, Illya volunteered to lead a detachment of soldiers and take back Munich while Erchanhardt continued his advance west. Going south with a group and making his way to the city which proved far more testing to him than he had imagined, needing to take charge and inspire people. Give them sound advice and juggle their lives, a task that was alien to a man that had spent so much time on his own and viewing survival as a personal matter rather than a collective one.

Taking advantage of the men in his ranks with more familiarity of the city and landscape, Illya planned multiple moves which fell under the umbrella of guerilla tactics - thinking more primitively than most might due to his inspiration coming from the pack mentality of many of the monsters that he had hunted in the steppes.

After a couple of weeks, laying siege and making multiple raids the city fell under the Holy Roman Empire's control and he returned to Erchanhardt with the soldiers that served underneath him giving him a moniker - one that he thinks is quite stupid - the Wolf of Munich.

After the takeover of Munich, he relinquished his role as a leader of a fighting force and instead opting to go forward and act as a scout or attack small camps alone where he was in his element, being able to serve as a disruption and interference to Shadow Fall's movements or ability to counter the offensive of the Holy Roman Emperor and his forces.

When the war effort was finally over and the Holy Roman Empire was reestablished under Erchanhardt, he left. Forgoing any kind of reward or honours that were offerred for his help in the process besides thanking the emperor for his opportunity to partake and gain new perspectives from the experiences.

What did he do next? What he had always done before, Illya seamlessly transitioned from war hero and soldier back to the lifestyle that he had led before ever taking up the mantle.


Violent Spiritual Pressure: As a high-spec human, Illya has reiryoku and and by proxy, reiatsu. The exertion of this reiatsu though is wild and untamed, to express it can see the ground give way and break apart, violent air currents start to form in the area and glass windows breaking. This violent reiatsu is one of the reasons he'd always wander and try to avoid having to showcase any of his power around people or built-up areas.

His violent spiritual pressure is due to the inherent nature of his power, designed to function as a natural disaster of sorts where the environment around him is thrown into dissary and interfere with it to create chaos where it is difficult to function properly in and take advantage of his tenacity. Due to his connection to the leylines of the living world it can be classified as a kind of environmental interference but instead of any specific alteration it only means to throw away the rulebook and make everything around it spin out of control hence why the world around him begins to react so poorly against his reiatsu.

Additionally, due to this violent nature and the way that one can flow their reiatsu into their body to augment it. He is able to do this as well, however while he finds that his offensive capabilties are drastically increased by the reiatsu being very explosive when he connects punches there is recoil. The damage varies, it could vary from just being sore or having his reiatsu completely mangle his arm and render it in need of serious medical conditioning.

» Survival Knowledge: Living the cossack life and a plethora of experience of living remotely, being in hostile environments or far from people has given Illya a good grasp of survival. Instinctually and with know-how, he can comfortably survive in these hostile environments, find water, build shelter, hunt and gather food. The essentials really, no matter where he is there's a good chance that he'll be able to make it work in the worst situation or thrive in the best cases.

» Conditioned Fighter: A fighter at heart, he's got a bit of experience under his belt for fighting and going toe-to-toe with someone or a group of targets. He's adept with a couple of different weapons and fighting styles attached to them, preferring the usage of knives and polearms but he is comfortable with using a sword or axe but a man cannot go wrong with his trusty hands either.

» Robust Health: Illya has a high level of toughness from both the nature of the environment that he grew up in, being shaped by and his own internal powers which require his body to be incredibly persist in order to utilise them without killing himself. It should be noted though that while this trait does affect his body's durability it is mostly in regards to how it handles pressures on it whether that be illness, damage and exhaustion. In the simplest sense, he will persist through any kind of situation for the sake of survival whether it's a matter of mental or physical struggle.

» Charisma(?): When in a fight and using his powers, those that are allied or following him find themselves seeing benefits and while some may attribute this to the nature of a charismatic individual leading a force of people it is not. Illya's powers which are by nature very unstable affect the surrounding planet. Invigorating the innate souls of everything around him and causing them to release greater concentrations of spiritual energy which cling to those around him and provide them a resistance to mental corruption or interference up to the rank of his own.

» Beast Slayer: A specialty with slaying creatures over humans, Illya's overall fighting style is designed around toppling monsters over his fellow man. The larger the better really, its designed around maneuvering and repositioning which allows for maximum effeciency with identifying and attacking vulnerable points.

» Craftsman: Not just a slayer but someone that had to be resourceful. It's allowed for him to develop a pretty technical understanding of engineering and craftsmanship. He's able to do all things ranging from crafting furniture, making houses, and creating tools. Depending on the materials available to him of course, the quality of them is high but the complexity of them tends to be simple. He's not creating electronic devices or skyscrapers but he can assemble primitive tools and a house that'd make it through the winter.


» Trusty Knife: One of his choice weapons, stored on his belt. While it doesn't have any magical abilities, it is created with the claw of a mutated monsterous beast found in the steppes during one of his hunts which makes it highly durable and has a characteristic that will make it never dull hence it's just a really reliable knife.

» Water Canteen: A canteen that he made out of a monster's hide, much like his other equipment this one also possesses a quirk which makes him value it for its practicality. Any liquid - primarily water - that he fills it with will be cleansed off impurities. Sucking them out of the water and causing it to sweat out of the canteen. After about a whole day any impurity would be gone, time can vary depending on the potency of the impurity in the water.

» Thornnwolf Cloak: A cloak that's made with the pelt of a mutant creature that roams the wastelands while he was hunting one day, after killing the beast and dragging it home he was able to make a cloak out of which has caused the special properties of the beast to become infused into it. When wearing the cloak he gains incredible resistance to the cold and freezing, unlikely to get hypothermia while he is wearing it. This doesn't actually protect him against being attacked by constructs made out of ice.

» Dragonscale Armour: Donned in armour which is made of a mutant creature's scales, it is often what he is seen wearing while he travels and gives him the appearance of a roaming knight. The Dragonscale Armour is an armour that carries a grudge of its death, doing more than just protect Illya but in the event of receiving damage will absorb power from the environment. Every instance of damage from an external source will grant him a "resentment mark" worth 50%, when he chooses he can deplete the armour's reserves to unleash its reprisal with all the marks.

Hypothetically it could be grown to allow him to enter a pseudo-release state but Illya has never developed the armour much.


General Skills
» Durability: Advanced.
» Speed: Adept.
» Strength: Adept.
» Martial Skill: Advanced.

Mental Skills
» Willpower: Advanced.
» Deduction: Adept.
» Focus: Advanced.

Human Skills
» Power Control Adept.
» Phystical Augmentation: Advanced.
» Spiritual Adaption: Advanced.
» Mediumship: Untrained.


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