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Sun Sep 17, 2023 4:10 pm
Vivyan Faye [Finished] 5QfSjdJ


Basic Information

○ Name: Vivyan Faye
○ Other Names: Vi
○ Age: 21
○ Birthday: April 12th
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Quincy
○ Affiliation: The Vandenreich - Coordinator
○ Alignment: Lawful Good

○ Marital Status: Married to her job
○ Nationality: French
○ Sexual Orientation: Straight

○ Height: 5’7 ft
○ Weight: Healthy
○ Hair Colour: Red
○ Eye Colour: Blue

Vivyan Faye [Finished] SsVX3Ll

Psychological Analysis

A young woman with a bright spirit and lively attitude, Vivyan typically makes herself out to be the light in the room, ironic with her affinity for the cold. She maintains a positive, constructive attitude in her day to day, known very well around the city as the hard-working young woman doing all she can to support her community and grow her strength. Being very group and socially-minded, she prospers in interaction with and building relationships with others, even if her fixations on busywork may hinder it at times. She is very caring and accommodating of other’s needs and wants, but keeping mind to have her own considered alongside their’s.

Very curious and determined, she is willing to throw herself at a task to it’s completion if she truly puts her mind to it - trust that doing so is not difficult for her whatsoever. This girl has faced plenty of hardship simply for wanting a different life for herself, yet has stubbornly stuck to the idea regardless of support given her way. She can be rather stubborn and stuck in her ways on certain things, but sufficient convincing will sway her.


But a middling child born to an already overstuffed household, Vivyan was a child of no remarkability. A product of an arranged marriage, her mother was tired and sharp, overworked by her burden only eased by the hands of older siblings, while her father was a businessman by day, a strongly devoted member of the Quincy race at night. He expected nothing short of excellence of his children - their family was a strong, pure bloodline after all, contributing many hardworking hands to the Vandenreich’s forces through the ages.

The small girl was no exception - she too possessed her bloodline’s stubborn attitude and dedication to the Quincy arts, but as she and those similarly aged to her grew together, her ineptitude grew more and more obvious. She couldn’t gather reishi, she couldn’t even so much as press together a mote of light much less a bow, while her fellow siblings were well into their training.

This upset and frustrated the child, she worked harder than any of her siblings, training day and night. Why couldn’t she even do the bare minimum? Her siblings kept getting farther and farther away as she was trapped in place, the hopelessness of her situation only cementing when her father grabbed her wrist, tore her quincy cross from her pleading grasp, and told her she would never be a Quincy.

That she was a failure to their very pride.

Those siblings looked the other way, mother called her dreams foolish, father hardly ever acknowledged her after that night. She was meant to shut up, keep her head low, do well academically, and tend to the household. She hated this, but had to endure this life for years.

Her next chance didn’t come until she was much older, the world slowly reaching a boiling point of war. Though she had the support of an uncle in learning combat over the summers, she had nothing to her future but the role of a housekeeping wife of a far more promising suitor in that she does not produce further impotence in the family. This was a dreaded fate, even if the young man she was to marry wasn’t someone she disliked.

Things changed however, when her father announced he and her eldest siblings were leaving to assist in the war effort. The night before their departure, one of her oldest sisters - Daphne - approached her with a gift: Her quincy bangle. The very thought it was for her lit an excitement in her so strong she nearly screamed. It was a decision made by all of her older siblings, not just her sister - their father was far too strict and unfair, that she shouldn’t have her life be defined by a single instance of failure.

A cry, a hug, she bid them farewell with this parting gift.

Through the terrors of WW4, Vivyan watched the news closely, training her quincy abilities in secret to similarly little success as she experienced as a child, until one day with some shock… She did it, she formed a bow. It was a rather unremarkable weapon but it was still a bow! It was far more than she had ever accomplished!

New turned sour with her father’s return a mere week later; Half her siblings he had taken with him perished - including Daphne. The remaining of them were rendered speechless as her father only seemed to be a far angrier man, disgusted with the current Vandenreich’s leadership. He was by no means pleasant, but war entirely transformed him with Vivyan being a frequent victim of his wrath, as she was the only one willing to scream back with no regard of her mother’s demands to keep quiet and low.
Regardless, she continued her training. Time was running low - when she was of age she was going to be discarded off to another household. The future of a quiet wife was not hers, no, it was to be a proud Sternritter of the Vandenreich, regardless of the lack of faith given to her.

Though, as the time drew near, she was caught. Her father was furious to learn she had received another cross, barking at her to hand it over, in which she refused. Argument turned to fighting, the only thing ceasing the conflict being the frightened cries to cease by her woken family.

It was decided - by the end of the week they would begin the arrangements for her. Father was convinced she would learn her place with time.

Vivyan was gone by the second morning. With what little she could get together and a boat ticket she worked hard to afford, she headed for the City of Lights, enlisting in the Vandenreich without a proper role due to her inexperience.

Even living her dream, working hard to belong, she felt shorter than her peers. Even with encouragements and teachings by those wishing to see her succeed, her abilities did not grow, if anything it did more to hurt her. It was as if the very world was working against her, something that planted a seed of despair in her heart.

But something happened that helped change her perception, how she handled her training. Any attempts at recalling that meeting was like trying to recount a dream in full. Whatever it was, it gave her some sliver of hope, some warmth of the sun to her freezing, struggling self.

Even through her poor work during her first mission, even if those doubts came right back up, that feeling did not vanish. She would not quit, she wouldn’t return to that life that was decided for her. Soon, she would come to work with the Administrator of the Steingruft, and through that she would learn a shocking truth: She was not like other Quincy, and consequently did not grow the same way.

She was a Quincy with the nature of power bestowal. With this revelation, her self doubt and frustrations were allowed rest. It wasn’t that she was not working hard enough, it was that she grew differently! It truly proved to be a life changer, as with further assistance and training she was able to grow her abilities, albeit a slow and difficult process. A hard path was better than no path to the young Quincy, and eventually her powers grew in strength, she could even use her bow and spellcraft with greater fluidity and power, going on to develop her own Vollstandig as the process for Letzt Stil was antithetical to how she grew and difficult to hone.

But of course, tragedy struck the city - a powerful Arrancar she couldn’t do much against except swallow her pride and ensure the safety of the city’s denizens, assisting greatly in recuperation efforts with her strong spirit and work ethic. Growing turmoil in the world only hardened her resolve to grow - she remembered the faces of her siblings whom had come back from war, but a speck of an idea of what they had gone through, but she would not allow herself to fall broken like they did. The spirits of her fallen siblings as well as her surviving sibling’s would be remembered and honored by her.

She would be the pride of their family, whether her father thought so or not.



The Fayes are a bloodline who have produced many Quincy with a native ice, cold, or low temperature-like element to their abilities and constitution, and Vivyan is no different. All of Vivyan’s ability have some form of cold element to them no matter what, any Reishi she gathers gaining this inherited aspect from her bloodline. She also has a notable resilience to the cold, the extremity of such temperatures at a much higher threshold before she even starts shivering, though consequentially she has sensitivity to heat and wouldn’t fare well for long in higher temperatures.

Worked For Battle
A hard worker through and through, Vivyan spent her whole life struggling with becoming a Quincy, so instead turned to training other aspects of herself for a number of years until that window reopened, continuing these more ‘typical’ avenues of combat alongside her Quincy abilities afterward. She possesses great skill with normal weapons, swords and long-ranged weapons in particular, but she has also trained in unarmed combat. Though she has not had the opportunity to face as many battles as her peers yet, she has improved herself to be ready for most expected altercations.

Powerful Resolve
All her life, she has faced struggle and hardship in achieving her dream to become a Quincy much like those alongside and before her. Many times, she has been put down or told otherwise, even proven otherwise, but this did not make her ever give up. If she feels she is right or if there is more to a situation, she will push against the opposition with all her might, be it in arguments or self injurious training. With her time in the Vandenreich, this already strong resolve has been emboldened by experience; things or situations that may have previously caught her off guard no longer cause so much flinch, being able to interact and react accordingly.

Good Instincts
With more time and experiences to further develop herself, Vivyan has notably good reaction times and a strong intuition. She is able to remain alert and sharp on the battlefield, reacting quickly and accordingly to any incoming dangers or threats. Meanwhile, she has also developed into her role having responsibility over others quite quickly for how short a time she took up the role; even if sometimes she leads by her heart or gut, it tends to at least be in the correct direction.

Having incredible skill with projectile weapons due to needing a careful shot with her bow’s ability, Vivyan can loose precise shots unto her enemies to deal more damage to weak points and avoid dealing friendly fire, being capable of performing this aptitude in pin point strikes even at far distances.

Power Bestowal Quincy
The answer to her lifelong plight - Vivyan in fact possessed the rare trait of power bestowal. Due to this trait, her growth into a proper Quincy was considerably slower due to the unknowing shedding of her power to her siblings and peers. Since gaining the realization of this trait and obtaining training appropriate to it’s functions, she has been able to cultivate proper competencies in the arts of her ancestors.

Greatly Studied In Quincy History
Even from a young age Vivyan had an incredible interest in the history of her family and Quincy as a whole, and thus whenever she was able to study them she took up the opportunity, such a thing only magnifying once she had a place in the City of Lights and far more access to reading material. She has incredible interest in learning about the past and how things came to be, her curiosity rather insatiable and often leading to long nights of just reading and speculation.


Though only having recently manifested higher usability in this skill, Vivyan has grown enough to be able to access both systems, having previously only utilized Arterie - which she still typically utilizes anyway but is able to switch to Vene if needed with conscious effort.

Another practiced upon skill since reframing her approach to quincy training, she is by no means exceptional but is able to use this skill competently on the battlefield to avoid danger or place herself in a more advantageous position, much like the typical practiced user.

Initially so she could utilize Vollstandig , Vivyan studied and practiced Gebet spells extensively in order to gain a high competence in them, many many hours poured into research and action, training with and learning with the help of the Steingruft in order to gain a considerable confident ability in the skills. With this practice, she has found a love for and preference in using Gebet, therefore has put more focus into it.


Ginto Tubes
Due to her lean into Gebet spells, Vivyan makes sure to keep a sizable amount of Ginto on her at all times, one could perhaps even call her a little overprepared, having tubes hidden in her clothing as well as normally put away.

Soul-Synthesized Steel Tools
Items used either for close combat or as the aid of spells, she normally carries different kinds of knives of varying size on her person.


Name: Weiss


Freezing Aspect
All of Vivyan’s arrows possess that cooling aspect inherited from her bloodline, giving even the smallest arrow more potential killing power. Though it is not immediately obvious, anything or where the arrows strike will inject freezing Reishi upon contact. Don’t be mistaken; this is not simply ice coating on or in another being or object, but rather a sudden, drastic lowering in the activity of one’s energy and cells, strongest at the primary point of contact.

Any successful stoppage will cause the area to experience freezing and brittleness much like a flash freeze, but sensation and the ability to move can be regained if the affected area is not vital to one’s survival and they haven’t done anything that could cause the fragile and stiff area to break or fall off. This even works on energy constructs, being able to freeze attacks or weaken the constitution of barriers with an onslaught of arrows.

Those with SCs higher than her will have better resistance against this foreign attack on their system, making the freezing of their bodies to be far less to even outright ineffective depending on the disparity (a 2 level difference will have less resistance to a 4 level difference; 2 levels will take several arrows to the same area for the freezing effect to kick in meaningfully, while a 5 level would require significantly more firepower to even get cold).

In addition, attacks or barriers created by those with the equivalent skill (Ex. Cero, Kido) that are higher than their Spirit Weapon’s skill will also have this same resistance.

Touch of Cold
Her spellcraft has been found to possess this element as well, however the difference is in effectiveness is a 3-5 level instead of a 2-4. Spells used on attacks compare to her Gebet skill instead.

Custom Gebet Spells

Glacial Wall
Incantation - "Five formidable frozen firs, form before me!"
A spell using five soul-synthesized steel daggers alongside a Ginto tube, once thrown they will suddenly lock midair and freeze, reishi forming from and rapidly interlocking with each other to form a means of emergency defense, the finished formation appearing almost trunk-like in structure. The resulting wall of ice is both durable and can be reinforced with additional needles. The strength of the wall vs the devastation of an incoming attack is measured by Vivyan’s skill in Gebet vs the opponent’s skill in the respective ability.


Name: Eisprinzessin


Unlike her normal arrows, upon contact with an object or entity these arrows will explode, scattering the otherwise localized shot of freezing reishi across a larger surface area. It does weaken a single arrow’s freezing potency but makes up for it by lessening the amount of arrows required to freeze a large area or opponent.

Baneful Chill
With a long draw, Vivyan and charge and then fire a concentrated volley of arrows that considerably multiplies the explosive frost effect that Snowburst is able to give in smaller doses. Though this isn’t as fast to form and fire in a pinch, it does increase the size and potency of the flurry to touch and freeze areas faster.

Easing Frost
From her wings or projectiles, Vivyan can project a flurry of snowflake-like formations to settle on her allies, giving a saturation-based healing effect even in the midst of battle. The more snow flakes coating their body, the stronger the restoration of energy and faster healing of wounds will be, the highest point of concentration allowing survival from even deadly wounds if vital organs are still intact, or a notable restoration in strength. However, with this high point (Represented by 100%), the combatant will suffer a penalty to their natural speed and maneuverability (-20% to speed), moving much slower and stiffer than normal. (Each hit given by Vivyan can be considered a 10% to the saturation level, which falls off by 10% for every two posts she has not reapplied it.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Blut: Adept
  • Gebet: Adept
  • Steigen: Beginner
  • Kreuzen: Adept

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