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Sun Oct 22, 2023 11:24 am
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A few days before she was due to make her big heist of a Vandenreich Director's filthy apartment...

"Jeez. What's a girl got to do around here for some fun? These quincy are all so stuffy and booooooring. No way am I like these losers."

She mumbled to herself while making her way through the streets of the City of Lights. Her shorts and camisole set a statement, simple but effective. A hint of a subliminal message woven in of come get it boys, but please be the stupid kind. She loved the dumb ones that were full of wealth. Who didn't love to have easy money just fall into their hands to grow their treasure hoard?

That lacked the same thrill though as actually stealing it. She could understand why guys liked to hunt except they were after meat and trophies. She just wanted the trophy. So she cocked her head to the side, her ebony silhouette staring at her target.


With the refined stalking of a predator, the finest sleight of hand you ever did see, and a sudden bolt. Laylah had snatched the young woman's purse and shot off like a bullet in one smooth motion. She'd make sure that this poor girl got a fleeting sight of her disappearing around the bend before disappearing into a crowd.


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Mon Oct 23, 2023 11:01 am
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Enter: Violet Gardner | The Rebellious Runaway

Another day closer to her next pay check, Violet came out of work in the late afternoon. With a grumbling stomach, she headed over to Aidan’s ramen shop to enjoy a meal and a chat before making her way back home. Tired, but in good spirits, Violet walked down the street with a small smile, waving to people she had been getting to know since she began repeatedly taking this route.

‘Being friendly with this many people is fucking exhausting…’

As she turned the corner onto the next street, she felt the lightest pull at her shoulder. She looked down to see that her purse was suddenly gone. “What the hell!?” Looking around for a moment, it didn’t take her long to see some girl running away with her purse in hand. The worst part was she could tell it was intentional! Violet had done enough pickpocketing to get what was happening her.

“GET BACK HERE YOU FUCKING THIEF,” she shouted as she gave chase. Violet specifically took note of the thief’s hair style and clothing before she lost her in the crowd. Violet slid to a stop before she started pushing people… “Damn it! Jokes on her, just spent my last on lunch… but DAMN IT.” Violet’s ID, phone, and make-up bag were in there. Those weren’t exactly cheap or easy to replace…

“I’m… gonna get fired,” Violet remembered the keys to the store and her home were in there too. “I’m gonna have to call Sol-… DAMN IT.” Right, her phone. And she couldn’t rely on Solomon for everything. She was gonna have to hunt the girl down… somehow. 'So, this is why mother said to wear your purse across your body…'

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