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Thu Nov 16, 2023 7:40 pm
Ukhellen HEADER_INLINE_Screen_Shot_2023-11-15_at_11.05.17_PM-cutout

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ukhellen
» Alias: Danava of Savagery
» Age: 63
» Gender: Female

» Association: None

» Appearance Written:

Ulk stands at a ...fairly diminutive 4'11". In most circumstances clothing is a matter of rags, tattered and slim clothing, and of course the remains of the enemy that have been donned as a means of taking them as a trophy. As such, outside of a case in which she feels safe and secure, she'll remove some of it and one can actually see her for what she is.

She has dark skin and bone-white hair. Her eyes are a soft pink, though they grow to a fierce red whenever she gets excited. She has a slight frame that would leave one to think that they don't have much muscle in the slightest in stark contrast to anyone who has seen them in action. Even outside of her usual ghoulish dressings, at beast she looks like a delinquent from sheer body language.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality:

Ukh is what one might consider a simple woman. As much as she might try to understand her surroundings and even take part in what some might consider a civil conversation, that isn't really her. She's capable of poetry, deep thinking, even self-reflection regarding the nature which saturates every fiber of her being. She could tell you with drawn and heartfelt prose the tragedy of hubris and the mourning she suffers for every soul she's reaped from the mortal coil.

But when it comes to taking action, every shred of dignity, thoughtfulness, and civility are thrown out the window. While she may look you in the eye and speak silken words of how you might have been friends, how she understands and may even agree with your reasoning. Simultaneous to the iron grip of her hands around your throat. Not just choking you, but prying the flesh of your throat from your vertebrae.

She is the height of savagery. Capable of so much nuance, intellect, and compromise. And yet willfully choosing the most bloody, depraved path before her in spite of it.

I. History

» History:

Ukh coalesced into being in the heart of Malaysia. As if in anticipation of the place that the area would soon come to be, she was born from the Warung Santai D'River near Kuala Terengganu. At the time, a surge of hollow activity was sweeping the area and so she bore witness to a number of desperate tactics from the local humans in order to try and deal with them.

From vicious diversionary tactics to humans bait, she watched as humans resorted to such wild and varied acts of savagery, trickery, bravery, and cowardice in an attempt to survive the tide of the monstrous dead. Perhaps it was worse that it bore fruit. The humans managed to keep the hollows at bay, and those who could not stomach such fear-ridden lives began to splinter away in hopes of making smaller settlements that would go unnoticed by the hollows.

It was one of these small groups that found her. A small caravan, and widowed woman by the name of Salisa. Seeing Ukh alone and by herself, the woman assumed them to be an abandoned child. While some in the caravan insisted they leave her, Salisa and a few other women in the group insisted in bringing her along. For the better part of the year, they attempted to find a remote area unbothered by hollows, Thankfully, they were blessed for their kindness.

Ukhellen grew quickly, far moreso than any normal human, and within a mere six months seemed to have reached the end of a growth spurt, one that came with it an equally rapid development of an appetite, not just for food, but for violence. While initially, the caravan did its best to avoid hollows, soon enough they found that Ulkhellen would wander off and hunt them. Not just killing them, but breaking them apart, making crude effigies of the remains and decorating herself with the entrails.

Amidst these fights she engaged with them as if she were an animal herself. Biting, clawing, and using anything as a makeshift weapon. While many hollows managed to land hits or even wound her, that dogged tenacity and seemingly endless stamina always won out in wearing them down and prying them to pieces.

At first, they were horrified. But it wasn't long before her usefulness overwrote that sense of horror. While some in the caravan could not stomach her actions, the others could not deny the effect. Hollows soon began avoiding the girl whose soul reeked of such violence and savagery, and before long, they finally were able to stop their wandering and settle. And as they slowly began to build up some semblance of a home, Ukh would hunt every night, roving and patroling the area and dealing viciously with hollows.

However, her Adoptive mother, Salisa, refused to be satisfied with this new bloody life her found daughter held. And at every opportunity, she would do her best to try and help Ukh enjoy a taste of civility. Poetry. Music. Television. In the mornings she would make a full, hearty breakfast for her daughter and talk with her about the gossip that was going around their budding village.

Before lunch and Ukh's evening hunt, she'd sing songs and read poetry to the girl, and when she returned in the evening as night drew close, she would offer books to Ukhellen that she or the other woman had collected, hoping that her daughter would read them. And though her hunting never stopped, Salisa took solace in what little ground she garnered. In whatever limited ways that Ukhellen would contribute to the gossip, in whatever messy semblances of song she'd manage to join her mother. And despite troubles, she felt pride when Ukh began to read the books that had been gathered for her.

To most everyone in the village, it was an exercise in futility. But still, it made Salisa happy, and it made Ukhellen happy as well, to share such things with her mother. And as the years passed on, those efforts did bear fruit. The conversations with her daughter grew longer and more thoughtful. That savage, rough voice soon smoothed into something beautiful and practiced. And by the time Ukhellen had reached her twentieth birthday, she had managed to read every book in the village.

Of course, by then Salisa was beginning to get older. Having already been a woman in her sixties when she adopted Ukhellen, Salisa soon was having trouble with her usual routines. Soon enough it was Ukh who was making breakfast in the morning. It was Ukh who would sin for lunchtime, as Salisa listened. And when the night grew dark, Ukhellen would read to her.

Two months before Ukhellen would turn thirty three, her mother Salisa died quietly in her sleep. But it was not a death she would witness. As her mother had grown weak and sickly, Ukhellen found herself hesitant to remain in the village. Struggling with her own innate nature and the hopes of a gentle, quiet life that her mother had always wanted from her.

Ultimately, she set her sights on the rest of the world. Hoping to find someplace to exist between what her nature demanded and what her mother had always wished for her.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Savage Physique
In her early years, she relied almost entirely on her pwn physical prowess in order to fight. Ripping hollows apart with her bare hands, enduring countless bites, scratches, stabs, and any number of poisons and toxins from hollows. She is strong and durable, having stood the test of a life full of violence and conflict.

Barbaric Metabolism
While she does not need to eat, she does need to replenish energy. Similar to hollows, she seems capable of using the flesh and souls of other creatures in order to fuel herself. As for the contents it doesn't matter what it is. Flesh, connective tissue, calcium, cartilage. So long as it comes from a body, Ukhellen can seemingly draw energy from it. While this doesn't exactly have a use by itself in combat situations, it does make her very good at fighting seemingly without end so long as she is able to take the time to consume some of the bodies between bouts.

I. Racial Abilities

» Origin Name: Savagery

» Origin Abilities:

» Eternal Partner Name: Chomog

» Eternal Partner Appearance:

Cho takes the appearance of something that might be considered a wendigo. A spectral figure wreathed in a black cape with a deer skull for a head. The rest of their body is flesh and bone save for their head and neck, though an exposed spinal chord runs down the length of their back underneath that cloak.

» Eternal Partner Personality:

Cho is a trickster and a thief. Always giggling to herself and making some rude joke at their expense. Far more in line with being cruel and sneaky than Ukh, she often berrates her for being thick-headed and too quick to act, and does her best to encourage Ukhellen to enjoy the suffering rather than just the sheer violence.

Eternal Song: Don't Rest in Peace

Ukh can sink Marrow Eater into the ground and summon the corpses of those they've eaten and consumed in the past, spilling them into their immediate surroundings in a 20 meter radius. In addition to being disgusting, enemies will find these burial grounds to be incredibly inhospitable and filled with any number of traps crafted from the flesh and visceral. Bear traps made from rib cages. Skulls flung from slings. Tripwires made from ligaments and tendons. All sorts of gruesome surprises can be found in these zones.
Only one zone can be created per post. Maximum 3.

Eternal Song: Weeping Veins

Ukh can channel reiryoku into Stolen Crown before letting out a horrible scream in a 45 degree 15 meter cone. This scream targets mucus membranes, causing countless tiny perforations in soft tissue. This generally only occurs at the surface, but even so causes excessive and profuse bleeding from the eyes, ears, mouth, and nostrils. Any open wounds will also begin to bleed excessively if left untreated.

I. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: Stolen Crown
» Atma Vatou Description: The Skull Helm that Ukhellen wears on her head to obscure her features. This headgear seemingly made from a skull is in face made from the mask and skull of a hollow infused with her own energy. The gear not only provides protection but serves as an echo chamber for her voice.

By screaming, she can unleash powerful omnidirectional bursts of sound. This however is not destructive to anything that's nonliving, and in fact specifically doesn't really do much damage at this stage. Rather, it specifically agitates mucus membranes and fluids, causing incredible pain in the eyes, inner ears, and vital organs as blood and other fluids react to the frequency. Meanwhile, the sound waves pass through everything else without so much as stirring it.

» Atma Vatou Name: Marrow Eater
» Atma Vatou Description:

The handle of a weapon made from a femur. By itself it's usually just used as a club. However, by getting blood on it, either her own or an enemy's, this weapon converts blood into pure iron, allowing it to generate a blade. This blade's shape can be formed or manipulated by absorbing or turning back into blood over the course of an entire post before turning to Iron. The maximum size of this weapon is equal to 1 foot per 500 Ml of blood. Regardless of how large this weapon gets, Ukhellen can wield it effortlessly as if it weighed nothing. Though others will find the weapon incredibly hard to move the solid iron blade at the higher end of things.

I. Path of Embracing

» Name: [What is your danava's release state called if they have named it. Remove if not.]

» Appearance: [What does your danava's release state look like?]

» Abilities: [What abilities does your danava gain upon using their path of embracing?]

I. Path of Being

» Name: [What is your danava's release state called if they have named it. Remove if not.]

» Appearance: [What does your danava's release state look like?]

» Abilities: [What abilities does your danava gain upon using their path of being?]

I. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your character has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability:
» Speed:
» Strength:
» Martial Skill:

Will Skills
» Willpower:
» Deduction:
» Focus:

Danava Skills
» Origin Embodiment:
» Origin Focusing:
» Atma Vatou:
» Eternal Partner:

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