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R for Revelation (Solo Thread/To Murasaki) Empty R for Revelation (Solo Thread/To Murasaki)

Tue Nov 21, 2023 2:57 pm
R for Revelation (Solo Thread/To Murasaki) B07280003b671813bf0d017d4febc814

AKIRA TAIRITSU - Light Blue | Zathrusta (Inner Hollow) Purple. | Rivu (Zan Spirit)- Royal blue.


There was an element of relief to claim one was part of a society which had similar goals, though Akira knew that his hatred for the Gotei often outweighed many who would feel idle resentment. It was afterall a personal grudge that initially he had come to blame being backed into a corner by that woman of the stealth division, Murai, excusing that a refound hatred had been nothing but animalistic instinct, desperate and enclosed within a corner.

That was not the case was it?

Akira was neither animal nor prey, not anymore. These actions had to be cautious, delicate and patient. He had to embody the oceans ability to spend centuries wearing down a coastline, anything that it touches for it is by the end, inevitable. It is within this darkened apartment that his right hand moved fluidly, a baggy shirt loose around his chest, left tugging at it in order to assure there was a semblance of order to it. The desk before him was simple though sections, upper left holding a rubber and sharpener with a ruler aligned perfectly to the ridge, whilst the right held the transparent pot of thick ink, only just below was a small quil, pen and pencil.

"If this is successful, boy…You would be responsible for a massacre. Do you have such a conviction? Are we finally dragging those little whelps into the depths? Are we hunting? I'm so excited.

There wasn’t a response to the reverberated, ecstatic voice of Zathrusta that crackled and exhaled an eager exasperated gasp of air. They both knew that if this succeeded then a massacre would ensue at worst, at best? Mistrust and rising friction. He harbored no hard feelings for most who were manipulated by the Soul Society, many would be affected by the coming machinations though to steel himself. That incident. It would play in his mind, not an hour prior to departing into the world of the living they were sharing food, Kimiko, Arama, Bardon. A squad of four that all held hopes for a successful future in a Society that required progression.


Corpses. The visual of Kimiko’s flesh that barely clung to muscle as the Adjucha’s acidic elements tore it away, a musk of innards as Bardon’s stomach contents littered the ground below and Arama, whom was consumed alive by the ravenous subjects.


He let out a harsh gasp, noticing the trembling right hand of which his quil rested against heated flesh, stealing it into a standstill before dipping it within the wetted ink, beginning to write it against a piece of parchment that is reminiscent of the old ways. The message itself would be for a single individual if all things went according to plan, hearing another whisper with a stoic calmness. Rivu.

"Fluid as water, hard as steel Akira. The Ocean is unfathomable, our depth unconquered. You have time.

A cryptic quote about patience he imagined, offering a slow nod to Rivu’s words that rang true and to the core. This message had to be believable to a degree that wasn’t absurd, enough to lull curiosity and incite action within the heart of the Gotei, such a horrific attack without any to claim it was them. How convenient. It had been hours of contemplation within the darkened apartment within the City of Light, each stroke of the quil and several pieces of paper which had been burnt to a cinder of drafts.

Finally though the message was concluded, using an old Kido Corp coding to add depth to his intended receiver to acknowledge the reality of it. The man then placed it into an envelope, assuring it was sealed using old techniques, bright wax surgically being brought across the lining to seal it with a confident press from the palm.

It was then that Akira stood from his seat, glancing down at a recently acquired gigai through less than legal means, coughing a little and rehearsing different postures around the room. The first was a calm, collected, insightful mystery man who held a keen intellect- No. Too obvious. Theatrical? Each hand moving about to follow this thought with expression, mouthing words as if training a muscle, coming to finalize a personality. Theatrical gentleman with a lust for knowledge, influence and power. This individual by the name of R would need a solidified alias, so some work was put in to pinpointing certain locations of where he could be from, fluent in multiple languages and enough literature to accommodate a basic littering of existence.

The stage was set, now it was time to act on this….

Several hours had come to pass, Akira finding himself traversing known hotspots for Shinigami patrol, though it was drastically reduced. Why? The recent attack on Soul Society might be such a reason. A drastic reduction in the gnats that followed around the streets would hinder his intent, though one that came to be of benefit. The eve began to fall above, slowly forging an amber sky that mudded into darkness just on the cusp when one of the few granted access to this world flew by.

Show time.

To keep up was easy enough, though remaining undetected took a little longer, another rampant Hollow that had been discovered and culled by the clean slash of a zanpaktou, a little tired, a grizzled male from vague inspection. He allowed the Shinigami to notice his human reiatsu, a pair of lenses concealing golden hues and a rather large smile that carved cheek from cheek, before a large bow was presented. Theatrics and all.

"Isn’t this the most auspicious event! Splendid. I’m ever so impressed by your skill sir-

The Shinigami cut him off with an idle request for the human to leave, of which a soft chuckle radiated from his throat, waiting for him to turn his back for Akira to drop the bombshell that was intentionally aiming to elicit an abrupt halt from the man. It worked. Each word laced with an aloof yet surgical intent, followed by a grin.

"Boo. Here I came all this way to deliver some insight into that little incident within the Gotei.” Hook, line and sinker.

He did find a zanpaktou against his throat rapidly as both hands rapidly waved in each direction, easily dispatchable should it have come to it, though the rapid response managed to calm any intent to slit his throat after a barrage of accusations.

"No! No! I didn’t do it but I’m privy to who may have done it. Our lives are in danger just merely by meeting regarding this most egregious act on the Soul Society. I am a purveyor of information sought. Consider me a collector. I’m not charging anything for this tidbit for this brief moment though I hope that my lack of financial gain will demonstrate the severity of this request.

Then there was a slow movement inside the waistcoat breast pocket, shuffling around and waving around the envelope.

"You must bring this to your Captain Commander. I’ve got faith you won’t betray such and it might even get you a juicy promotion. The contents of this is vital, not the Captains, not the Lieutenants or Vice Captains. The Captain Commaner. Are. We. Clear?

It was then after an inquiry for whom he was, Akira didn’t bother offering an alias.

Benefactor for the briefest moment. This is for you.

He slid it into the inner pocket of the kimono, patting the breast pocket and smiling brightly then twisting on a heel, a stern insistence on a name echoed throughout the air though Akira let out a gentle whistle.

"They’ll know a way to acquire more information. Trust me. Tata!

It took sometime, going through any procedure to assure it was safe to open that it would hopefully reach Murasaki. The Shinigami in question aiming to take it in case it wasn’t a bluff but who knows. The contents was open read the following with a scripture below the inky wording that held an old Kido Corp code, its intent to display the legitimacy of the information or this anonymous benefactor was an inside individual.

“To the Captain Commander,

I have noticed a drastic reduction in Shinigami which cross this world, one might ponder if it is due to the recent attack on the Gotei. It is known that your defenses are impeccable, best and brightest to intercept yet curious none managed to claim credit for it is it not?

I am R. You’ll find I work with information streams that cross multiple realms, the Soul Society is something of a vested interest. So I offer this for free. The individuals responsible for this assault on the Gotei are former Omnitsikudo and Kido Corp members, though who their leader is I am uncertain.

It has been theorized that former members of the Gotei 13 Court Squads may be responsible for wrangling them together. Do with this as you will.

Anymore business will have to be transactional though I am very interested in the source myself, I suggest an individual of trust to approach for business later.”

The Kido Corp coding pointed toward a bunch of coordinates, a coffee shop in Japan within Tokyo. Akira had assured that a man working there was a local buyer from his own library, allowing ease of access to find if anyone shows up.

As of this moment it was time now, to pass and see the result.


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