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[Spirit Class 9] Escorpión, El Masculino Scorpion Empty [Spirit Class 9] Escorpión, El Masculino Scorpion

Thu Nov 30, 2023 9:26 am

I. Basic Information

» Name: Escorpión
» Alias: El Masculino Scorpion
» Age: 106
» Gender: Male

» Association: [What is this cnaracter associated with? A certain character? A selection of characters? A nation? An Organization? State their association and which characters they are tethered to]

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality: Escorpión is a hollow with only one objective in all the worlds which he could exists; His own survival. Everything he does, whether it be to hide until the storm passes, allowing himself to be stepped on by others, ambushing his enemies, anything he does is to further to goal of surviving. He sees himself as little better than a cockroach, constantly fearing everything, constantly hiding, offering deals, attempting to bargain, even destroying parts of his body to escape are all things not beneath him. He fears everyone and everything, thus wishes to hide from everything, acting the coward he always has been in turn. He will run from those weaker than him in the slimmest chance they could slay him, he flees from those stronger than him the moment he discovers his ability to hide will not save him. He has even begun to attempt discovering ways to 'play dead', all in the name of cowardly running away from his enemies. To go with this, never will Escorpión engage in a 'fair' fight, always resorting to his Caustic Sting and Acidic Touch to weaken and distract even those far weaker than him to minimize his own damage.

Of course, this all comes peace and parcel to the fact Escorpión is very easily frightened by perceived threats. So much as threatening as unleashing ones 'ultimate strike' sends Escorpión running for the hills or attempting to hide, something he is practically waiting to do in a second's notice. It should, of course, go without mentioning the 'Look behind you!' trick sends Escorpión running before he even dares to look. All in all, this cowardly scorpion is one hint of being greater than one is to send him running for the hills.

» Likes: Hiding, Small Dark Spaces, Cold Deserts

» Dislikes: Social Pressure, Small Dark Spaces, Spicy Food

I. History

» History:
"A Coward Dies a Thousand Deaths, a Hero Dies but One."

A famous saying from the world of the living to condemn cowards, to glorify the heroes and soldiers across the world to be brave, virtuous, and leave their mark upon the world!

The soul which became Escorpión, was no such Hero. Amidst the heroes of the world, was born a soul consumed by fear. He feared his peers, he feared technology, he feared the outside world, but most of all, he feared himself. He was cowardly and weak, flinching from even the most cautious and careful movement and his heart never knew a calm moment. As he grew into a man, he began to fear everything even more, fearing the wood of his home for the possible splinters, the furniture for the stubbed toes they could cause, he grew to even fear the love of his family for they all eventually left him.

He could confront no problem and could shed no tears except in reference to his fears. He eventually grew to only find solace in the dark, for he could find nothing within sight that could cause his fears... Until he began to fear even that, for the unknown of what could be unknowingly within his space.

The only fear he ever overcame, was fear of death.

Thrice he attempted to take his own life in various means, and thrice was saved by those who loved him and were true Heroes of the world. But this merely spurned him on further, and on his forth attempt saw him hanging from a noose.

Yet, his anguish did not end with his death. He haunted his own home, refusing to leave, yet unable to stay. He feared what might await his soul now that he was dead, for would he find heaven or hell? He didn't know, and so lingered in-between. Until his Chain of Fate rotted away due to the despair and anguish of his existence.

What formed was a hollow in complete likeness of a scorpion with the mask of his own making.

Thus the birth of Escorpión.

Escorpión stalked the narrow alleys and the damp dark places of the human world, striking only at those humans isolated where his cowardice could justify his attempts to feed. His stingers equipped with poisons, a cowardly weapon for a cowardly hollow, reducing his prey to shriveling wrecks perfect for him to feast. Much of his time after becoming a hollow was ambushing prey or reducing them to state he could fight cowardly, or even both.

Never the less, Escorpión was just as much a fearful coward as the human he was spawned from.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

A keen, read Cowardly, instinct to gauge his opponent's fighting ability in relation to if they could kill him and whether or not he should run away. Often, he looses fights he could win because he fears his opponent far more than he should and runs away.

A natural toughness consisting of his armor like shell and muscular toughness, alongside his mask's toughness.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Soul-Body Separation:

Acidic Touch:

Caustic Sting:

High-Speed Regeneration:

I. Hollow Nucleus

» Hollow Power:

Emboscada al Acecho:

I. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your hollow has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Adept
» Speed: Untrained
» Strength: Beginner
» Martial Skill: Untrained

Will Skills
» Willpower: Untrained
» Deduction: Beginner
» Focus: Beginner

Hollow Skills
» Cero: Beginner
» Evolution Stage: Beginner
» Hollow Power: Beginner
» Mask Protection: Adept

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:
RP Sample:

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[Spirit Class 9] Escorpión, El Masculino Scorpion Empty Re: [Spirit Class 9] Escorpión, El Masculino Scorpion

Thu Nov 30, 2023 7:38 pm

Initial Check:

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