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Sun Dec 10, 2023 1:07 pm
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Smoke filled the evening air, drifting past the sun as it slid past the horizon's purview. Teppei sat, legs spread wide on a bench situated atop the cliffside. A small fishing town, further out than his usual collections. From their main street one could follow the road out and up, reaching an overlook for the sea below.

"Goddamn incredible." he whispered to himself, the cherry of his cigarette exploding into nothing as he dragged the last out of it. Flicking it off the edge, it spiraled with a trail of ash. Dropping down into the ocean, lost forever. "Don't get too sentimental." the man reminded himself, standing up with force.

One thing these fishing towns had that his territory lacked was fisherman's daughters - ready and willing for someone from the city, who looked like a god. A nice time of r&r, t&a, but those few days had already passed. Now, it was time to return home. Inwardly, he hoped some idiot would try his luck, but he knew the town was too timid. Unfamiliar with bruises and broken bones.

Reaching into his jacket for another cig, Teppei stepped towards the edge with lighter in hand. As the flame sparked, a descorrer split open above the sea. The yakuza's eyes widened, pulling on another cloud of smoke. Exhaling, it wreathed around his hair, words gravel as they followed. "What d'we got here?

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Mon Dec 11, 2023 1:25 am
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"What do we have here?"

The mercurial lioness descended through the air after cleaving a fissure in space to arrive in the land of fishermen. From an instantaneous observation, this place was markedly dull. There was little interest to unearth with the lack of civilians so far, and the catalogue of boats moving in the distance only dampened her opinion of this town even further. Of course, appearances certainly could be deceiving. She hadn't even landed yet. Why not give this place a chance to prove that it held some form of worthwhile entertainment?

Curious sapphires pinpointed a pompadour the moment her gaze focused in on Teppei. What a silly hairstyle. Far from one to filter her own opinion, she landed on the edge of the cliff where the man resided, unable to resist the temptation of voicing her opinion. Standing beside him, observing the Yakuza with an amused grin, the leonine woman placed her hands in her pocket. Pompadour aside, he wasn't exactly bad on the eyes, but man... that hair.

"What's up with that funky hairstyle, stranger? Is this a popular trend amongst the humans in this town or are you just trying to cosplay as Josuke from DIU?"

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