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Sun Dec 10, 2023 1:27 pm
Smoke'em if You Got'em [Teppei/Akira]  QG2LjJW


Thunk. Crack. Ungh. The sounds of flesh meeting asphalt, bone breaking against brick. Groans of defeat trailed by whimpers, pleading prayers to a god that wasn't there. They'd live, but not from the mercy of something intangible. "Now boys," Teppei smiled, teeth awash with blood.

"Y'got to pay your bills. Now, your shoes, wallets, and jewelry will cover the interest." Stepping over a man, Teppei kneeled on his back, reaching around a ring. With a tug, the man's finger snapped, and the yakuza flipped the gold band into the air. Catching it, he stood up, foot digging into the man's spine.

"I'll make this quick. Y'have three days before I'm back. Toodles." Teppei waved at the various states of broken and battered men, wiping his mouth with a torn off shirt. Tossing the ring into a pile of valuables, he pulled the sides of the duffle bag up and around, zipping his haul closed. Finding his jacket at the beginning of the alleyway, he slipped it on while whistling, before making his way to the nearest bar.

Dropping the bag behind the bar, he made a knowing wink towards the bartender, receiving a cold mug towered high with gold. Sitting next to some silver haired string bean, Teppei inhaled the drink with enthusiasm. Slamming it down, his breath escaped in a cloud of accomplishment. "Run a round for the house!" Raising the mug, he turned -

To find the bar mostly empty. The few straggling patrons whoo'd him on, while he shrugged and turned his attention back to the bar. When it should've been on the stranger next to him.

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Smoke'em if You Got'em [Teppei/Akira]  Empty Re: Smoke'em if You Got'em [Teppei/Akira]

Mon Dec 11, 2023 8:55 pm
Smoke'em if You Got'em [Teppei/Akira]  For_valqy


Organized crime once controlled entire countries.

Why not the world?

Akira held a larger scheme for the World of the Living, to forge a network that orchestrated a rather violent turn out against a certain set of individuals. These effects were in motion already, though Japan’s Yakuza had been suffering more and more due to governmental crackdowns now and then. It was still a criminal family to be feared though improvement was always welcome, at least he thought so. A bar that held some rumor or two of Yakuza influence.

Ought to do the trick.

The black vehicle coming to an abrupt halt before the establishment as the echo of a cane struck cement beneath, departing with a cheeky grin. R. R had to have a level of confidence when handling himself in these situations, a black overcoat resting on shoulders as colors of crimson and long raven locks made him distinguishable. An idle gesture to his escort for them to wait following.

As he came beyond the threshold of the bar, a rowdy roar came as a round was free. Marvelous. He did stand out of this was less than a higher up place, coming to stride with a soft whistle to the barkeep and wiggle each brow.

."I’ll have a whiskey, as for brand? Surprise me..

Once delivered, he took a generous gulp of the strong liquid and began taking out some yen. It was alot more than necessary for the drink as he muttered softly.

."I’m looking for a representative of a noteworthy organization. Yakuza. There’s good money to be made if you can give me a vague direction of where to find them? Not asking you to sell your soul or anything.


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