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These Ashen Plains, I Reap [Catherine, Mikhail] Empty These Ashen Plains, I Reap [Catherine, Mikhail]

Sun Dec 17, 2023 8:58 am
These Ashen Plains, I Reap [Catherine, Mikhail] FTPg1fc

"Catherine Reed"

The guttural chopping of a motorcycle's exhaust came to a crawling silence, hands raking through brilliant orange locks to pull the band holding it together free, a brief scowl given to the old thing; even with her fixing up the damn thing wouldn't quiet down, consideration toward getting a new bike was quite high - she was growing less fond of settling for hand-me-downs as payments, not like she was dying in terms of cash...

Nah, she'll keep it til it's really dead.

Popping open the compartment to pull her supplies out, weapons slung over her back as she got to work doing what she came here for - just some good hunting in some freshly made war field; well, if a few years past a nasty war was considered fresh. It wasn't an unusual spot for her to hit to get some hollow kills, she'd gotten a few over the course of it's existence, why not squeeze for one more? They were just annoyances to get rid of, not some so called heroes or villains anymore.

Pulling a bottle from her bag, she'd give it a good shake for measure - it wasn't anything as robust as Quincy hollow bait, but it sure did the job in luring any nasties in the area to her. Unscrewing the top, she'd pour it's stinking contents on the destroyed earth, walking a few paces away to lie a towel down to relax and listen to some music, her senses stretched to check the area for any surprise visitors.

Just a matter of time...

END | Your Sun-Colored Destroyer
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