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He's Here! You're Back! [Lianne, Isamu] - Page 2 Empty Re: He's Here! You're Back! [Lianne, Isamu]

Sun Feb 25, 2024 9:54 am
He's Here! You're Back! [Lianne, Isamu] - Page 2 FlEykyk

Lianne - No. 6

It always felt nice kissing him, like butterflies erupting from her chest. It felt like, every moment she spent with him, was as if she was with someone familiar, someone darling to her...

Her eyes shot open with realization, suddenly breaking the kiss with wide eyes, "OHMAIGOSH I almost forgot about my job! Sorry Sammy we can hang out longer or have sex another time, I gotta go!"

The small arrancar laid quite the dramatic kiss on his cheek as a goodbye, hopping off his body and immediately scurrying off into the sand with her body vanishing with what looked to be a brief gathering of reishi pulsing across her form, only footprints trailing off into nothing indicating which direction she even went in.

Little Firefly | END
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