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Mon Mar 25, 2024 12:23 am

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Hono Kaen

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Promotions were... well a double-edged sword. The new pay and benefits were fantastic. Hono was eager to be the new 9th seat, having her own little office was better than the crowded barracks. Though the workflow was a lot more, especially with everything happening, Hono's division got the shit end of the stick. Bombsin the Rukongai... the dangers just kept ringing in the back of Hono's head as he tapped her pen against the desk as she read through her new paperwork.

Looking back to when Hono first joined the Gotei, she could never see herself at a desk doing paperwork. Guess that was a part of raising the ranks? With how busy she was recently, she could only imagine how busy those above her were. Hono's office was surprisingly tidy, though it had a light smell of various foods, she would often cook and keep her food under her desk so the smells would fill the room. To help filter out the air, Hono had her door opened slightly.

A nameplate was on the door as she twirled her pen, mainly focusing on some reports from the patrols in the Rukongai, anyone suspicious was to be reported and have a little profile formed, should two people have a similar description, Hono would hand that off to higher-ups to see if it was an suspects involved.

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