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Wed Mar 27, 2024 2:01 am
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Meager feet moved ceaselessly through the endless expanse of sand. Leonine eyes observed the surrounding area in search of sustenance as well as ensuring no beast would catch her unawares. After all, the law of Hueco Mundo requires a diligent mind. A savage land that demands a strong mind. A realm dictated by the law of "eat or be eaten." That was the law, and she was far from foolish enough to assume she was strong enough to shift the tides of that law in her favor. Strength was required for a tall order like that, and she quite simply didn't cut it at the moment.

"Tch. How else am I going to eat then?"

In the distance, her gaze traveled toward a group of hollows in a clearing, each distinct in size. Some were small and meager, others tall and lanky. Leona stealthily moved behind a tall spire of rock, using her eyes to pinpoint when and where to strike. Finally, she would be able to eat. This group couldn't be any more dangerous than the others she chanced across so far, but perhaps that was simply mindful thinking on her part. Musings of a brash mind desperate for a meal. From the center of her mouth, she generates a cero in preparation for her attack, directly launching her blast at the first target that caught her eye.


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