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Thu Mar 28, 2024 11:53 am
All Topsy Turvy [Klein, Tiresia] CvaPeGn

All this noise and nonsense going on in his life, Klein barely had any time to spend on his own work these days. He had his girls to attend to, certainly, and he enjoyed that, at the very least. But all this Safira business? Africa, planning for the Soul Society? Sighing as he entered the lab he'd hidden in the ruined depths of Las Noches, Klein hung up his jacket as he greeted his favorite assistant.

"Tiresia, give me a hug, we've got work to do but I need to decompress first."

He didn't actually wait to see if she responded, though, and embraced the small woman as he took a moment to himself. Ah, this was refreshing. Of course all those lovely ladies in his life were plenty nice to spend his time with, but this was something else entirely. He'd never look at his little Tiresia like he did his girls.

"We'll need to make more injectors soon, I think. A lot more, otherwise people are going to get snippy with me. Can you believe that?"

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