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Perils of Stagnation (Asta/Akira) Empty Perils of Stagnation (Asta/Akira)

Thu Mar 28, 2024 12:44 pm

Is it a bad thing? Certainly there are people who fight the hardest of battles every day, every hour, and every minute. Attempting to uproot the status quo, but what if it is there for a reason? What if the state the one is at this point of their live is simply the final one? Who defines the ideal from which all of the society must derive?

If it is the people, then why the same people that supposedly create that set of ideals and rules can grow tired and frustrated of how the world is ran? Questions of insurmountable numbers pile up and yet no concrete answer can be found that all can agree on. It brings order, in a sense.

Yet, there's a stark difference between order of things, and stagnation. Growing complacent with how everything is, and focusing on own survival first before yourself and others. Eventually, that complacency grows into a veil from which no emotions escape, as one becomes a slave of their own fate, where one goes with the flow of the river.

... Libraries weren't exact a hotspot of Hollows, naught, those were usually hospitals, graveyards, scenes of murders and great tragedies. But otherwise, scant few actually wandered around in the outskirts. But Asta was an outlier in many things. To a trained eye one could tell that they were quite malnourished, either newly born, or simply matter of choice. The Hollow descendent upon Shizukesa to kodoku establishment, sitting on it's rooftop, flapping their wings as they eyed their prey, what little willpower the creature had wasn't enough to go against it's own nature, choosing to bask in it fully, it was going to hunt...

...or be hunted.
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Perils of Stagnation (Asta/Akira) Empty Re: Perils of Stagnation (Asta/Akira)

Mon Apr 01, 2024 2:32 pm
Perils of Stagnation (Asta/Akira) 365f950bfab1b0930d4dbe5c9cf86e93


Hollow? Luckily nobody came today.

Akira’s golden iris was unique, an inlaid Kido that granted him sight beyond usual means, reiatsu, words of strength and something had decided to come to this town. That was a dangerous situation. The man calmly brought his arms through the sleeves of the large white overcoat, a soft exhale following and his left hand grasping the long sheathe of his zanpakuto. It was tied to the belt, upside down as was traditional for all forms of combat using such a blade for swift withdrawal.

He truly had no real issue with Hollows, only when they decided to feast on this isolated towns occupants.

The large oak doors came open, shoots clapping against stonework as the exterior of this renovated victorian like estate held a beautiful garden area, locks of white drifting whilst the Shinigami flared his reiatsu a little to acquire the large birds attention. It was as usual, a smile upon his features, soft and rather calm, matching the tone though an underlying level of sharpness to the following statement.

."Leave if you intend to harm the occupants of this town, Hollow. My sympathy for your hunger but I shan’t hesitate to clip wings if you disturb my peace.


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