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Mon Jun 03, 2024 10:30 pm

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Tento Zefa
» Character Application:

» Upgrade Details: Spirit Level 6 to 5

» Supporting Material:


In this solo thread Tenot fought hisZanpakuto to unlock Bankai. I tried to embody/write out the growing unity and unificaiton they had. The blade is me and me is the blade type of thing. Also just have fun. He went into his inner world and pulled them out in the 4th division training area. Then managed to fulfill both Bankai requirements: manifastion/deeper understandign then battled and subjugated them. Tento defeated Shiomaru by combining his kido ability with the abilties of his Shikai and pure phsyicalitly. Also had fun coming up with different wind manipulations but dont think any are really...skill note worthy on his sheet.

I. Hazard Rating Information

[Has your character done anything to necessitate alterations of their hazard ratings whether that is gaining greater influence with other characters, acquiring greater resources and equipment, power reflected in this upgrade of their notoriety has increased? Please list a short summary of your character's actions between now and your last upgrade for the purpose of ensuring that they are still up to date or if they should be altered to reflect your character's growth.]

» Power: General physical stuff are the same but has bankai (if this is approved) and elite hollow augmentation (idk if staff will want to change that in his full character review tho). Beyond that, he has been promoted 5 ranks in his division in comparison to the last time he got an upgraded. Not fully sure if that worth anything. Has more frequency in stronger kido and doing different creativity with that though.

» Influence: Tento has managed to do some further bonding with characters he has met. While meeting a handful more. Beyond that and a higher rank in his division. There not much I can say. He is/has currently interacted with more seated officers and am working on being his goofy flirtatious befriending self but not all of those threads are done yet. So I dont have a final say how initial/growing relationships are. He has played roles in big events though such as the Africanstrophe events with mixed success. In other duties he has also been a teacher in Shino helping students grow and embedding them with GRIIIIT. Background npc stuff though although I wish to get actually threads for those types of interactions

» Resources: Work hard get paid. Raisin up to 5th seat in 4th division. Presumably that's more money, resources, information availability etc. More than his old 10th, 15th, or 20th seat position at least. I dont know by how much though. He has also started being a teacher in Shino

» In-Character Summary: Work harder, played harder, trained and lived. Somewhat better

I. Additional Information
Will search for more threads to put if needed. After this I am planning of putting up an upgraded/adjust his text sheet to match skill levels. At that point I guess we can talk about where staff thinks he is vs should be in his story as a piece of the site?

Beyond that, i was hoping whoever checks this could tell me what could be necessary for him to really get into the reach of master in Willpower? If it helps, more specifically of the willpower that can influence and support others in different ways. Wannt have an idea for his progress because I love how he is naturally written and I think he can reach it, but I want to check for his progress. Thanks in advance!!


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