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Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:04 am
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Akane Saito

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Heavenly light touched down on her pure white skin, running through the woods as she felt so free, this was something that she did to take her mind off of things and to think. The woods was almost like her training grounds, her home more or less, for many years she had been a hermit, training to try and find her way into the gotei 13 to be able to kill hollow's so that she would hopefully avenge her husbands death. She didn't really remember much of him now, it was almost 800 years before now and she was killing lots of hollow's for a subconscious reason that she barely understood herself, she just knew that it was very important to her.

Recently though Akane had gone from the zero division of the gotei 13 to become the South east warden of the Vanguard, proudly wearing the vanguard symbol that was right on her purple top that she wore. The top was apart of the whole entire outfit that she was wearing, almost like a dress but instead of a dress it had a more knightly look to it, two sheathes that would hold swords on both sides of her body, a zippo lighter that she held in her right hand as she placed her foot on the root of a tree, kicking off the root and landing on a tree branch in the air, looking up into the air the light from the sun came shining through the canopy of the trees above her. The forest was always filled with beauty and made her stop for a few moments to take in the fresh air and listen to the sounds of the forest around her.

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