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Andrew Takahashi
Andrew Takahashi
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Only you can prevent forest fires (Eon) Empty Only you can prevent forest fires (Eon)

Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:01 am
Are you sure you are ready for this?

Yes Tetsu I am ready.

And you are not going to burn anything down right?

No Tetsu I am not going to burn anything down. That's why I am nearby the lake.

Andrew had a steamed bun in his mouth as he walked through the forest to find a secluded place to train in solace. The shinigami needed to step up his game to make sure that he still had an edge. He unsheathed his sword, finishing up the last of his pork bun as he took a deep breath. There was some things that can never be forgotten in Andrew's mind and above all else the feel of his zanpaktou in his hand was something he always remembered. He gripped the blade's hilt tight in his right hand, exhaling softly as he spun his blade in a quick circle. Andrew always had preferred to use a singled handed style compared to a two handed style. It was better that way for him because it helped him keep connected with his knife handling skills back when he cooked for his chef Hiro.

Exhaling after each slash, he moved his blade in a combination of swings and quick jabs. When he had the time the shinigami watched many movies that involved someone using a blade. Even as he had been placed into solitude, he always tried to find more ideas in how to handle his weapon. He always remembered how each knife was held and how they would be used. But at the end of the day the vizard always remembered his sword. Finding a stump, he sliced through the wood not only seamlessly but also three times in the middle to create planks of each width. He checked the condition and smiled with delight. He had been getting much better with the depth perception of his cuts. "Okay, let's get something to eat."
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